September 2006


(The journey to 8th Gate....)


Having TWO 8th Gate Activations made a lot of sense to me, so I started searching for the location of the first one. I was still feeling that it would take place on December 2nd, 2006 with the second Activation in 2008. The next location I was led to was Tulum on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula where I had never been before. This journey was made with Ankasha, our Workshop Facilitator from Mexico. In the middle of July, I flew to Cancun, met up with Ankasha, and we drove straight to Tulum.

Tulum was sweet and simple. The beaches are very clean and have healing waters. Before our trip, Ankasha had met with a Mayan healer from Yucatan who offered to help us in our search for the perfect Activation site. So the very morning after we arrived, we met with four Mayans who took us deep into the ecological reserve of Si'an Kaan which means "Place where the Sky was Born." My energies hadn't even fully landed in Mexico and suddenly I was deep in the jungle with four Mayans, surrounded by ancient pyramids and being chomped on by mosquitoes. It was quite an immersion.

Again, we found the unquestionably perfect hotel, but it wasn't available on the dates we needed it. So we spent days visiting scores of hotels and very few of them had any kind of space where we could hold our daily sessions. We also visited two very pure cenotes, the sacred sinkholes filled with fresh water found only in Yucatan. We went first thing in the morning and were the only ones there. They were an electric Mayan jade green color and so incredibly clear that we could see all the way down to the bottom. In the first cenote, when you looked through the water at your immersed body, our skin was covered with rainbows. It reminded me of the special Kahuna healing pools on the Big Island of Hawaii. A great purification....

We also visited the famous Tulum Temple, perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea. In spite of the hoards of tourists, the energy felt surprisingly intact. There was a powerful LOVE energy still palpable all around. And we found the perfect place for the 8th Gate Activation. I felt a very strong connection with the Mayan women, especially the older ones. We definitely recognized and acknowledged each other.

Yet in spite of all our efforts, we couldn't get 8th Gate organized. Returning home, both Ankasha and I worked hard contacting even more hotels and trying to get something to work. The best we could do was get seventeen rooms at our perfect hotel and reserve several small hotels nearby. This we did, and at last it appeared that everything was going to fall into place. I even started designing the 8th Gate web pages. Then our perfect hotel notified us that we were too large a group to share their fragile eco system with the yoga group that was already booked there. So everything fell apart again....

We tried several more hotels, including one we had found that had a perfect sized conference room. They notified us that they were turning their conference room into a restaurant in September. We tried and tried to make it happen, and even though it all felt so perfect, nothing fell into place.


Since both Tulum and Chile / Rapa Nui felt so perfect for 8th Gate, the next thing that we tried to do was change the date of the first Activation. There are only about 11 - 16 days a year when you can have an 11:11 Gate Activation. Our perfect Tulum hotel was solidly booked until next June. There is only one day in June when we could have an Activation and that's the one week that they are booked during the three months of summer. Coincidence? I think not....

We tried moving 8th Gate back to Chile for March 2007. But Rapa Nui, which we really want to visit for an optional second week, is totally booked for the week we needed it, even though it's Low Season. There are no Activation dates in April. If we go to Chile after that, it will be too cold.

8th Gate has been my main focus all year, I've spent over $10,000 trying to get it organized, heaps of effort, written literally hundreds of emails, made numerous phone calls, taken two trips, and it's still floating out there, tantalizingly just out of our reach. This doesn't mean that the 8th Gate energies aren't streaming in; they are. Many people are feeling them. They've been pouring in all year, but it's the grounding of these energies that has been the great challenge. And interestingly enough, many, many people want to participate in the 8th Gate Master Cylinder, the biggest response since the First Gate in 1992.

I don't feel that any of the journeys I've made this year for 8th Gate were wasted energy. They all felt to be an important part of the larger 8th Gate Activation. But it does feel that we've been traveling through a labyrinth and that the purpose of this journey is to get us to Right Time - Right Place. 8th Gate doesn't let us fake anything. Everything has to be real and true. So while this sometimes makes everything happen slower, they happen truer.

I've also done research on other possible locations such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mallorca, Perth, Singapore, Rarotonga, Fiji and Greece. That's when I had my BIG REVELATION ABOUT 8TH GATE.

The problem isn't the places. We found the right places. The problem isn't the timing as our timing is somewhat flexible. The 11:11 isn't being blocked because it has nothing to do with duality.

The problem is..............




That's right; it's us. It's our One Being. It is simply not yet strong enough or cohesive enough. There aren't enough of us sharing the responsibility. There aren't enough of us rowing full time with our full beings. We have traveled too far through the 11:11 Doorway to slide through in an unbalanced, fragmented state. We simply cannot rely anymore on a few of us to row the boats for everyone. Not because they won't continue to do it, but because it's not true energy for this time. There's no integrity in it anymore. We all have to row with our full beings to get where we most want to go. We have to take this seriously and make it a priority if we're going to create a strong foundation for our One Being and if we're going to travel any further through the 11:11 Doorway.

