Solara's August 2009 Surf Report

Right Time - Right Place


The Emergence of the True Ones

An amazing 44 page Photo Journey of the 8th Gate Activation: Part 2 at Lake Titicaca




The resonance of PURE HEART LOVE is becoming stronger every day. It is spreading all over the planet. This is an infinitely stronger LOVE than anything we have previously experienced. It is clean and true. It dissolves anything that is untrue.

The immense clearing and purification that began in June, intensified in July, and is continuing in August, is much more far reaching than we expected. Much of this is taking place on deep inner levels. We are peeling off layer after layer as we go all the way down to the very bottom of the barrels of our beings, finding stuff that we never knew was there. We are delving into hidden pockets that have long been suppressed. We are releasing residue from our childhood, from numerous past lives going all the way back to our first entry on planet Earth and from worlds beyond this one. This is the deepest and most thorough clearing and recalibration that we've ever experienced.

For some, the levels of purification have been so intense that they became physically sick. This was the only way that they could stop their outer activities and plunge deep inside their inner depths to find all the elements that needed to be sorted through and released. It has not been possible to escape this huge internal clearing process.

Because so much is going on internally, we have been immersed in a profound state of Quantum Deep since July. Even though we have lots to do and are being surprisingly efficient in getting things done, we are doing it all in a deep state of quiet. Quantum Deep is continually plunging us into the Far Distant Worlds. This is happening whether or not it's convenient to what we're doing in our outer lives.

Far Distant Worlds are exerting an undeniably strong magnetic pull that takes us into an immeasurably deep place where we can reconnect with the true core nucleus of who we are. When Quantum Deep arrives, we are pulled into an almost trance-like state for an hour or two during the day. Sometimes we fall into a deep sleep; other times we enter a far away world. When we are awake in the Far Distant Worlds, we can open our eyes and hear the sounds around us, but we simply cannot move. Then when night comes, the pull of Far Distant Worlds recedes and we are wide awake and unable to sleep. All the while, we feel that immense recalibration is being done to us; simultaneously we know that we are doing extremely important work somewhere else.

At the same time, some of us are experiencing dramatic changes in our outer lives. Relationships and jobs that have gone their distance are starting to be released. We are completing numerous unfinished tasks and bringing much to resolution. We are receiving new information about our new direction. We are sorting through absolutely everything as many old patterns, old dreams, old aspirations, old ways of doing things, old friends, old security and old fears are released from our personal matrixes. The call to move to our New Lives becomes continually stronger.

During the second half of July, it felt as if a heavy blanket was placed over us. We entered a phase of the doldrums and felt like becalmed ships waiting for those huge gusts of wind that would move us decisively forward. (The doldrums is an area near the Equator where there is often no wind. Ships can get stuck there for months or even years.) Although we knew it wasn't true, it often felt as if nothing was happening in our lives. Our decisive forward movement appeared to stop. We sometimes feel empty, alone and disconnected. Our vision appears to be clouded. Yet all of this is only an illusion, for far more is taking place than we can possibly imagine.

The doldrums serve us much like scaffolding covers a building when it is being thoroughly reconstructed. They slow us down from making hasty actions or unwise decisions. They keep us from getting distracted with unnecessary activities. Although the heavy blanket on top of us can feel uncomfortably thick and stifling, it actually protects us. It enables us to see what layers need to come off next. Just like a scab that covers a wound while it heals, the doldrums protect us while we are being totally cleared out, realigned, recalibrated and reconnected. They give us the space to adjust to our new map. As we enter August, the state of the doldrums persists, but it is beginning to lighten.

We've been combing through Past, Present and Future to find anything that can no longer travel with us. As we do, a very huge circle completes itself. Many elements rotate into their new positions. The carpet of Past, Present and Future rolls up into the expanded NOW. All of the Past, Present and Future are simultaneously playing themselves out right now in the present moment. This enables us to step closer into the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

The closer we come to the centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, the deeper the clearing. It has become so obvious that we must finish the old before we can begin the New. And this is exactly what is happening. We are traveling through a massive transition zone from the old and expired to the New and True. We are walking between worlds, leaving the old world behind and steadily entering the new world that is being born.

This shift of worlds can often feel disconcerting and awkward. We can't do things in the old ways and we are still discovering the new. Because of the intricate meshing process that is taking place as we fully move onto the New Map, numerous small glitches are occurring. This is happening because of the disconnection - reconnection process that we are experiencing.

