September 2006


(The journey to 8th Gate....)


Fluorescent orange flames blaze
With a heat like Heaven,

Scorching everything in their path –
But not the water lily.

It seems as if it must die –
But it isn’t even touched.

All its tendrils and flowers
Come back on the other side.

From the “Thousand Poems of Kwan Yin”.


The first four months of 2005 emphasized the repatterning of my home environment and the setting of new energetic fields. Rooms were painted, some in extremely bright colors, and furniture was moved around. The effect was immediately noticeable.

Next to my bedroom is an enclosed porch. It was so ugly and full of stuck energy that I kept it closed off from my bedroom. Knowing that it's not beneficial to have stuck energy, the porch was transformed into my Lotus Room. Old shabby carpet was replaced by a bamboo floor, all the surfaces were painted, including a large lotus on the wall; furniture, fountains, Turkish lanterns and glass mobiles were added and suddenly this stagnant room was new and beautiful.... an anchoring of the Lotus World.

In April 2005, I held a workshop facilitator training class in my house. It was by invitation only and without cost. Thirteen people came from eleven countries. Amazingly, we all crammed into my house for well over a week and had a wonderful time. Everyone found a place to sleep on floors, lofts and couches, and the meals we cooked together were delicious. There were classes throughout the day and into the evening. I was very grateful for the opportunity to share more of what I know.

Every afternoon after lunch, we would all paint the exterior of my house with a subtle pink called Champagne Elegance. What made this special is that we all knew that we were painting it with the Greater Love. The surface is a rough stucco full of little caves and we consciously filled every little cave with the GREATER LOVE. These hidden caves represented the parts of us, of everyone all over the world, which didn't feel loved or worthy of love. It was extremely fulfilling to give them the love they so needed. Painting the exterior of the house became a deep meditation that was surprisingly energizing; we looked forward to it each day.

In May, my focus turned to writing. FINALLY!!! I totally recalibrated "The Star-Borne"; some chapters were deleted or totally rewritten and others were added. During the next seven months, I totally rewrote "11:11" which is now an infinitely better book, with lots of new information. Then I created a brilliant set of oracle cards complete with a 150 page book. These cards are amazing; they are the only ones I know of which are based on the Greater Reality; there are over 250 of them in four decks. It's like having your own personal Surf Report to apply to every aspect of your life.

In November, the Greater Love started pouring in.... and I mean POURING. I was so full of the most amazing LOVE, I felt that it was oozing out of my pores. This was a deep immersion into the Lotus World that 8th Gate anchors. Everywhere I went, I showered everything, everyone with LOVE. Everywhere I walked, there was a trail of LOVE. The LOVE was so strong, I thought that I would never lose it, but the very next month it was gone.

During the middle of November, I finally found a new cat.... or actually she found me. I received an inner message that I needed to go to the Animal Shelter between Thursday and Saturday. Well, Thursday I didn't feel like going out, nor did I on Friday. On Saturday, I made myself drive to the shelter and there she was! It took only one glance and I knew that we belonged together. What's perfect is that she is the total combination of my two previous, and greatly beloved, cats who died in 2002. She is a beautiful, sweet being, a total Greater Reality, Lotus Cat and I'm honored to live with her.

In early December, I met with someone with whom I was going to create a new publishing company. We'd been planning this for months via the phone and emails. I was so excited to get my new books and cards out. I've known for a few years that I can no longer run a publishing company; I'm needed on so many other levels. But when we started organizing our new company, something wasn't right; there was a hidden agenda that didn't feel clean or integrous. So I had to pass on this opportunity. Not only was it a big disappointment, but after working so hard to get the books almost finished, it felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under me. That's when the Lotus Love disappeared...

Next I contacted several people who had previously indicated an interest in publishing. No-one felt like doing it, and in order for this to be successful, it has to be your next step. You might wonder why I don't go with an already established publisher? This is because I don't like the way they operate. They pay little and you lose editorial control. Books take a year or more to be published. I can get a book out in a month. I also don't want to do "print on demand" since that is only an option when you don't sell many books; otherwise it is way too expensive. I have piles of backorders for my books. Plus, I like to publish my books with high quality including foil stamping on the covers.

It felt very strange to get the books nearly done and not find the avenue to make them available. There had been such a surge of energy to get them completed; I'd worked on them for seven months, and then everything fell into a huge pit... And I couldn't find the heart to put any more effort into them.


In January 2006, I turned my attention to the upcoming 8th Gate Activation and started planning a trip to Chile where I felt it would be. The organization of this trip proved to be extremely complicated, the most challenging one I've ever done. Everything would fall into place and then fall apart, needing to be endlessly rearranged. And yet it still felt so right to go.

At the end of February, my daughter Nova and I flew to Chile, via Brazil, on a flight that ended up taking about 16 hours more than planned. We finally arrived in Santiago at 4:00 am, rather than the previous afternoon as we were supposed to. After three hours of sleep, our first in two nights, we flew to the Lake District in the South, rented a car and drove to the beautiful tourist town of Pucon. Although we were beyond exhausted, we both fell totally in love with Chile. We loved the people, the land, the lakes, the volcanoes, the food. We felt totally at home there.