The 8th Gate won't let us activate it until we come together on a whole new level of Oneness. We need to create a strong, invincible foundation for our One Being in which the responsibility and workload is distributed in a more balanced manner. We need to join together with other individuals and other groups with the focused intent of anchoring Oneness.

A month ago, I ran out of money to pay my monthly bills. My savings had been exhausted and my new books had not been published. I created a new Support the 11:11 page knowing that it is time for us to start carrying this together. I don't believe that it's a coincidence that I'm out of money and super tired of carrying such a huge responsibility virtually by myself at the same time that the 8th Gate Activation won't fall into place. I don't see these situations as separate since I haven't had a true "personal" life for many years. I see my current situation as something that needs to be brought into balance and made right. Ho'o Ponopono as the Hawaiians say. This will also help balance the 11:11. It's part of bringing alive the Sleeping Giant of our One Being.

Like most of us, I've been thoroughly reviewing my life all year. Seeing what parts of it need to be released and what needs to be transformed. Some things can simply be dropped for they've already completed their purpose; other facets still serve an important purpose, but need to be rebalanced and passed on to others. I've been ultra aware of what gives me joy and sparks my creativity and what makes me feel heavy and tired. I know that my long years of being a workaholic hermit are almost over, not a second too soon. And that next year I will probably move again, this time to another country, although I know not where. And I am so longing to be with my true partner, as many of us are. (8th Gate will really help with this, as soon as it's activated.) I can feel my new life beckoning and know that I'm going there. But first, there is much that needs to be shared and passed on.

At the end of this year, we will be completing a cycle that began in 1999. For me, this was the year when we closed our community in Montana and for the first time in eleven years, I had to do everything by myself. Most people simply don't think about the great effort that the 11:11 has required, assuming that we are a large organization rather than just one person sitting at their computer day and night. They thought that everything was taken care of and that I would always be there propelling the boat forwards no matter what. Of course, I will continue to row, because I'm fully dedicated to the journey.

But, unfortunately, my rowing is no longer enough.... Although I feel more myself than ever before, our foundation needs to be much bigger than just one person. And this is what has caused the delay in making the arrangements for 8th Gate. This is the piece that has been missing.

Since creating the Support the 11:11 page, I have received a heartfelt response from our One Being. Enough money has been sent to enable me to get through August and September, although not enough to get out of debt. Offers of help and words of support have touched me deeply. Our One Being is definitely stirring alive on a new level.

At this moment, I'm not putting my total focus into finding 8th Gate for I know that once the new balance is achieved, everything will fall into place. Without thinking about 8th Gate, it's energies are all around me. The new 8th Gate Mudra came to me last week. It's simple and powerful. This frees up my energy to turn my attention to finishing my books and cards to get them published as soon as possible.

Within the next month, Monique from Holland and An*Nu*Tuk with her daughter from Scotland, are coming here to help me with the work.... for which I am beyond grateful. I know that as soon as they get into position and we share the responsibility on all levels, vast changes will happen and the 8th Gate Activation will finally be organized. It will be a huge Turning Point.

I feel that we all need to reorder our priorities and make serving our One Being a major focus. I have learned a lot about 8th Gate this year. I am beginning to understand the journey from our personal hearts to the One Heart to the Lotus Heart. We need to awaken our Lotus Heart to experience the fulfillment of our heart's desires on the deepest, truest levels. But in order to get there, we must first be fully aligned with our One Being. This is the step that many have missed by focusing solely on their personal lives. And we can't go directly from our personal life to the Lotus World by bypassing the One Being.

One of our challenges is to find the areas in which we can best serve the One. We need to be aware of the needs of the world around us. A good example of this took place a few weeks ago at the workshop in Moscow, Russian. The day after the workshop, some of the workshop participants visited a local orphanage, taking with them needed medical supplies, food and presents donated by the workshop participants. They played with the children and had such a heartfelt visit. And now the local Anchor Group has taken on the commitment to maintain the connection. Wouldn't it be fantastic if every Anchor Group all over the world found a way to serve their community. We don't need to keep Oneness to ourselves anymore. It's time to spread it out and make our Love felt.

It's important to incorporate the Greater Reality into our daily lives and constantly serve with our full being. This is the road that will take us to our personal fulfillment and to our true destiny and purpose. And this is the road that I am traveling, thankfully no longer by myself.... but with many of you.

And it will be beyond amazing when we can finally come together as One all over the planet and activate the 8th Gate. This time we can be truly proud of ourselves, for 8th Gate has required an immense amount of effort and willingness to move to our new levels. It will be a joyous celebration that we all have helped create and fully deserve.






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