At times we can become discouraged at our seeming lack of progress, but in our heart of hearts we know that everything is happening in perfect timing. Our ongoing transformation is so deeply thorough that we can't avoid any step of it. Even when lots of unresolved issues come up, many from within us. We just have to continue on, step by step, and clear anything that reveals itself. Sometimes we have to go right into the darkest pockets of old energy with the shining light of PURE HEART LOVE and watch the darkness dissolve into the ONE.

Now that the White Dragon has been born, it is sending out its breath of fire, scouring our internal and external landscapes, burning away the old. At times, we might feel as if we have been thrown into a huge bonfire of white flames that is burning away all the dross and searing us to our very core. Layers upon layers are coming off of us. And nothing is left untouched. Old doors are closing and new doors are opening. We are being prepared for something HUGE. And in order to fully inhabit this new reality, it requires that we become totally new.

All the while, we are coming closer to the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.



Our main priority at this time is to align ourselves in the absolute center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This could be perceived as the center of a large X. Once we are aligned in the absolute center, a massive activation takes place and we become the entire X. This is the centerpoint that we have to reach before we can make decisive forward movement into our New Lives.

I see this not only as an energetic alignment, but also as a mechanical one. It requires a precise docking procedure that is taking place on an extremely vast and intricate scale. There are numerous components that have to move into their correct positions before we can fully align with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Some of these components don't become visible until we clear out our personal matrix by neutralizing the remaining residue of our past. Some components enter our lives whenever we make new connections with kindred people and places. Other needed components will arrive the more we strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE.

There are also some elements that need to be removed before the alignment can take place. Many of the understandings and assumptions that we acquired on the old map are no longer true. They are now backwards, so we need to flip them over. This is one of the reasons why we are all so diligently combing through our beings, sifting through and questioning everything, looking at absolutely everything with fresh eyes.

RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE is the Major Intersection between the old map and the new map. It is the point of transfer between our old landscape and our new landscape. Once we arrive there, we will leave the old map behind and be able to fully function in the new landscape on the new map. This is why this process is so thorough and is taking much of our effort.

If we try to force our way ahead without first making this essential alignment, the right set of conditions won't be in position when we move forward and all our efforts won't take us to our desired destination -- the place of the fulfillment of Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

If we first align ourselves with Right Time - Right Place, all the needed elements will be in position for us. Our intentions must be totally clear and our timing impeccable. Only then, will the doorways to fulfillment and success be open before us. We shall move almost effortlessly into our new landscapes.

During August, many of us are going to reach the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. That's when things are going to kick into high gear and we're going to zoom forward. An entirely new level of the Ultra Greater Reality is being revealed. Our new landscape is going to become stronger and stronger, showing itself right on top of the old one, until the old one entirely fades away.



August is a brilliant month full of changes, new energy, Quantum Surf and new beginnings. As the month progresses, the Quantum Surf will grow stronger, which will quicken the pace. Many elements that we weren't able to complete in July will be resolved in August. The sooner that this is achieved, the sooner the New will start pouring in.

We are discovering that we have the energy to bring old matters to resolution; we can do this as long as it is for the purpose of completion. What is most difficult to do are the old tasks that have energetically expired for us. They sit in front of us like heavy weights. When we try to approach these tasks, it feels like they have a wall around them that keeps us out. This is because these tasks don't belong to us anymore, yet here they are, and there is no one else to do them. It's quite a dilemma and not easy to force ourselves to get them done, but we still have to deal with them.

We will be extremely busy this month with mountains to accomplish, yet since we feel energized, all will happen relatively smoothly. Some of our activities will be for the purpose of completing the old, and some of them will be preparing the foundations for the New. During August we will finish much of our stripping away of all that is untrue.

Throughout the month we will be receiving many previews of what is to come. These clues to our New Lives arrive on a fresh breeze. We need to be ultra alert so that we don't miss them. There are also some excellent, unexpected opportunities coming our way. Again, let's stay alert so we don't miss them.


Since we enter August still sorting things out in order to discern what is true and what is untrue, it's a good time to look at the decisions that we make in our lives out of default. Default decisions happen when we fail to make a positive action and instead let our decisions fall back into old pre-set patterns. These pre-set patterns were created in duality; they were not created by us. And they are not aligned with the Ultra Greater Reality. When we make decisions by falling back into a position of passive default, we give in to our fears and abdicate our ability to make clear, conscious choices in order to create our own destiny.

