No Down - No Return

Updated December 2, 2004


As soon as we entered December there has been a noticeable change in the Surf....

The Tempests of Change have definitely been storming through our lives.....
What's interesting is that although these powerful tempests have affected all aspects of our inner and outer worlds, the raging storms have had a calmness to them. We rode through them centered in the eye of the storm. It actually felt good to have change swirling all about us!

We have finally learned to surrender and trust the Winds of Change to rearrange and realign everything into a truer positioning. We are no longer clinging tenaciously to the past and trying to keep things as they used to be. Many of us are welcoming and embracing the changes and even calling for more.

Many doors are closing and even more new ones are opening. It's important for us to allow the old doors to close and focus our attention more on the new ones which are opening. We don't need to lament the passing away of our old patterning; we can let it effortlessly slip away and gracefully be erased. And we can walk straight towards the open doors right in front of us with our full beings, unencumbered by the baggage of the past.

November's Surf was predominately deep and calm. We got much done, but in a way of such organic depth that it was almost like not doing anything. The planes were lined up on the runway waiting to take off.... And many of them have now started to fly.

We are still moving through a deep transitional state -- somewhere between our old lives and old ways of doing things and the full physical manifestation of our recently acquired vastly deeper level of awareness. In this Zone of Transition everything feels somewhat surreal and dreamlike. This enables us to do what needs to be done efficiently and cleanly, with a minimum of fuss or hindrance.

The Surf is going through alternating phases of being smooth and then turning choppy. When it's smooth, all things are flowing and there's a sense of serenity and a feeling that everything is possible.

Suddenly, the Surf will suddenly turn choppy and any unresolved emotional residue will burst onto the surface. When this happens, our serenity is shattered. Feelings of sadness or anger quickly magnify and overwhelm us. Our outer circumstances feel covered with a veneer of hopelessness. Just when we start getting used to this, the Surf changes, and serenity and trust returns.

This is all part of our repatterning process. There are many pockets and folds within our beings which are shifting. Many of them haven't moved or opened for a long time. As they do, long closeted or unresolved emotions will rise to the surface. Another layer is being peeled off. As the Surf becomes calm again, we emerge truer than before.

It's also a time of deep reflection. Every facet of our being has been touched and altered. We need to re-examine everything and refocus on what is truly important.

What has changed so dramatically since the beginning of December is that now the air is full of myriad new ideas, creative projects, things to do, things to complete, things to recalibrate, things to begin......and more. It's like a sky full of airplanes all waiting for permission from the tower to land. They are circling around and around us.

The only problem is that they can't all land at once. There is only so much space on the existing runways of our lives. Of course, the construction of several new runways has already begun.... And as these new runways are made ready, our beings will further expand and we will become yet more multi-dimensional in our capabilities. We will be able to easily achieve what was previously impossible or inconceivable.

Another interesting aspect to the multiple airplanes circling us at this time is that we have very little control over which ones land first. We may try our best to focus and refocus our priorities to get them in the truest order possible (which means that we are constantly shuffling and reshuffling our priorities.). In spite of our greatest efforts to bring some sort of stability and control to the situation, the order keeps unexpectedly changing.

New planes are constantly appearing while older planes which used to seem huge have suddenly so shrunk in size that they are barely noticeable. We try to focus on an airplane which we know is really important, then suddenly it disappears into the crowded sky. Which one was it? Where did it go? Why do all the planes suddenly all look the same?

We begin our days with a list of worthy and needed things to do, set our focused intent in a certain direction, and then...... that's when the unexpected starts pouring in. It just inserts itself into our present moment and takes over. A totally new project or direction is revealed. Our TO DO List is set aside or totally forgotten as we rush out to the runway to greet the new airplane which has just landed.

It's not that we have the opportunity to think about all this or analyze our actions or make a plan. We just hastily clear the runway and make space for whatever airplanes are landing in that particular moment. WE DO WHAT'S NEEDED. What is directly in front of us....

Now this might well seem like total chaos, but surprisingly, it's not. There's a totally brilliant, off the map rightness to the seemingly random way that things are happening. It's definitely not the order that we would choose if we were still doing things in a logical, well thought out manner, but it's forcing us to do things in new ways.

Everything has become unpinned and out of our control. And yet, there's an inherent perfection to it all. Since we have become new beings, a massive reordering has taken place. And this is how it's manifesting in our lives. Absolutely everything is being touched and changed and reordered. All aspects of our lives are being affected by this.

The Greater Reality has never been stronger. It is all around us. It is now the very air we breathe. The composition of the energy which surrounds us has dramatically altered. The sky is a different color. The stars are in new positions. There is no question of settling back into the old patterns; most of them have already been dissolved. All we can do is to get used to the new air and live in it and accept that everything is now different. And yet with all these changes, there's a familiarity and comfort to our new everchanging environment. Its resonance vibrates in accord with the core of our beings.

We are now living in a state of Oneness in a world which appears on the outer surface to be still ruled by duality. Only it's not any more..... Increasingly, duality is revealing itself to be but a shadowy illusion. As we immerse ourselves even deeper into the Greater Reality, evermore of duality will dissolve. Until it has finally returned back to the realm of What Never Was.

We are also discovering that many of our past memories have been seared out of us. They exist only as very thin veneers, remembered like a dim dream which may or may not have happened. And even if they did, it doesn't really matter anymore. Much has been lifted from us. We have been immeasurably lightened and liberated. Most of our old disguises have disappeared. Our true selves have finally emerged.

Everything might feel surreal, but it's not. It's actually more real than anything we've known before. Our beings have greatly expanded which gives us the freedom to walk openly in what was previously Invisible. Our Love and Compassion have also expanded and yet we now feel that nothing matters. Not in the old way of not caring, but in the sense that everything is unfolding perfectly. The struggle is gone. There is a deep trust in our direction, although we may not yet know the details of where it is taking us.

During this immersion into the deeper Invisible, we are being called upon to heal, clear out and transform anything which can't travel onwards with us. For some, the focus is on clearing out any remnants of old emotional residue which has been stuffed inside. For others, the focus is on clearing out and recalibrating our physical surroundings and getting rid of any old clutter.

Whatever we are dealing with, the way to do it is to fully inhabit our new vaster beings and shift our perception to an infinitely vaster vantage point. From the new vantage point, all illusions disappear and our way forward is made clear.

The Green Lights are on. FULL ON.... The Green Lights haven't turned on so we can continue to do things in the old ways. We can no longer take small safe steps based on insecurity or fear. We can no longer embrace mediocrity or hold ourselves back from the fullest expression of our true beings. The Green Lights are on so we can go towards our truest heart's desires, so we can openly live our deepest truth, so we can Love and Be Loved.

December is a time to manifest our Greatness every moment, in everything we do. It is an exciting, impossibly busy month. By the end of the month, we will be totally amazed at how many airplanes have landed and how much things have changed.

And one thing we will know for sure is that there is NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We have passed the point of no return and can only go forward. The sleeping giant of our One Being has come alive. And now it is time for it to make its presence felt.

In the Heart of the One,



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