Solara's February 2009 Surf Report

Into the Green


THE YEAR 2009 SURF REPORT: The Emergence of the True Ones
The 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Part 2




Throughout January, we were positioned right in the middle of two extremely powerful Outgoing and Incoming tides. The difference between these tides has never been more obvious. When the outgoing energies of duality are at their strongest, we feel drained and depressed. So very much is dying away that we sometimes feel that we, ourselves, are dying. This is because expired parts of us are dying away and many duality-based elements are leaving our personal matrixes. When the Incoming tide of Oneness is emphasized, we become full of hope, enthusiasm and love. We step forward with mastery as the Green Lights turn on, illuminating a clear pathway ahead.

Each time that we are affected by the continual collapsing of duality, old wounds that have been long been buried deep within us rise to the surface and are finally released. Any areas within us that keep us separate are greatly magnified so they can be transformed. And every time this happens, we become infinitely clearer, freer and more true.

No matter where we are or what we are doing, we are constantly being affected by these two very different worlds -- the duality world that's dying away and the new world that's being born. Sometimes this makes us feel as if we are being pulled into two different directions. Being split into two isn't a comfortable sensation. It doesn't give us any peace of mind and it doesn't allow us to take decisive steps forward.

This is why we need to decide right now, if we haven't already, whether we are going to fully live in duality or in the Ultra Greater Reality. We need to decide what to nourish -- the old and expired or the New and True. This might sound like an obvious decision, but if we look at where we put our energy on a minute to minute basis, we may be surprised at what we find. If we scan our daily activities, if we scan the ways that we respond to the situations in front of us, we might discover that we are still carrying quite a bit of duality-based reactions and judgment within us.

February is going to take us INTO THE GREEN, into the realm of Green Lights and unhindered forward movement. But first, we must rid ourselves of all the elements within us that still feed the illusion of duality and separation. The way to do this is to vastly expand our beings, to live on a daily basis in the Ultra Greater Reality, and to make our firm commitment to live in the New and True. Once we do this, the breakthroughs will come, one after the other.

Another vitally important component of this time is the infusion of the new frequency of PURE HEART LOVE. This is strengthening daily. It is the purest, clearest, most true essence of LOVE that we have ever experienced. It transforms everything it touches. Just the mere fact that PURE HEART LOVE is now coming into the planet is a very positive sign; it shows us that the fruits of our long efforts are finally becoming visible. And that we as True Ones are finally emerging.

Once you feel PURE HEART LOVE, it is easy to recognize, for it is unlike any other kind of LOVE that we have ever known. When we open ourselves to it, we experience surges of fresh energy and are embraced by the most powerful Pure True Love we have ever felt. We know that everything will be all right. We know that we will be taken care of and that we are always safe.

When you get your first taste of PURE HEART LOVE, try to hold that pure drop in your outstretched hands. Nurture it and watch it expand until you are holding a sphere of PURE HEART LOVE in your hands. Now carry it with you wherever you go!



There are so many things happening right now on so many levels that I thought it might be helpful to make a list.

We are experiencing the collapse of everything that is duality-based.

We are getting strong glimmers of the New. The clouds are parting to show us the radiant Sun that has always been there, waiting for us to see it.

We are getting slammed by our Perfect Storms. They are all around us and absolutely cannot be avoided.

Everything within us that is duality-based is becoming greatly magnified until we can no longer pretend that it's not there.

We are finally turning our attention to many things that previously fell through the cracks or were shoved aside and have been long neglected.

We are bringing to completion many long standing projects. Some of these resolutions are happening with surprising ease.

We have way too many things to do. Tasks and activities are coming at us from myriad directions, all demanding our immediate attention.

We are building our new foundations. Part of this requires sifting through everything, letting go of elements that are no longer needed, followed by a thorough reorganization of whatever remains. This is happening in both our internal and external worlds.

Ripe fruits of unexpected blessings are dropping right at our feet. There is both synchronicity and serendipity.

We are experiencing insertion points of our One True Love. They suddenly reach through time and space, giving us glimpses that they are here waiting for us.

We are being powerfully pulled into Far Distant Worlds. This often happens in the afternoon and brings all activity to a sudden halt.

Some of us are getting sick, especially with the flu. This is happening so we can get pulled out of the world of duality and have some time to realign our beings.

Something totally new and exquisite is emerging within us. It is very tender like a delicate new flower, in need of gentleness until it becomes stronger and more familiar. This is our new True Self.

As our True Self emerges, we are becoming more willing to carry our shared responsibility for the One.

Although many of the old grids are falling down, we are learning that if we expand our beings that we won't be pulled down with them.

Once we move into the Ultra Greater Reality, time and space actually expand, rather than collapse.

The resonance of PURE HEART LOVE is growing stronger every day.

Cracks and fissures are occurring in the egg of the Unborn Worlds. This signifies the impending birth of a new MUA.

We are emerging as True Ones.