Chile is an amazing country with a rare clarity that has an important destiny in the times to come. But first, there are some old energetic knots which need to be dissolved. Of course, 8th Gate would definitely help accelerate this process.

We immediately found the perfect hotel for the Activation right on the shores of a lake; it was the same one a dear, old love had told me about years ago, saying that the first time he saw it, he knew an 11:11 Activation would be there. Nova and I both thought that this was going to be so easy. Then I got sick.... really sick. Chills, fever, cough, blocked ears and laryngitis combined into a walking pneumonia. And then, the hotel didn't want to negotiate with us, telling us to return the following week after our already planned trip to a glacier. We spent the next few days driving around the area, visiting several remote lakes looking for the Activation site. I also learned that my new cat's name is the Mapuche Indian word for "Buenos Dias". It was funny to greet the Mapuches with my cat's name.

Next we drove to Puerto Montt and flew from there to Patagonia. What unbelievably majestic and stunningly beautiful land it is! It reminded me so much of the Andes Mountains in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. After several hours on a bus and a short stop in Coyhaique, we were transferred to a catamaran which took us on a five hour journey through the fiords to Puyuhuapi. I was still super sick and in somewhat of an altered state, but enjoyed every minute of it. Our purpose in coming here was to see if it was either a place for the Activation or for an optional second week trip. Two days later, we spent another five hours on the boat, going to the San Raphael Glacier. It was like visiting another world... an electric blue world of ice. The sea was full of transparent, neon blue icebergs that looked like glass sculptures. We transferred to a small zodiac boat and ventured closer to the massive shelf of ice that was continually cracking off and falling into the sea. It felt that each time part of the glacier broke off the ice shelf and fell into the water, that pieces of ancient energy were finally being released from the planet. It was a fantastic experience, but perhaps not the best place to be in my state of health. After several hours at the glacier, we traveled by boat for another five hours to a hotel in Patagonia for the night.

The next day, we had another bus ride, a flight back to Puerto Montt, and then drove all the way back up to Pucon, hoping that this time we would be able to finalize the arrangements for 8th Gate. We met with the hotel's sales director who seemed very nice, but things started getting sticky. They were the only hotel around that wouldn't let us have the use of their conference room for free; instead they wanted US $650 per day. It felt that they didn't even want our business. So off we went, checking out all the other hotels, even looking into the price of tents to put in the garden of a smaller hotel, but nothing else felt right. it was very strange.... I've never before found a place for an 11:11 Gate that felt so right and just wouldn't fall into place.


After several days of maximum effort and minimal success, we flew to Santiago for the night. Our hotel was full of enhanced security for the numerous foreign dignitaries who were in town for the inauguration of Chiles's new woman president the following day. It was an historic moment for Chile and I'm glad that we were there. The next morning we left for Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Of course, we had both wanted to go there for most of our lives, but didn't know what what it would be like. I half expected the energy there to be heavy or sad due to their extremely tragic history. Yet, from my first glimpse of that tiny island, it was love at first sight! We totally loved Rapa Nui. We love the people, the land itself, the food, the music and of course, the magnificent Moai statues. I felt so at home, I could have moved there on the spot.

We rented a silver Suzuki jeep and were free to explore, even managing to get lost in the island's one town of Hanga Roa. The first afternoon, I bought some Rapa Nui CDs and we played them in the jeep. I was a bit disappointed in them since all the songs sounded the same. It wasn't until later that I realized the car's CD player was set on Repeat and we had been listening to the same song over and over.

The next morning, we were up early and drove to the stone quarry of Rano Raraku where the Moai were made. Amazingly, we were the only ones there, so we were free to explore unhindered. I started speaking to the Moai in their ancient language, realizing that I knew how to sing them back to life, but that it wasn't quite the right time. We went to Ahu Tongariva where there are sixteen huge Moai standing in a row. Once again, we were the only ones there. I did the mudras of all Seven Gates standing in front of them.

My connection with Rapa Nui is very deep. One day, we were in the small local marketplace when a Rapa Nui woman saw me and burst into tears. She said that she saw so much light streaming out of my heart, and that she recognized me from the ancient days. I replied that yes, I had lived here in the times of the Moai. Many of the local people expressed a desire to dance the Sacred Dances with us when we returned. Rapa Nui was very difficult to leave...


After yet another night in Santiago, Nova and I flew to Sao Paolo, Brazil. She immediately returned to her home in Los Angeles and I stayed in Sao Paolo for a week. It was an extremely busy week, especially since my health had not fully recovered. During the week, I did SIX television shows, a talk, a two day workshop and a book signing at a gigantic Book Expo. Nearly eighty people came to the workshop from all over Brazil and twenty-two new Anchor Groups were formed. Brazil is once again activating as it did for the First Gate of the 11:11. It was good to see old friends from my previous visits and make beautiful new ones.

After I finally returned home, I spent a few months trying to organize the 8th Gate Activation in Chile. It was frustrating and extremely perplexing for it felt totally right, but wouldn't fall into place. Finally, I realized that 8th Gate is so HUGE and so important that there were going to be TWO 8th Gate Activations and that perhaps, Chile was meant to be the second one, rather than the first.



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