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In November we experienced a noticeable shift. This occurred when we reached the Pivot Point on November 11th or 11.11.11. Once the elusive trigger of the Pivot Point was activated, we experienced a huge surge of energy that set off a massive chain reaction that is causing things to move into their rightful position, one after the other. A series of tsunamis began crashing onto the shores of our lives. These tsunamis brought us a powerful infusion of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE that has vastly altered our beings. Many people are now feeling these energies for the first time. And more and more people are now embodying it. This strengthened resonance of PURE HEART LOVE is exactly what is most needed at this time.

After the Pivot Point was activated, many of us suddenly felt disconnected. It was as if all our internal wiring had been instantly ripped out of their sockets. All forward motion felt like it had been stopped and we experienced a strong sense of disconnection and emptiness. We discovered that in order to reconnect, we could no longer plug our internal wiring back into the old circuits, for they have been totally burned out. Instead, we needed to plug everything into totally new places. These new places were found by turning ourselves 180' and looking in the opposite direction from the one we had been facing. Once we did, everything started to move forward.

Throughout December, openings into the New and True are becoming increasingly larger and stronger. The pathway into our New Lives is opening up before us. This is happening because many of us have finally reached the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Once here, it is similar to being in the center of a Lotus and feeling the layers upon layers of petals opening up all around us. This is causing us to become more true beings than ever before.

When we entered December, some of us felt a little beaten up for having ridden the huge tsunamis of November, but we were also stronger and more tempered for the coming times. Our Mastery of Surfing has been put to the test and with the help of the larger surfboards of our vastly expanded awareness, we are successfully navigating the massive wavesthat are all around us.

As the waves keep getting increasingly larger, we don't get thrown off our surfboards as often as before. We stay balanced and firmly committed to be a True One. This is true even when we are temporarily knocked over. We remain on our surfboards and we keep paddling. Waves may slam into us with tremendous force, coming from multiple directions at once, but we keep on going. We have become much more resilient and flexible; our courage and perseverance have noticeably strengthened and our LOVE is ever expanding. As things are thrown at us, we simply do what is needed, when it is needed, without any drama....

During this time we need to keep our eyes wide open and remain on High Alert. Anything can happen at any time. Surprising connections of great importance are all around us and we don't want to miss them. Many veils have dissolved and numerous layers of the onion of our beings have been peeled off. We are now ready to meet our New Life with open hearts. Many of us feel more our true selves than ever before and we are new in a way that we have never before experienced.

Throughout December more tsunamis of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will come in, one after the other. These powerful tsunamis are also dredging up long hidden undercurrents of anything that is untrue. They are exposing anything that does not emanate integrity. As these elements rise to the surface, we must immediately XUA! them out of our matrix. We can no longer tolerate lack of integrity or anything that is false. It is simply unacceptable anymore, for we no longer live in the collapsing world of duality.

At times, the power of these tsunamis creates patches of extremely Choppy Surf. Whenever we are navigating through Choppy Surf, numerous small glitches can occur. Most of these are minor in nature, but they often affect communications, especially computers and the internet. Some situations may require repeated efforts to resolve. Such as ordering a needed part for something, waiting for the part to arrive, making the appointment for the needed repair, then discovering that the part was the wrong size and we need to start the whole process all over again. When these sort of things happen, it's important that we don't get impatient or frustrated. Just surf through it step by step. We also have to be ultra alert while traveling, especially in cars.

A totally new level is now here. The huge tsunamis of December are showing us the locations of any old energies that have to be released. They are revealing to us the problems that we still have to solve before we can fully move to this new level. This is particularly true for the people who haven chosen to stay in expired situations. Despite all their efforts to hold onto the known and familiar, their old world is collapsing around them and they are discovering that they can't grab anything that they held onto before.

Since I have joined Facebook, I am seeing that there are still lots of good people who are spiritually dabbling in this or that. They are trying out one teaching, then jumping to another and another; yet this is getting them nowhere. By mixing so many different levels of energy, it keeps their energy murky and unclear. This is like mixing together random cans of paint until all it makes is a meaningless mixture of an ugly brown. All the vibrancy of the colors that are True and Real are being diluted by vast quantities of the untrue.

This lack of discernment keeps many of us imprisoned in illusion even when Trueness is all around us. We simply cannot keep mixing the energies of duality and Oneness, trying to combine the spiritual energies of the dying world of duality with those of the new world of Oneness that is being born and expect to get to a clear, true place. It's like trying to travel in several different directions all at once; all it does is keep us in a state of standstill.

The time for dabbling in mixed energies is over. We no longer need to learn more spiritual practices or base our beliefs on second hand knowledge. This disperses the energy. If we are like laser beams in our focus, we can concentrate all the diffused energy and cut through all illusion.

It's actually very simple. All we really need to do is live in the Ultra Greater Reality in the HERE and NOW and embody PURE HEART TRUE LOVE. And everything will Click into Position....



Right now, a massive, unprecedented, quickening of our One Being is taking place. Our One Being is not only becoming stronger; it is totally reconfiguring. A concentrated nucleus is forming. Once this core nucleus of True Ones is in position, we will be ready to activate the new level of ONE BEING IN ACTION which is the keynote of the Ninth Gate of the 11:11.

This reconfiguration is similar to what happens in a lake when the seasons change. When a lake has been frozen over begins to melt, the ice on the surface melts and goes to the bottom, while the warmer water on the bottom rises to the top. Right now, the True Ones are emerging and are being drawn together.

