Solara's April 2009 Surf Report

At the Crossroads


THE YEAR 2009 SURF REPORT: The Emergence of the True Ones
The 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Part 2



At the Crossroads

Since the beginning of March, there has been an overlay of deep stillness covering everything. Even though we've been tremendously busy with a mountain of tasks in front of us, this overlay of stillness is always present. At times, it becomes so strong and all pervading that all activity comes to a halt and all we can do is melt into the depths. Whenever this happens, it feels like the pull of gravity intensifies and pushes us downwards. We sleep as if we were drugged; we dream strange dreams in which we sort many things out; we dive into profound depths of our beings --- to the ocean floor within us.

Here we find the hardened sediment that hasn't been stirred or touched for lifetimes. And just because we have finally arrived at this long forgotten place, massive change occurs. The calcified sediment begins to loosen. These are the elements which we barely remember are there. We're stirring up this old calcified sediment and we're cleaning it out, releasing emotions and memories that we didn't even know that we carried.

We find pockets of force, will, repetition, self-discipline, fear, denial & anger that we placed there long ago. Force, will, repetition and self-discipline were for the purpose of making ourselves do things that we didn't want to do, that we knew weren't right to do. Anger and denial came because we found ourselves in such an unnatural, out of balance, state on planet earth. The fear mirrored our uncertainty and insecurity at finding ourselves in the alien landscape of duality. We buried all these elements deep within the sediment of our internal ocean depths so they could serve as a shield of protection. And now it is time to dig them up and let them go, for they are no longer needed.

Sifting through the calcified sediment in the depths of our beings is also giving us parts of ourselves that we had long forgotten. It's like finding a box of treasures hidden in an attic. As we open it up, we discover exquisite, regal garments that we had put there long ago, waiting for the right moment to put them on. And that time is now.

The pull of the depths has been so strong that our physical energy has been severely depleted by the massive inner work we've been doing. At times, we feel that we are hanging onto physical life by a thin thread. This is because our inner landscape is profoundly transforming. Although this is exactly what needs to happen at this time, it presents us with a totally new set of challenges.

Although our inner landscape is being greatly transformed, our outer landscape has not yet reached the same level. Many of us now find ourselves to be almost new beings living in old, expired outer landscapes. This makes us feel like a bird in water. We are no longer the fish who could easily breathe underwater, who could joyously swim in its native environment. Now, we want to fly! But we cannot, since our wings are wet. We long for fresh air with a new composition of PURE HEART LOVE; this is our new oxygen. Our lungs cry out for this air; we feel that we shall die if we can't breathe it soon; and yet, the air we so desperately need in order to survive can't be found within our old landscape.

Everything in our old landscape feels unreal and lifeless. Nothing inspires or excites us. We feel like we are constantly pouring out energy and nothing is coming in. Many of us feel a crushing loneliness. We are constantly tired and our energy reserves are depleted to critical levels. Often, it feels like everything is falling apart. Sometimes we feel disempowered and exposed, like living in houses with no roofs. Nothing nourishes us here. And we know that we must find true nourishment soon.

We have reached the Crossroads....

The Crossroads isn't just a normal intersection or a choice of two roads. It's a major interchange. Interchange means "between changes". It's a shift-over point. A turning point. Yes, it represents a time of choice and decision as to who we are and where we're going, but it's much more than that.

This Crossroads is a major Transition Zone and Transition Zones always require unique navigational skills. When we leave one world and move into a new one, we must first disconnect from the old. It's like getting ready to move. Before we can pack our lamps or computers, we have to disconnect them from their old power source. After they are packed, we can't use them again until we plug them into the new power source.

We've been disconnecting things for the past year or more. This is why so many old relationships are severing, why people are feeling the call to move to new locations, and why we so want to change the work we do. We are also disconnecting from our old responsibilities, letting go of expired spiritual vows and releasing old beliefs and limiting concepts.

At the same time, we are making our first connections with the new world. These new connections can include meeting kindred people, finding our One True Loves, obtaining missing pieces of needed information, reconnecting with our true purpose and destiny, connecting with the new place where we are meant to live and profound revelations about who we really are.

