February 2004
"We're Not In Kansas Anymore!"

Updated February 1, 2004


"This sure doesn't look like Kansas.".... Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

The Surging Surf continues to grow in intensity. The surges began to dramatically increase at the time of the New Moon / Chinese New Year on January 22nd. As we moved into the powerful year of the Green Wood Monkey, the energies noticeably accelerated. Many of us were immediately swept away by the surging currents of change.And this is just the beginning...

Now what's interesting is that while many people are being greatly affected by this, others are trying to continue on as normal. This totally astounds me because this brilliant year of 2004 is not a common occurrence. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, although just because it hasn't happened in the past, doesn't mean that it can't happen again. We shall see....

But right now, we've been deposited in this BRILLIANT YEAR, this leap year full of Mega Quantum Leaps, this year of achieving miracles, of fulfilling our most precious personal desires and of fulfilling the call of our destiny. And some of us are treating it as if it's any old year. It really isn't...

Great Times require Greatness of Action and Greatness of Being. "We're really not in Kansas anymore!" It's not "business as usual". It's time to take hold of our true beings and step into our Greatness, daring to manifest what we really want and really believe.

Our new levels are right in front of us. Beckoning.... Shimmering.... Everything is possible.Even those things which haven't been possible before and may not be possible next year or ever again. They're possible right now.

Yes, it's going to take a lot of effort, massive effort actually, but it's not only possible; it will be relatively easy. If we give it all we've got-- time, energy, focus, courage, love, dedication, trust, integrity, honesty --100% or more, we'll be absolutely amazed at what we can accomplish. We've waited a long time for a year like 2004 and we don't know when we'll get one again. So as the old saying goes, "Get ready to make hay while the sun shines."

In 2004 we need to dare to dream BIG. To courageously go after what we REALLY want. And to be constantly open to the unexpected! This is the year to show off our most virtuoso surfing abilities.

We've certainly been through enough challenging times during the past several years to develop our skills. We've gone through the fires of initiation, been spun around through whirlpools, had our old dreams extinguished and tramped on, been ripped apart from so much that we loved and held sacred, cleared out reservoirs of old emotional residue. We've spent years cleaning out the musty, dusty corners of our old foundations and then arduously moved the heavy stones into their new placements. We've been recalibrated, realigned and repositioned on level after level.

That's great preparation. Priceless experiences and training. We've got the surfing skills; all we have to do is start demonstrating them by leaping into the BIG WAVES. And February has some really BIG ones for us to surf.

But if you are one of us who is temporarily stuck in the mud and sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich, desperately trying to ignore the magnificence of this year and pretend that things are "normal", you need to open your eyes and realize that YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO MISS THE OPPORTUNITES OF THIS YEAR.

It's absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to pull yourself out of the sludge of old habits and limited dreams, away from controlling fears or feelings of unworthiness. We are all worthy! You are worthy! Don't be afraid of finally having what you most want and need. Go for it on the highest, deepest level possible. We all deserve the quantum breakthroughs inherent in this year.

Before it all gets too fast and out of control, we better go deep inside ourselves and make sure that we've set our inner control panels to the highest, most true settings. It's time to locate and clear out any lingering pockets of resistance. NOW. In 2004 we are only limited or hindered by the limits we've placed on our own selves.

Once you get into the Surging Surf, you'll be so happy you did. 2004 is really a "Make or Break" Year. An amazing express train going into the Greater Reality is pulling out of the station. Do you really want to miss it?

This Greater Reality Express will lead us into the new level of our Greatness. Greatness isn't just excelling at something. It always calls for going beyond ourselves.We need to look at everything we do, everything we think or feel, and see its impact on our One Being.

It's time to nourish and support those we care for, those we respect and honor and those who are serving the planet with honesty and integrity. This is the Dynamic of Mutual Support. We can't be selfish anymore and we can't only focus on our own desires and lives. It's time to be conscious of whether we are only looking out for ourselves or are we serving our One Being. Are we aware of the effect of the ripples we constantly send forth?

We need to be alert to the ebb and flow of our One Being. Monitoring the condition and patternings of the interweaving of our tapestry of Oneness and the vitality of our One Being. Once we do this, then it's time to leap into service mode and serve wherever we're most needed.

Another brilliant aspect of this year is that those who are serving most consciously, especially those ancient, tried and true, planetary servers who've been doing it with integrity for aeons, are the ones who are going to experience the biggest breakthroughs. It's about time.

Throughout February and beyond, an endless series of Green Lights will be turning on. Although this is a most welcome change, it's important to remember that we don't have to go through all the Green Lights presented to us. There are many different levels of Green Lights. We can achieve much this year, but we can't do everything. This is why it's important to be discerning which Green Lights we want to enter. It's a huge trap to keep ourselves so busy and ignore the things which matter most to us.

We need to constantly listen to our hearts and only go forward when it feels unquestionably right. Choose the ones you really want, the ones which most resonate with you; most importantly, the ones which bring a big smile.

Of course, there are those moments, and many more are coming, when the Surging Surf simply sweeps us away. We think that we are headed in one direction and suddenly find ourselves going in a totally different one. Like those days when we wake up with a plan of action, only to find ourselves doing something absolutely unexpected. This is going to happen a lot this year, so we might as well get used to it, for it happens for our benefit.

