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Highly recommended Transformational Fiction
Here are reviews of some of favorite books which have been an important part of my journey.
They are all worthwhile, but I've also rated them from four to six stars.

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The Marriage Between Zones Three, Four & Five: Doris Lessing

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This brilliant book is not only a heart-rending love story, but it is a major map of transformation.One of the best books I have ever read and I reread it each year. There is one page near the end which has become rippled with my tears. "Zones" is profoundly moving, extremely well written and relates, like nothing else, to the vast changes we are undergoing in the form of a timeless fable.
( I do regret the terrible cover & high price of this new edition, but am thankful that it is again in print.)

Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self: Marie Corelli

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Marie Corelli lived in the 19th century and was a prolific author and metaphysician. "Ardath" is one of my favorites. It's about a spiritual seeker who encounters an ancient civilization where lives his parallel Self. It's a fascinating story and contains many interesting bits of information, including his Twin Flame who is an Angel, and glimpses into the civilization deep inside the planet. ( I regret the terrible cover & high price of this new edition, but am thankful that it is again in print.)

The Making of the Representative of Planet Eight: Doris Lessing
List Price: $19.95 Order it now!

Another brilliant, transformational story by Doris Lessing. This one is about a planet facing massive climatic changes which force all the inhabitants to slowly move to the South Pole. The problem is that people keep falling asleep and don't want to move. Again, this is more than a book; it's a transformational map.

(This book is far from boring, but be prepared to fall asleep while reading it, just like the characters do in the story. It took me months to read it because of the falling asleep problem, and it's not that long. Well worth it though!)

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah: Richard Bach

List Price: $6.99 Our Price: $5.59 You Save: $1.40 (20%) Order it now!

"Illusions" is another of those books which you can read time and again and there are always new insights to be discovered. A great gem of a book! Small in size, but packs a wallop.

The Life Everlasting-- The Reality of Romance: Marie Corelli

List Price: $13.00 Order it now!

Another fascinating book by Marie Corelli. Although she writes in the somewhat stilted language of the 19th Century, she has some fascinating concepts about the body electric.

The Romance of Two Worlds: Marie Corelli

List Price: $12.95 Order it now!

Marie Corelli's books aren't for everyone. They are somewhat old fashioned and fancifly romantic. Yet, there's also a hidden depth to them which some will recognize. It speaks to us of secrets which we already know, but have forgotten for awhile. If you are from a similar spiritual lineage or secret spiritual brotherhood / sisterhood, these books will trigger you.

Shikasta: Re, Colonized Planet 5: Doris Lessing

List Price: $19.00 Order it now!

The vast story of the original colonization of planet Earth by the star systems of Sirius and Canopus. What is so wonderful about this book and it's sequel, "The Sirian Experiements" is that they actually talk about starry beings coming to Earth to help in its evolution. Often, they descend to Earth, to get caught up in its dramas and need to be either rescued or sent back home. How true! And how great that the incomparable Doris Lessing has created this marvelous books.

The Sirian Experiments: Doris Lessing

List Price: $21.95 Order it now!

The sequel to "Shikasta" is well worth reading.

St. Mawr & The Man Who Died: D.H. Lawrence

List Price: $10.00 Order it now!

It's the small short story call "The Man Who Died" at the end of this book which is a true jewel. It's the last thing that DH Lawrence ever wrote, and he created a real masterpiece! It follows Jesus, who didn't die after his crucifixion, but instead escaped to the Lebanese coast. There he falls in love with a priestess of Isis who has been waiting for a reborn man. It's timeless and moving.

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