In a Transition Zone, the weather is often unpredictable with unusual weather patterns. It can change every five minutes. Numerous glitches occur. I've experienced lots of them lately. One is with Paypal who suddenly stopped charging the automatic monthly payments for some longstanding Surf Subscribers. Then, my email stopped working for several nights. I took a computer in for a minor repair that ended up taking two months and finally required a new hard drive which is now a totally blank canvas waiting to be filled before I can use it.

Since Transition Zones are in the no-man's land between worlds, like the border area where you leave one country and haven't yet entered the next one, there are also some strange things happening that shouldn't, and wouldn't, normally happen. Things like heavy handed police harassment for driving without a seatbelt or being pulled over for an incomplete stop, when you made a full stop. There is also the possibility of accidents if we're not being aware. Because of this, we need to be ultra alert and extra careful. This is a Crossroads with a blinking Yellow Light and we need to look in all directions before we attempt to get to the other side.

Making it through the Crossroads isn't simply a matter of driving straight across the intersection. It requires a total shift of worlds to make it to the other side. This is what will take us to our New Outer Landscape.



Because our inner landscape is undergoing a major transformation while many of us are still in our old outer landscape, this is causing a significant change in our outer landscape.

The best way that I can describe this is to ask you to visualize a solid stone interior wall of your house. This wall has been there for a few hundred years. It's very thick and solid. It separates two different rooms, both of which you are very familiar with. Suddenly, a large area in the stone wall becomes transparent and less solid. This continues until a large opening in the wall is created. You look through the opening, expecting to see the room on the other side of the wall, and instead there is a totally new landscape with trees and a waterfall! Without any effort, we are transported to this new place that is both familiar and completely unexpected. Here is the new air of PURE HEART LOVE that we've been craving to breathe! Here is our long sought New Life!

The New Landscape calls us in....

The problem is that this is only manifesting on an energetic level right now and not yet on a physical one. We are still in our old physical outer landscape, the expired place of no nourishment. We want to run through the opening and fling ourselves into our new world, but we cannot because the new world isn't here on the physical yet. Each time that we go through the opening, we gulp some of the fresh new air, then find ourselves thrust back into our old world. And each time that we enter the new world, it is more difficult to return to the expired one.

Since so much of our being has already energetically entered the new landscape, it's easy to resist returning to our old outer landscape. But this we cannot do, because we must first transform our old outer landscape into the New. We need to constantly remind ourselves not to neglect the tasks and responsibilities of our old outer landscape, even though they feel lifeless, expired and unreal. These tasks and responsibilities must be completed in the right way in order for us to be free of the old world.

We must free ourselves from some really old stuff. We can't push through things in our old way by using our will. Instead, it takes a huge letting go of the way we used to do things. It's vitally important how we position ourselves. This is more important than where we position ourselves. We have to get ourselves into the right current. Until we do, it will often feel as if we are salmon swimming upstream, going against the current, using our last strength, taking one more weary jump over the rocks, and then another....

To align ourselves with the right current requires a precise alignment. It's similar to the docking procedure that a space craft makes with a space station. Everything has to be in its correct position. And although we might not see it, every day more elements are clicking into position to make this possible.



For at least a year, we've been in the midst of the birth process. Up until now, we've been in the labor stage where our beings have been constantly expanding way beyond our comfort zones. It's been painful, challenging and all consuming. We've given it everything we have and still gotten battered. Yet, we know that once birth begins there is no backing out, no way to stop the process, unless we totally give up and die.

This birth is our Perfect Storm.

Because of all our efforts, because of our great courage and dedicated perseverance, we have finally moved on to the next stage of labor. We are now in the birth canal, being pushed and squished right through the centerpoint of our Perfect Storms. This is another reason why we are so profoundly tired and why we feel that the force of gravity has intensified to almost excruciating levels and is crushing us downwards, deeper - deeper.

