The Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11


The Tenth Gate Anchor Group Reports



 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine New York City, USA


Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

My name is Nataliya Sazanova, I'm from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Our group is called 'Sacred Song'. It was born on the edge of 10th Gates and includes those whose heart answered Solara's messages. This was my first experience. I wasn't the only leader of the group - Yulia Pankova was leading with me. Olga, the Ukrainian Coordinator, helped us a lot! We felt the new energies, Great Love and Oneness. We are grateful for Solara and all the people who were with us. Thank you the world for your beauty!


New York City, USA

We had a small private group for 10th Gate, including three who were unable to come but were with us in spirit. We met at my apartment at 11 am and began our ceremony with smudging and the Xua for purifying and clearing. I asked my 2 buddhas (statues) to be our guardians, and I said to them they also had to do the Go! :-)

We then did the Go, aligning as One Being, and going deep within our inner sanctum we opened our Lotus Hearts becoming embodiments of Pure Heart Love. I played Matisha's songs "When I Look In Your Eyes" and "Ishqallah" as we enveloped ourselves in the Sea of Love (represented by the long beautiful blue curtain scarf we had used on 8th Gate-II). As I guided us into connecting with Solara and the master cylinder and anchor groups and sending pure heart love to all beings and our Mother Earth, this flowed beautifully into us remembering all those who died due to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and sending love and peace to all those dear ones and their families, the police and fire fighters and other heroes, who are all part of our beloved One Being. We sang "Ishqallah" and were just enveloped in love, joy, and oneness, in the here and now eternal present moment. It was beautiful, and one of our group said she had not felt like this, so good, in a long time. Then after reading the Anchor Group Master List, I opened the Anchor Group Map on my computer, and we aligned with the anchor groups and the master cylinder in Mexico as One Being.

After lunch we practiced all the 11:11 mudras from the videos, including 9th and 10th Gates, and did them for real. We danced the Starry Processional and during this sacred dance we felt the 10th Gate energies coming in very strongly and so anchored them into New York City and all of the Earth. The energies felt very joyful and blissful to me.

We decided we wanted to create an actual gateway to pass through, as we had done in most of the previous gates. So our group worked on deciding how to create this. We had 2 people facing each other forming the gateway, and one person was the guardian. After one person went through, 3 others became the gateway and guardian. The guardian was the one acknowledging or bearing witness to who that person truly is as they walked through the gateway. The person passing through the gate would start in the pure heart love position of 8th Gate-II, then into the 9th Gate mudra, and would do the 10th Gate mudra as the gateway opened up and they stepped through. So it began in silence and the person going to pass through would first do their personal mudra and speak their name. And they would take as much time as needed to really feel what they were doing, that is, standing strong as who they truly are - a True One with Pure Heart Love and Compassion, Living a True Life - and we each walked with conviction through the 10th Gateway into our new True Lives. It felt really good and empowering. After that our ceremony felt complete but anyway we viewed and did the Pa'a and Silent Watchers.

Our blessings of love and gratitude to Solara and the Master Cylinder Group, the Anchor Groups worldwide, and all our beloved One Being, including beloved Mother Earth.

Amara, Irael, Maria Milena, An Man Ra, Elyria, Amaliah, and Miriam Amara.
One Heart Anchor Group
New York City