A Wild Ride!


Updated August 3, 2004


Our entrance into August definitely had an immediate impact. It was as if a large rogue wave suddenly came out of nowhere, picked us up and flung us in a wide arc into the month of August. Surprisingly, our landing wasn't too rough even though we were plummeted into some Wild and Choppy Surf. It was instantly apparent that this month is going to take us for a pretty wild ride. August is going to be extremely busy and full of change with sudden bursts of intensity.

August is a deep month of transformation which will affect almost every level of our beings. It is one of those months where we will discover that, by the end of the month, we have dramatically changed. Inside and outside.....

The Tsunamis of Change will leave almost nothing untouched. Sometimes, we may temporarily feel as if we have been engulfed in chaos. This is just when we need to remember that chaos always serves a useful purpose. It breaks down old patterns and control mechanisms and creates the conditions for lasting breakthroughs. It also prepares the ground to plant the seeds of new creativity.

So much is happening on so many different levels that it's nearly impossible to get a firm grasp on anything. There is a multi-dimensional overlay that is stacked up all around us, adding myriad more levels and layers to our already full Zone of Overlap. It's both subtle and obvious. It's still and it's full of movement. It's all around us and deep within us. We care deeply and we are detached from it all. There's no way to avoid being deeply affected by August's Wild Surf.

Everything is in motion and much requires our attention. There is way too much to do and each day more urgent tasks appear. It's beyond impossible and yet, somehow we are surviving. It's more than that, we are developing multi-leveled mastery.

The Wild Surf has been stripping us until we become pure, raw energy rather than tightly wrapped and defined personalities. Once we become pure, raw energy, it's much easier to feel the threads of our beings which keep us interwoven into One.

Throughout August we will continually experience the Unexpected as some major Wild Cards come into our lives from totally out of the blue, off the map of the known. These Wild Cards represent the absolutely unexpected. Elements which we cannot anticipate or prepare for, but which will throw us into new responses, new perspectives and new directions. Insights and revelations will be plentiful. Some of these Wild Cards will be the entrance of people, places and opportunities which are strongly aligned with our new level of being. These are some of the essential elements which we have long been waiting for. They bring powerful keys to our future directions and act as booster rockets to set us onto our right courses.

We will feel a sense of rising expectancy in August, a deep, underlying excitement tingling and vibrating throughout our cells; a feeling that we are moving ever closer to something which we really want. Although many of the final details and the actual setting into position will continue to elude us until the end of the year, we will get a much clearer sense of where we are going and of what we really want in life.

We will also experience occasional upheavals. Sometimes, it will feel as if we have been overtaken by a huge wave and are being sucked underwater. Or that the rug is being pulled out from beneath our feet. What is really happening is that we are being turned inside out. Or to put it more accurately, right-side out. When this happens, our initial reaction may be one of alarm, or of fear of letting go of control, or of being overwhelmed by something much larger than ourselves. But as we begin to let go, surrender to the flow, and trust the entire process; we will actually start developing some mastery at turning right-side out and welcome the experience!

We are in the midst of a powerful initiatory phase where much is being brought to the surface to be healed, released, transformed or totally repatterned. This always happens in the months preceding an 11:11 Gate Activation. This is because each 11:11 Gate Activation brings in a new, accelerated awareness and takes us to a totally new level.

This is precisely the time when any elements of our being which can't go into this new level with us, rise up to the surface to get our attention. It's a time of great testing. The challenge is that we need to sort through our stuff without taking time to fully indulge ourselves in the process. Especially highlighted at this time are issues of Spiritual Ego and Financial Insecurity.

If we don't release our Spiritual Egos, we won't be able to fully step into the One Being. And if we put our Financial Anxieties at the forefront of our actions and motivations, then we won't be able to rise into the new level where our path of destiny and creativity open up, where we will be totally supported.

Spiritual Egos are the accumulated wisdom, knowledge, mastery, skills, power and confidence that we have obtained during our long passage through duality. They represent the apex of the mountain which we relentlessly climbed for an entire cycle of lifetimes. We can now take a moment and be rightly proud of all that we achieved....

Then as the mist dissolves and rises, the veils are lifted. We can now see that the mighty mountain summit which we are standing on is no larger than a hill. As the mist further dissolves and rises, we can finally see the real mountains right in front of us. And they are truly majestic!