During this time, everything inside ourselves that's not in its right place is hurting; it's coming to the forefront of our beings to be healed, released or repositioned. This is why lots of us have numerous aches and pains and our physical bodies feel stressed and exhausted.

What we are giving birth to is our own selves as True Ones. We are the baby that is being born. This is because we must be fully birthed and emerged before we can fully birth the New World.

Beginning in the second half of April and continuing for several months, the long, long labor will be over for many of us. We will be reborn as True Ones. As soon as that happens, we will experience massive breakthroughs in which everything that has held us back will suddenly be released. Our physical outer landscapes will start transforming into new landscapes at rapid speed. We will ZOOM forward and have a much easier transition into the New than we ever thought possible.

And once our our inner and outer landscapes match up, our New Lives can begin.



March went out like a lion and April entered like a lamb. The first half of April we will be moving through the birth canal. This means that we will experience great weight and tremendous pressure upon us. We will feel tired and compressed. Often, just as we fall asleep, we will be jerked back into wakefulness. This will keep us tethered on the physical, for there is much to be done here before we can move into our new landscape.


Disconnecting from the old and expired.

Sifting through the hardened sediment in the depths of our beings.

Making new connections.

Going through the birth canal.

Emerging as True Ones.


Birthing the New and True.

This is all preparation for the long awaited second 8th Gate Activation on June 5th in which we will birth the New Matrix of One True Love, bringing forth the new relationship dynamic. This will be the first of a momentous cycle of MUA or New Beginnings that will continue through 2012.


Transition Zones always have lots of Choppy Surf. Whenever you get caught in the Sea of Distraction, simply shift direction and keep going. Don't let the distractions break up your flow.

Throughout the month, we will have an ever growing mountain of tasks. As soon as we complete one task, new ones will appear from nowhere, much like a volcano pushing up from the sea. We need to find new ways of doing things so we don't get overwhelmed. The best way to complete old tasks is with our greatly expanded, full being.

Our greatest clarity comes in the morning and late at night. It is when we are most clear that we must make any needed decisions and choices. Our future direction is being determined by the actions and choices we make right now and by the degree of our commitment to birthing the New.

It's important to shift gears and shift worlds to get through the Crossroads.


Some First Wave are still sitting on the sidelines feeling that they have already done too much, thinking that they can just disappear, but we simply cannot. We don't complete our time on Earth with weary resignation. We have to finish our cycle of lifetimes here with a huge smile on our face, a song of victory on our lips and with joyous hearts. So step forward and let's begin our final dance!

Some Second Wave are still sitting on the sidelines making excuses as to why they can't fully step in. There are no more excuses. The time is now! Come on in and start picking up some of the sceptres of responsibility that are being handed to you.


The love on the level we've always yearned for wasn't available until now. It couldn't come into the planet when it was so immersed in duality. Now it can. This is PURE HEART LOVE.

PURE HEART LOVE is the air we breathe in our new landscape. It is already here, right now. Feel it, hold it in your outstretched hands, nurture it, spend time with it every day. Become a beacon of PURE HEART LOVE.

The True Men really must come forward now. You are greatly needed. When the True Men step forth and stand side by side with the True Women, all things are possible.

From now until the end of the year, many One True Loves are going to unite. Are you ready? Are you available?

All year long, we've been waiting for key elements of our New Lives to come in. In April, some of them will enter. April will also bring us some brilliant solutions to longstanding problems and issues that we cannot see until they arrive. They will suddenly plunk into position, making the achievement of what we thought was difficult surprisingly easy.

And as soon as we emerge from the birth canal, the dam will break. When it does, everything will ZOOM ahead.




We are saving a few places at the 8th Gate Master Cylinder for True Ones, especially for some True Men. You are greatly needed.

If you feel called to participate in either the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca or in an Anchor Group, please know that the Path of the 11:11 is a very strong and true one. Because it is so real and on such an accelerated level, it requires that we dissolve all duality-based patterns. This can be extremely challenging at times, but the rewards are great. The Master Cylinder experience is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to step forth in their full mastery as True Ones, please come.

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