While previously, much of the responsibility was carried by those of the First Wave; now it will be shared by young and old, First and Second Waves working together as ONE. Our concentrated One Being will be composed of people we have known in our distant past, immediate past, present moment and of the future.

What makes this possible is the massive activation that is now taking place of the Second Wave. Their Sealed Orders are bursting open as never before. They have been waiting for this for a long time. However, this is when they will be presented with a real challenge. An important component of their Sealed Orders has to do with the taking on of Responsibility. When they realize this, some of them will find their enthusiasm suddenly deflated. Will the Second Wave be willing to take on the sceptres of Responsibility that are being presented to them? Or will they just ignore them by pretending that they aren't there? I personally feel that many Second Waves will rise to the challenge brilliantly. And I have many sceptres that I am ready to pass on.



As the world of duality increasingly collapses, lots of people are being hit by economic hardships that are knocking them far beyond their comfort zones. It has become obvious that things are no longer working in the old linear mode that they were before. The old solutions simply don't work anymore. The only way to successfully navigate through the challenges of this transitional time is to move onto a totally New Map and inhabit a New Landscape. This is the world of the Ultra Greater Reality. This is where we find our much needed "out of the box" solutions to old problems.

Fresh, new approaches are the ones that will take us to where we most want to go. To find these new solutions and new approaches, we must become True Ones. This is another good reason why we don't want to cling to old spiritual practices or to any concepts that are duality-based. They will only hold us back. We also have to be careful that we aren't influenced by fear and lack. If we align ourselves with the frequency band of the Ultra Greater Reality, we can travel on our New Map where there is no fear or lack. On the New Map, there is a constant alignment with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

When we travel on the New Map, we take WHO WE ARE NOW to the old places and old situations from our past. By doing this, we can change the patterning of the ripples and waves that were sent out from the past which affected us in this lifetime. We can neutralize the ripples and waves and we can repattern the past in new ways that are without any karmic residue. This creates a true, in depth, Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right on a core nucleus level. We can actually alter the past and remove all karmic and emotional residue that were embedded there. For me, returning to Cuzco, Peru last week as a True One showed me how free I am of the old hurts of the past. They have completely disappeared and I am free as never before. My past is woven into me as threads of my being, as part of the wholeness of WHO I AM NOW, but it without emotional and karmic residue.

For those of us who are already on the New Map, we may have experiences of losing things that we like. For me, jewelry that I'm wearing is constantly falling off of me and getting lost. And these aren't expired things of the past; they are new things that I really liked. We are also forgetting memories, names of people, what happened last month. This isn't due to aging or senility, but to our shift from the old map to the new one. All sorts of things are flying off of us, just like they do when we pass through a black hole.

Our beings have become so vastly expanded that sometimes we feel that we are doing micro surgery just to put our minds into a narrow, concentrated focus. This is one of the reasons why we have to continually heighten our sense of alertness.

When we become True Ones, signposts on the New Map that were written in invisible ink become visible. Our path ahead becomes constantly clearer. Our footsteps become more confidant. We have a new sureness of purpose that we haven't experienced before. It is like traveling through a labyrinth where all its dead-end roads have been suddenly closed off so we can't make wrong choices or go in the wrong directions. If we are True, we cannot take a wrong path. And our Sealed Orders are constantly opening as we travel on the New Map.



December requires that we put our full effort into what is truly important to us. It will take considerable effort on our part to set things into motion, but once things start moving, they will take less effort and start moving on their own momentum. This is why I dropped everything and went to South America right now. I didn't have the money to travel and it wasn't a convenient time, but I had to set things into motion for my New Life.

We have completed the time of making preparations; now we need to take action. This is true even when we can't see the results of our actions. The results are there, whether we can see them or not, and our actions are necessary.

By putting out the effort to create our forward moving momentum, we will be able to experience a massive Clicking into Position. To get to that place is similar to when we were children and played jump-rope. We stood next to the rope, aligning ourselves with its rhythms until we became One with it. And then we leapt with our full being into the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and we were in!

Once everything starts Clicking into Position, we will be moving smoothly through a series of shining Green Lights. There will be numerous unexpected new connections with people, places. One True Loves, events, opportunities, experiences and new information. Some of them will come from the realm of Beyond our Wildest Dreams and be totally brilliant. They will make us deeply happy and very grateful.

All month long, there is a massive surge of creativity that is clearing the path into our New Lives. Many of us are discovering new avenues of creativity that are extremely fulfilling.

In December, as more of us step into our mastery, we will be less tossed about on the tsunamis. The waves will be massive, but we will be experiencing an exhilarating ride into our New Lives. The logjam of obstacles that have held us back for a very long time is finally being set free; the blockages that were holding us back are removed and everything moves forward.

December is a time of reward for those of us who have held True and not compromised.

There is a new element present this month that wasn't here before, a new component to the air we breathe, a New Lightness and a greater infusion of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE. This will bring us a sense of comfort, ease and sureness of purpose that we haven't felt in a long time.

All the while, the White Dragon is flying low over the Earth, scratching away the mesh of duality with its talons....



I am traveling in South America during the first half of December. Since this is a quick, very intense trip with much to accomplish and uncertain internet connections, I will do my best to get the December Surf Updates to you on time, but they may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

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