If we carefully scan our lives, we will see that we've made a lot of our major life decisions by default. We took jobs that we disliked out of default. We settled ourselves into unfulfilling relationships out of default. We chose the places where we lived by default. We did this because it was what other people wanted us to do, or what we felt that we were "supposed" to do. Or because we felt that it was the only job or relationship that we could get. Sometimes, we took the safe, known path that wouldn't cause too many waves because we were afraid of leaping into the Unknown. Often, we fell back into default decisions simply because we wanted to avoid taking responsibility for making an important decision, since we were afraid of failure. Now it's time to shake ourselves forever free from default decisions and get ultra clear about what we REALLY want and take the clear, conscious steps to make that happen.


Since returning home from the 8th Gate Activation, I have found it difficult to visualize the full extent of the profound inner changes that I've experienced. There have simply been no words to express what I feel or who I am. So I started drawing mandalas with gel pens and magic markers. Each time that I make a mandala, I create a map of who and where I am. This is incredibly helpful. It allows me to express the inexpressible. I feel that I am forging a pathway for my True Being to fully emerge into my new landscape by making mandalas.

For any of you who feel the same way, I wholeheartedly encourage you to express your creativity through mandalas. Anyone can make them; you don't need to be an "artist". Each time that I make a mandala, I have a specific focus such as "Finding the place of my New Life" or "Reaching the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE". After we have the focus, then we need to let go of any preconceived ideas of what we are going to create. Use your intuition rather than your mind. Let the mandala reveal itself while we are making it. Each mandala is like an insertion point that contains important information about our present state. Just like the rings of the tree that can be read to see its entire history, we can also read our mandalas and see the map of who and where we are now.


We are already starting to move into the energetic field of One Being in Action which is the keynote of the 9th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway. This Activation will occur in the first half of 2010. This means that it's no longer the appropriate time to be alone and separate. Continuing with this path will just bring us pain and loneliness. Instead, we need to open ourselves up and unite with others so we can work together as One for a common cause.

This is one of the reasons why so many of us are strongly compelled to find our true people as soon as possible. And it is why some of us are called to create new communities anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality where we can live and work together. Some of us, myself included, tried to form communities in the past and swore that we would never do it again. And yet, everything is on such a different level now that we are called to do it again. We know that this time they will succeed. These will be the true Islands of Light and they will form all over the planet within the few years.

Already, we are meeting some of our kindred people. Many of us are being called to move to a new location which is often far across the world. A great migration is going to start happening soon and it will continue throughout this year and on into 2010 as we align ourselves with our right locations.

In order for us to move into the new level of One Being in Action, we need to greatly expand our perceptions so we become aware of the much vaster scale upon which this everything exists. Aligning with this vaster scale was not possible until we moved onto the new map.

One of the main prerequisites is Mastering Service. To do this, we need to expand ourselves into our entire One Being so that we can feel and see what our One Being needs. Mastering Service is doing what is needed, when it is needed, not when it is convenient or if we feel like it. Once we Master Service, we will feel truly empowered.

One Being in Action is just in its beginning stages right now and we still have quite a way to go to fully realize it. It exists on a very clean energetic level -- the realm of Pure Action. It's foundation is PURE HEART LOVE. In order to get there, we all need to become Jewels in the Crown. We must all step in and share the responsibility with our full beings. Once we do, the sleeping giant of our One Being will finally awaken. And there will be nothing that we cannot do!

It's essential that we continue to ride the waves of PURE HEART LOVE, for they will lead us into the truest direction. If we constantly strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE, it will override anything else.

Ever since August began, it has felt as if we are at the beginning of a mega roller coaster ride, going up that long, steep hill.... slowly.... slowly.... slowly. At any moment now, we will reach the top of that first hill and a very wild ride will begin that will absolutely catapult us into our new landscape.

There is a huge feeling of expectancy that affects everything. It feels like something new, wondrous and totally unexpected is just around the corner. We can't quite see it, but it is strongly felt. What is ahead of us in August is painted in such brilliant colors that it makes everything tingle with expectation. We feel that it could be here any second. This is why I've been waiting to finish this Surf Report; I've been hoping to get a good glimpse of what is ahead of us so I could write about it. But I'm not quite there yet....

We continue on each day, step by step, doing whatever is in front of us. Each step takes us closer to the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Many of us are almost there. It is so tantalizingly close.

And when we reach this Major Intersection, what waits for us in August will come bursting in. We will leap into action with enthusiasm and joy. And nothing will ever be the same.




Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience and understanding is always deeply appreciated.

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