Another interesting aspect of our Green Lights is that some of them seem to have built-in delays. Here's the scenario: The light flashes GREEN!! Hooray! We speed ahead through the open intersection and suddenly run into knots of road construction or a stretch of bad weather. Sometimes we are there for hours or days; other times, we never get to our supposed destination, but instead are sent off on a detour which actually turns out to be a brilliant rerouting opportunity.

The best way to try to describe what is happening is to use the analogy of relay stations. For example: When we send an email on the internet, it doesn't go directly from our house to the computer of the person we're sending it to. Instead, it goes through a system of relays. Some of these relays are not even in the direct path between Here and There. Sometimes email gets bogged down and stuck in these relay stations. Sometimes, it even takes weeks to arrive. And once in awhile, it doesn't arrive at all.

This is very true to our passage through some of the Green Lights of this year. Just because it's taking us a while to reach our destination, doesn't mean that our destination isn't true or that we won't arrive there. Remember: the power is in the journey.

We can also see it as a passage through a labyrinth in which we often head in directions that appear to be taking us away from our chosen goal, yet each step in our journey is giving us exactly what we need to be able to make it to the final destination as a wiser, vaster being. Of course, sometimes, if we run into those wild, rogue waves of the Unexpected, we don't make it there at all. Instead, we go to a greater, truer destination that's even more perfect for us.

In January, much of our emphasis was on resolving and reorganizing. We have been bringing order into our lives on levels we didn't even know existed. We've been combing through many of the forgotten corners and working on making things right. This reorganization process will continue in February and beyond until it is done. However, it's highly recommended to get it done as quickly as possible, which takes focused intent.

This is because if we're going to Quantum Leap this year, the ground we leap from has to be clear. It's our starting point and we must pay particular attention to the beginnings of all endeavors. They are crucial as they set the resonance and determine the parameters of the distance we can leap. If the beginning isn't clear, honest and true, then the foundation won't be solid. We can't build stone houses on straw foundations.

The pockets and folds in space are shifting again. Creating distance between elements that were close and bringing together elements which have long been distant. This has a particularly strong effect on relationships. As some go out of our lives, others from our distant pasts are reentering. Some whom we haven't encountered for lifetimes may also be making their appearance. Whenever this happens, we need to take a look at the level of integrity present, before we get involved deeper.

Many of us will reunite with members of our core soul families as we continue to move into our new positionings. This is particularly true of the Family of AN. We are going to reconnect with those with whom we share a deep synchronicity of purpose. Master Servers will start working openly together, rather than being sequestered in their self-imposed hermitages of isolation.

In February, we are going to be impossibly busy. We feel a sense of urgency to complete our reorganization process. At the same time, elements of the New are going to come bursting into our lives when we least expect it. We're going to be courageously leaping from wave to wave, capsizing surprisingly few times.

There will be moments (or days) when our body experiences wild power surges, with jolts of electro-magnetic energy coursing through us in ever increasing amounts. Sleep may be greatly diminished. We might run around wildly with a deep sense of urgency like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland muttering, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date." Feeling shocked and stressed at how much activity we are doing each day, yet not wanting to stop. There is so much to do! And it feels as if we have entered hyper speed.

When our nervous system hits overload, then it's time to stop all activities for awhile, immerse ourself in water or do something physical like walking, exercising, gardening, cleaning house, cooking-- anything that's nice and simple and helps us get grounded.

Another element of being in hyper speed, surfing those Big Waves, is the effect that it has on the ones we know who are still clinging to their old habits and old lives. They're not going to like being around us since our acceleration tends to bring up their old resistances and issues. It's not that we're trying to make trouble; heck, we're only trying to get as much done as possible and zoom through those Green Lights. But whether we like it or not, we're going to experience some negative reactions, including misunderstandings, judgments and estrangements from some of those around us who haven't yet jumped into the Big Surf. We'll find that it's much easier to hang out with our fellow Surfers in the Big Waves.

Another indication of the power of this year is that there will be TWO 11:11 Gate Activations this year. This has never happened before, yet feels so right. The 6th Gate Activation will take place in Ireland in late May. The keynote of 6th Gate is One Earth / One Being. It's about consciously choosing to step into our One Being, and then, once activated, our One Being consciously choosing to step into the Earth. It's absolutely perfect for this time.

The 7th Gate Activation is the real surprise. It will take place in Rajasthan, India at the end of October. The keynote has to do with the Diamond of the Unseen. I'll know more after the 6th Gate is activated.

Having the two 11:11 Gate Activations this year will give us an unimaginable boost. And being a clever genius Monkey year, the same as the original Activation of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992, is not simply a coincidence. Great Times call forth Great Actions and Greatness of Being. Please consider participating in one or both of the Master Cylinders or as an 11:11 Anchor. It will be an unforgettable, life changing experience.

Already the Greater Reality is streaming into the physical like never before. Some of us are experiencing vortexes opening right before our eyes or moments when the Greater Reality is made visible. (I'll write more about this in my upcoming new Personal Update.)

"So Much To Do, So Little Time" could be our motto right now. The first half of February, we will still be focusing on resolving old issues and situations and reorganizing our foundations. During the second half of the month, the Surging Surf is going to become even bigger and wilder. Powerful waves are going to sweep the New into our lives. Strong currents are going to propel us into amazing new directions.

It's good that February has an extra day this year. We shall need it...



The Year 2004 Surf Report: Green Lights To Greatness

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