April 2004
In the Thick of It

Updated April 7, 2004



April's Surf has noticeably deepened and thickened.... The Surf is full of strong movement and much activity. Although the movement appears on the surface, it doesn't emanate from there. Rather, it comes from immeasurable depths. Each wave -- each swell -- each splash of the Surf -- is laced with the full depth of the ocean's core. Each wave is imbued with profound undercurrents of the Greater Reality. And the movement of each wave is determined and directed by these undercurrents of the Greater Reality.

A visible shift has taken place since March 20th. There was a quickening and a thickening. It's like when you make gravy and add flour or cornstarch to the watery concoction and it suddenly thickens into gravy and changes its entire nature. This is what happened to many of us. We became not only deeper, but calmer as well. It felt as if something within us had suddenly been stabilized or solidified even though we were in the midst of tremendous activity.

Part of our newfound stillness and calm is the absolute letting go of expectations. Most of our old expectations have been wiped clean. So has much of the emotional residue of our past experiences. Not suppressed or transformed. Just wiped clean. As if it never existed.

Also, the cogs and wheels which drive and define our destiny are beginning to click into new positions. This changes the trajectory we were following, not only sending us into new, unexpected directions, but altering the genetic coding of our destiny.

All the while, more veils are dissolving. Dissolving so thoroughly that they leave no trace or residue, no memory that these areas were ever veiled. Once the veil is gone, it's as if we always had access to what was long hidden. It just clicks into position within our beings and becomes a natural part of us.

This takes us deeper into the Greater Reality at the same time as the Greater Reality comes deeper into the present moment. (A Transfer is in position.) As this happens, everything is brought into a much clearer focus. It's just like going to the eye doctor where they put that machine with various lenses in front of your face and keep changing lenses until suddenly, miraculously, you can read the entire eye chart.

As our beings are brought into deeper alignment with the Greater Reality, our cells are realigning themselves to harmonize with the new vibratory frequencies. This is affecting us on a core level and brings immediate changes to many aspects of our lives. Not only are the props on our stage changing, but our entire stage set is being redesigned. Outdated elements are receding and new elements are coming forward.

None of this is taking place in a linear fashion. It's not like picking something up and moving it to the left. And then picking something else up from the sidelines and placing it on the table in center stage. It can be better described as shifting platelets. It's an unspeakably deep and profoundly subtle movement that realigns and repositions the massive building blocks not only of our own inner beings, but of our known universe.

The platelets slide into and out of position, often changing their size, shape and very nature in the process. For example, a huge green rectangular building block may suddenly slide out of it's previously wedged in position. (You can perceive this as resembling one of the Inca stone temple walls in Peru.) As the mammoth stone effortlessly glides out of its old position, it causes almost a seismic shift. This shift is taking place on such deep levels that it creates a hush and almost takes your breath away. As the stone moves, the stones around it start to change their positions either to close up the gap or to move into an entirely different pattern.

As the previously green rectangular building block goes silently into its new configuration, it undergoes a transformation, perhaps becoming an even larger square red stone or a much smaller stair-stepped shaped purple stone. The chemical composition of the stones have changed; they're composed of new ingredients and bonded together with new formulas. What I'm trying to explain is the the very nature, the essence of these core level building blocks is drastically altering as they move into their new positionings. And that this is all taking place inside of our beings.

These shifts are becoming apparent on our outward visible landscapes as well, although they do not emanate from there. The main shift is deep within the core of our beings, within the air we breathe and within the thickening, deepening Surf. This is so vastly altering our perceptions that it's causing us to perceive our outer landscapes differently. That tree or that house or that road may be where it has always been, but we are starting to perceive it differently and to relate to it differently. This is because the Greater Reality or Invisible is infinitely more present and accessible to us then it's been before.

It's the shifting platelets and subtle movements of the massive building blocks which are causing the cogs, gears and wheels within wheels to turn at a new rate and sometimes into new directions, creating a heightened harmonic which is calibrated to the dynamic of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

Our priorities are also being transformed. What used to be vitally important to us, perhaps just five minutes ago, suddenly loses its vibrancy. It's no longer important and is easily released. The flow of the Surf is so immensely powerful that we find ourselves surrendering to it and just going with the flow. With this comes a knowing and trust that it's taking us in the right direction, to just where we really want to be.

