January 29, 2005:
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For the rest of the year, I was in such a deep place that I could barely talk or write. I communicated through the Matrix of Oneness and spent much of my time weaving our vastly expanded One Being into the worlds within worlds.

2004 had been an amazing, brilliant year. By the end of the year, I felt completely different than I had at the beginning. I have been indelibly altered. It feels very good and very real.

A week before Christmas, Walt moved to Arizona and Alix and I began to clean, recalibrate and repattern my entire house. This process is still continuing. We are sorting through absolutely everything, cleaning cupboards, painting rooms, putting new sinks in the bathrooms, rearranging the furniture, moving everything around. The house is still in a state of semi chaos, but already the new energies are becoming readily apparent. It feels so much better every day.

I realize that right now we are not to go out and create the New in new places. That our task is to transform the old into the New. It's not even a matter of completing the old to free us for the New. The old becomes the New! And this is exactly what we are doing. The entire process feels so good. I can't wait to get up each morning and sift through old files, paint the kitchen, go through old unpacked boxes in the garage or whatever is the task for the day. I know that whatever outward activities are being done that this repatterning is also taking place inside of us which is such a good and necessary thing. Next on my agenda is the total rewriting of my books to get them back into print.

What's interesting is that I've never felt settled in Hawaii. Even after 7th Gate, I've thought of moving, although I didn't yet know to what country. Now that we're repatterning the past and transforming it into the New, I finally feel settled in my house and Hawaii has never looked more beautiful. This doesn't necessarily mean that I'll stay here; it does mean that it really doesn't matter where you are. What matters is the energy which surrounds you and the resonance we send forth.

I'm very grateful for Alix's help at this time. We both know that we need to totally recalibrate everything which already exists before the New from the New can come in. And since 2005 is going to be such an intensely challenging year, it's essential to have clean, clear energy fields around us which maintain the resonance of Oneness and the Greater Reality.

All year long, I've been talking about the "Tsunamis of Change" and then on December 26th, there was the huge outward manifestation of this. It's almost impossible to comprehend the magnitude of this event and the deep impact it's had and will continue to have on millions and millions of people. There are really no words, only feelings from the deepest core of our beings. It was a massive Turning Point.

When shattering things happen, it's always important to look for the deeper reason behind the event. Because in Oneness, there is always a deeper meaning and higher purpose. What happened after the tsunamis was a big response from people all over the world, an outpouring of compassion and support. People felt this all over the world.... Our Greater One Being was finally activated.

Let's just hope that this continues. Humans have a propensity to respond when something grabs their attention and then quickly move on to the next thing which catches their attention without using much discernment as to what is truly important. It will take years to create the new for all the affected people and countries and I truly hope that humanity doesn't stop caring and helping. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our One Being in Action.

Although the huge 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunamis took place in the final days of 2004, they were really the forerunner of the intensely challenging year of 2005. Feeling and understanding this new year, I now see why there won't be an 11:11 Activation in 2005.

Much is happening and shifting on levels way beyond our present comprehension. This repatterning is taking place in our sun and in the depths of our planet. It is also taking place within our core beings. It is touching absolutely everything. It's not going to be a quiet year. It's going to take everything we've got to navigate through it and the best way we can do this is by standing in our One Heart / One Being and inhabiting the Greater Reality. It's almost a survival issue at this point.

Sometimes, it will feel like walking through a minefield. We can do this successfully as long as we walk in our love, integrity and truth. In Oneness. Then we will naturally be in a state of Right Time / Right Place.

I had my own personal experience of an exploding minefield a week or so ago when I got a phone call from my Istanbul workshop organizer telling me of an exposé type TV program slandering me which was shown on a major network throughout Turkey and by satellite to Europe. Apparently, it was really distorted and bad. Some religious fundamentalists had planted hidden video cameras in my Istanbul workshop. They even showed lots of footage of the Earth-Star Dance which I never allow to be photographed due to its raw vulnerability and extreme sacredness.

The TV show said that I "claimed to be a God", was the "leader of a cult with 150,000 members who all paid me $100 ", and that we "danced like animals" (Must have been the Lion Dance!). They concluded the program with a commentary declaring that duality was the way of God and that Oneness was evil. After the program was aired, I even received a pretty nasty death threat warning me not to return to Turkey...

The TV program was shown again a few days ago. This time half the program attacked Steve Rother of Lightworker.com whose Ankara workshop was also secretly videotaped. This is shocking behavior for a supposed democracy which is hoping to become part of the European Union. It's a real violation of privacy and personal freedom.

But I also understand that it is just a fear based reaction to something powerful which they don't yet understand. Although I've continually made it very clear that Oneness isn't about religion and that anyone can be a conscious part of our One Being and still follow their religious practices and beliefs, duality must feel very threatened by our uniting together in such a clean, loving way...

It's also a demonstration of the connection between the 1st and 7th Gates. 1992 was the last time when I went through numerous attacks, death threats and was called a cult. It's so ridiculous....

Of course, I am deeply saddened by this. I worry about backlash to the many beautiful people in Turkey who participated in the workshops. I probably won't be able to go there again which also makes me very sad. I really love Turkey and I really love the Turkish people. I have many beloved friends there whom I might not be able to see again.

Our One Being is powerful in Turkey and it is being strongly challenged. I'm sure that it will survive and grow even stronger from all this. Many of us are encircling Turkey with our One Being, holding it in the One Heart.

It feels somewhat ironic that after the exquisite 7th Gate Activation last year which was so real and true, when our One Being became stronger and more alive than ever before and when the Greater Reality became tangibly visible and is getting stronger and more visible every day, that the heaviness of Null Zones can still happen. But I am fully aware that through their shattering of old patterns, Null Zones create the birthing ground for the New.

And that is exactly what this Year 2005 is about. Shattering of old patterns. Manifesting what is real. Remaining ultra aware so we don't get drawn into the fears created by duality. The uncovering of previously hidden shadowy elements, Living our truth. Living our Love. Living our integrity in everything we do. Demonstrating our Oneness. Our One Being is Rising..... It's rising no matter what challenges are thrown our way.

We really have no choice other than to openly be who we are. To continually choose LOVE and ONENESS. To know that together as One, all of us --- humans, all living species, plants, rocks, winds, stars, earth, mountains, fire, water and air are part of ONE LIVING BEING. And it's really time to love and respect all parts of the One.




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