Since the very beginning of the year, we have been getting slammed and flattened by our Perfect Storms, as never before. This is happening because we are now in the heightened center of our Perfect Storms and they can no longer be avoided. Tempers flair up quickly and tears do fall. There are many misunderstandings and miscommunications over trivial matters.

When we are standing in the full intensity of our Perfect Storm, it's almost impossible to bear. This is because Perfect Storms are the ultimate challenge; they are a rare alignment of a profusion of devastating elements that challenge us to our very core. Our Perfect Storm is all around us and there is nowhere to hide. The only thing we can do is go right through the eye of the storm and come out the other side.

We are actually blessed to be so barraged by our Perfect Storms. We keep getting slammed and knocked down; yet each barrage we experience brings us closer to the final mastery of our Perfect Storm. And if we courageously face the challenge that is right in front of us, soon we will be free.

When our Perfect Storm is most intense, we are flooded with painful feelings of separation, abandonment and betrayal. We have to allow ourselves to feel these emotions, even though they are extremely uncomfortable. We need to let the excruciating feelings of separation run through us until the storm blows itself out. Then, when the raging storm passes, we will discover that it has blown away many old emotions and old patterns. The sun suddenly reappears and we feel surprisingly lighter and cleaner. Our beings expand even more and it feels as if the raging tempest that we just passed through never existed!

The main key to surviving outbursts of our Perfect Storm is to bring in our new expanded self, rather than trying to survive it by inhabiting our old small, duality-based self.

The fact that our Perfect Storms have become so intense is a good indication that we are very close to our Breakthrough of all Breakthroughs. We are nearing the entry point into our New Lives. And in February many of us will finally move through our Perfect Storm and emerge onto our new level. INTO THE GREEN.



February is a very full month in which we will make noticeable progress. Often it will feel as if we were traversing a multi-dimensional maze. This is because nothing is happening in a linear manner anymore. To find our way through the maze, we need to align ourselves with the invisible currents. If we do this, we will accomplish much.

Throughout the month, there will be occasional convulsions of old energy that suddenly explode up to the surface. These cause numerous misunderstandings and misjudgments. When this happens, help and support is seen as criticism and attack. Whenever this occurs, we need to instantly expand our being, disable our defense mechanisms and strengthen our connection with PURE HEART LOVE.

Many things that have been in opposition, that have created a huge internal conflict within ourselves, will find their new level of resolution. We will finally see the new vista of how we can move through our old dilemmas. This includes finally letting go of jobs that we hate, releasing relationships that have run their course and cannot grow any further and letting go of old misunderstandings and misconceptions that have held us back. Once this happens, many things will click into position.

During this time, many of us feel that we are in a deep state of transition. It's not just that we're going to move to a new environment; the changes are far more profound than that. Everything within our inner being is in transition. Everything in our outer environment is in transition. This is why some of us can't find any clothes that feel right to wear from our entire wardrobe, or why we don't know what food we like to eat any more, or why our favorite music has suddenly become lifeless and uninspiring. We are no longer in our old lives and not yet in our new ones. We are no longer in our old selves and not yet fully inhabiting our new selves. We're in between. We're in the process of emerging and we don't yet know what our new being likes.

This month many of us will get to the far side of our Perfect Storms. We will begin our departure from the barren desert that we've been traveling through for a very long time. We will start to emerge into a lush new landscape full of promise, full of love and support. INTO THE GREEN. Everything will Flip Over!

Many unknown elements will pop into our lives in February. These "out of the blue" occurrences will enable us to leap forward. As we do, our One Being is going to expand and transform in ways it couldn't do before. This is because we are becoming True Ones. And since this is the Chinese Year of the Ox, many of us are learning how to take on huge responsibility and not be crushed by it.

Perhaps the best advice that I can share at this time is to LIVE EACH DAY AS IF IT WAS BOTH YOUR FIRST AND YOUR LAST.

If we live each day as our first day on Earth, we are not bound by old judgments, conditionings, experiences or preferences. We are wide open and willing to look at everything with totally fresh eyes.

And if we live each day as if it were our last day on Earth, we will be so grateful for every tiny act of kindness, each sweet song of a bird, every morsel of food we eat. We will freely express our love and gratitude to those whom we care for. We will treat each moment as the most sacred, tender moment, which is exactly what it really is.




The information on the momentous Second 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 is finally on this website. If you feel called to participate in either the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca or in an Anchor Group, please know that the Path of the 11:11 is a very strong and true one. Because it is so real and on such an accelerated level, it will require that all duality-based patterns be dissolved. This can be extremely challenging at times, but the rewards are great. The Master Cylinder experience is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to step forth in their full mastery as True Ones, you are greatly needed.


I apologize for the delay in getting this Surf Report finished, but I have been absolutely slammed by my Perfect Storm with way too many urgent things to do all at once. Now it has passed and I am re-emerging INTO THE GREEN.

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