Because of all this and because of the greatness of this wondrous year 2004, we are really being called to start LIVING LARGE. Remember that "Great Times require Greatness of Action and Greatness of Being." It's really not the time to go about life in our normal, lazy, half awake fashion. We really don't want to miss the quantum leaps which are available. We may never have a year like this again.

Living Large is living life with the fullness of our beings, with wide open hearts and always putting our full being into whatever we do. Opportunities for greatness abound this year and can often be found in seemingly small situations. Largeness has to do with the extent that you open yourself up to embrace all of life as part of the One and consciously choose to serving our One Being in whatever ways, large or small, which manifest.

One thing that I've discovered about Greatness in my many years of doing the 11:11 Activations and giving workshops, is that you can never tell who is going to step forth in any given moment. There are many people who have had lifetimes of semi-greatness, but who have gotten themselves stuck in their egos and diminished themselves. Often, these are the people that you expect Greatness from and it just doesn't happen.

I've learned to never overlook anyone, for we all carry the seed of Greatness within ourselves. So many times, it has been some quiet, shy person who leaps forth into their Greatness with great courage and strength when it is most needed.

This year isn't even a time for occasional spurts of Greatness or for sitting on the sidelines; it's time for Living Large on a daily basis. For integrating it as a major component of our beings; just a natural part of who we are.

Part of stepping into our Greatness also has to do with Responsibility. Many of us are still equating Responsibility with constriction and lack of freedom. The big cosmic joke is that it's actually the total opposite of that. RESPONSIBILITY BRINGS FREEDOM! The sooner that we welcome and embrace Responsibility in our lives, the better. Responsibility is meant to be shared, not carried by just a few. When it is shared, the load is lightened and much more is possible. It makes us strong and capable and brings us more into our Greatness. We will enjoy our greatest success by joining together to do things.

Throughout April, we are going to be even more impossibly busy than before. And yet, there will be a sense of stillness that carries with us.

Many of us feel that we are at a "make or break" point. We feel a huge outer shift coming and we desperately want to make this shift, yet it seems to keep eluding us. Or we are torn between several courses of action and feel that we have to choose between them. Once again, it's vitally important to keeping remembering that "We're not in Kansas anymore!" We can't continue to think in a linear manner because we are no longer living in a linear world.

We are also feeling a lot of financial pressure. There are many things we would like to do, but we don't have the money to do them all, so we feel that we have to make a choice. Remember: NOT LINEAR... NOT LINEAR....It's multi-dimensional now. It's woven into Oneness, into our One Being. All things are possible.

The determining factor is not our bank account, but it's our hearts. If it's really something that we're called to do, if it really feels right, then we just need to make the commitment to do it and to take whatever steps are necessary. We absolutely can do it all, especially this year.

This will not work if we are still clinging on to passivity. To the old, "Well, if Spirit wants me to do it, it will give me the money." The question is, "Do YOU want to do it? Does it feel right to you?" Don't wait for "Spirit". You are Spirit. We all are Spirit. If you really want to do something, make the commitment and then find the way to manifest it. There is always an open door if it's a right action. Sometimes, it takes awhile to find it, but it's always there. Passivity will not take us very far this year. Following our hearts and following what brings a smile to our face and a lilt to our spirit, following the path to our Greatness, will take us anywhere we want to go. So don't be afraid. Carpe Diem - "Seize the Day".

The month of April is a wild ride with ever deepening Surf. We will be extremely, impossibly busy with no time to focus on ourselves, yet paradoxically, more of ourselves will be involved with everything we do.

Throughout April, we will be challenged to shift our vantage points and to look at everything around us from a new point of view. For example, when I go outside on my deck, I always sit in the same chair, facing the same direction, looking at the same things. Now it's time to consciously choose to either move your chair to another position or find something totally new to sit on so we can see what could not be seen before.

And although the Surf is wild and we're getting tossed around a bit, it's a very exciting time to be alive and an amazing year. Let's go for the breakthroughs!

Huge Splashing Waves of Love,


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