Faced with this dramatic shift in perspective, what are we going to do? It might seem as if there are a few options.....

1. We can try to fool ourselves into believing that we are merely hallucinating those vast mountains and that they don't exist. That the hill of our attainments is the real mountain. And that duality is the only game in town....

2. We can listen to the clamor of our Spiritual Ego which just happens to be fighting for its survival. It will tell us things like, "Oh, I don't need this!" "Everything is fine just the way it is." "I already know everything I need to know." "If I move towards those huge mountains of Oneness, I will lose control. If I lose control, my old levels of mastery won't be so important and I might even lose myself." "Besides, duality is the predominant reality so we might as well just accept it...."

It's similar to the old story of the monkey with his hand in the jar. Inside the jar, there's a large nut that the monkey really, really wants to keep with him. But he also desperately wants to free his hand from the jar. The catch is that he needs to totally let go of the nut before his hand can get out of the jar.

This is especially true of our Spiritual Egos. If we want to move into our next level which is the quickening our One Being and the subsequent level of our One Being in Action, then we need to lovingly let go of our Spiritual Egos. They are the nuts which hold us back from becoming free and living large.

The paradox is that many people feel that if they fully surrender into One Being, that they will lose themselves. However, what really happens, is that we actually FIND ourselves and step into new levels of self mastery by stepping into One Being.

It's time for us to fully inhabit our One Being. And it's time for our One Being to come alive and make its presence felt. It's not really an option for us. It's our next step and if we don't do it, we will begin to stagnate..... After we consciously inhabit the One Being, we will discover that we are already interwoven into a most powerful and resilient support system.

For the past several months we've been standing in a Zone of Overlap where many diverse elements such as Past and Future, Earth & Star, have been merging together. This has given us a unprecedented opportunity to repattern our pasts.

The Zone of Overlap can be initially perceived as a doorway, although it's actually much more than that. On one side of the door is our past, our old ways of doing things, our accumulated emotional residue, our previous perceptions and old values. The other side of the door represents our infinite potential, our new values, new lives, new relationships, new ways of doing things as well as our deep interwovenness into One Being.

One would think that all we would have to do is to walk through this doorway to get to the new, but that's not how we get to the other side. To fully enter the Greater Reality, we need to become the doorway itself, all of it, rather than pass through it. As we become whole and real by integrating past and future within ourselves, the doorway which we have become will expand and we will discover ourselves to be immersed in the Greater Reality which is Right Here / Right Now.

Since we are in a Zone of Overlap, we are dealing with the resolution and repatterning of the past as well as the weaving of the future and our infinite potential into the present moment. Together, all of these threads represent who we are now. We are standing in the intersection point of this mesh of interwoven threads containing past and future, duality and Oneness.

This is the exact point where we need to balance ourselves and become totally real. If we don't, we may get snagged in the holes of the mesh. If we can find that center point of balance between past and future, old and new ways of being, doing and perceptions, we will find ourselves large enough to walk easily upon the mesh of the tapestry of Oneness.

Repatterning the past is essential, for it changes the ripples which have emanated from our past experiences and behaviors that have profoundly affected us for years. As we resolve and repattern our pasts, we are actually weaving the patterning of the future.

We repattern our pasts by taking our future being, the part of us already totally anchored in Oneness, and letting this part of our self deal with the residue of our past. As we meet old situations with new responses and deeper understanding, it causes a reverse ripple effect which sends rippling currents backwards into the very core of old issues, emotions, patterns and situations.

As this happens, a dissolving and repatterning of the old matrix takes place. There is a noticeable shift as the old matrix is transformed, causing it to send out a totally different pattern of ripples than before. This greatly helps free us from any remaining emotional residue as we become unstuck from the sticky karmic situations of the past and our old ways of dealing with those issues. Once this repatterning has taken place, we shall never again need to deal with these same types of old issues. More hooks of duality have been removed.

In August some of the results of our extensive repatterning of the past will become readily apparent. We will be able to see many of the changes that this process has brought into our lives. This will further help bring in new situations, people and opportunities, as well as those wondrous Wild Cards, taking us to new places and levels of awareness. The Winds of Change will be blowing all month....We will see clearly how extensively our perceptions and values have shifted. And we will feel very comfortable with these changes.

As we do this, breakthroughs will start pouring in......


One Heart / One Love / One Being,



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