Solara's January 2009 Surf Report

Tectonic Plates


THE YEAR 2009 SURF REPORT: The Emergence of the True Ones




2008 might have felt bumpy for many of us, but it was an absolutely brilliant transitional year. If we hadn't gone through the numerous challenges, refinements and reroutings of 2008, if duality hadn't continued on its final road leading to its total collapse, we would not have been ready for this Quantum Breakthrough Year of 2009.

At the very moment when 2009 arrived, a total shift of energy was felt. The air we breathe was suddenly infused with a new freshness caused by the introduction of brand new components to its formula. It felt as if we were breathing a highly enriched oxygen. And through the now open doorway of 2009 came waves upon waves of Pure Heart True Love that tenderly infused us. This filled us with excitement and joy.

Somehow, we had managed to traverse the rocky roads of 2008 and arrive at the shores of a new land. Now that we are here, one might hope for the chance to have a bit of respite in order to adjust to the new energies, but this definitely won't be happening. We will need to learn how to breathe the new oxygen while we are in the midst of great activity. Sometimes, this will leave us gasping for breath, but that's just how it is.

The fresh air that we feel at the beginning of January is a precursor of what is to come. At the same time this happened, the two reality systems of duality and Oneness experienced a noticeable unhooking. This is much like the rubbing against each other of two tectonic plates, each one moving in an opposite direction. When this occurred many of us experienced an energetic earthquake that devastated our landscape, causing a new layer of expired elements within our personal matrix to rise to the surface, ultra magnified, to be released.

This tectonic plate activity will continue all year as the roads of duality and Oneness continue to separate. This will give us two levels of experiences: The New being born and the old dying away. Every time that the tectonic plates make a major movement away from each other, we will feel utterly slammed and more layers will rise to the surface and be removed from our personal matrix. This deep internal cleansing enables us to fully emerge as the True Ones.

2009 holds vast potential for major lasting breakthroughs, for stepping free of the old patternings once and for all, and for fulfilling our Wildest Dreams. However, vast potential is absolutely meaningless unless it is brought into full manifestation on the physical. This is one of our greatest challenges in 2009, becoming Real and True. As I wrote in the Year 2009 Surf Report, we have the choice of traveling two different roads this year; the Road of Emergency or the Road of Emergence. What will determine the road we travel is where we position ourselves right now. It depends not only on our position, but on how much we have expanded the foundation upon which we stand. We really need to Live Large in 2009. If we stand firmly in the Ultra Greater Reality, all will be well.

Once we are standing as a True One, we need to constantly maintain this expanded position; we can't slip into and out of it. We can't place one of our feet on the crumbling road of duality, even for a second, or we will lose our balance. Getting ourselves into our right positions for 2009 should be one of our top priorities in January.

This month is going to be incredibly busy. It's going to stretch us in ways that we didn't even know that we could be stretched. At times, we will be utterly flattened by energetic earthquakes. So much is in the process of being born and so much is dying away and reconfiguring, that it's going to take our full efforts to do what we need to do. In order to be effective, we need to be ultra clear of all old patterns and residue. We must fully step into our true mastery and emerge as the True Ones.




Some of us had a rough entry into the New Year. Just when we were starting to bask in the fresh energies of 2009, we were slammed with setbacks that came out of nowhere. These Left Field Shocks absolutely flattened us when we least expected it. We were slammed with such force that it knocked out of our beings more long calcified elements that can no longer be there. These are the things that have long been hidden in the deepest strata of our beings.

These energetic earthquakes have tremendous force and crash into us like freight trains. They can hit us any time, without any warning. Sometimes, we may be knocked over by a whole series of them that come one after the other. After working very hard, we may be finally nearing our goal, when suddenly it hits and knocks everything away. It's like walking across what we think is the final bridge to our New Lives; we're almost there, and then suddenly the bridge collapses! I just experienced this personally. I signed a contract for the purchase of my house on December 30th and on January 1st, it unexpectedly fell through.

Whenever we are smashed and flattened, it becomes absolutely unbearable to deal with any expired elements. Walking the last steps of our final miles on the old road becomes intolerable. We can't take it anymore. Yet, at the same time that all this is happening, our expanded True Being absolutely knows that everything is going to be OK and that each supposed setback is actually setting us upon a truer course.

Each time that we are slammed, we need to suspend our judgment of what appears to be happening. Although these events seem to be huge setbacks, actually they are not. During 2009, many things will fall out of place and many things will click into position. Right after one source dries up, a new one will appear. This is true of money, of relationships, of jobs, of support on all levels. It's similar to a relay race in which the baton is continually passed to a new runner. Even though there is constant change, we WILL get to our New Lives.

Sometimes, it will feel like we are riding an out of control roller coaster. It's going to be a very wild ride, but we can't let this throw us. Everything is susceptible to change, even in its final moments when it feels like it's already completed. But this is exactly what gets us from "HERE" to "THERE", from our old lives to our new ones. Just keep running towards the New and True.

I once saw a television documentary about a famous Master Sword Maker, one of the people considered a "Living Treasure" of Japan. He made exquisite swords that were highly sought after and extremely rare. The program followed him through the process of making a sword. First, he forged the sword. It was beautiful and looked perfect; I thought that he was done. But the process was only beginning....

Next he thrust his beautiful, perfect sword back into the fire until it was red hot. Then he brought it out and folded it back upon itself until it was half the length. Next he hammered at it and once more created an even more beautiful, even more perfect sword. "Ah, he is done!" I thought, but he wasn't. The sword went back into the inferno until it glowed with fire. Once again, it was folded back upon itself, pummeled with the hammer and reforged anew. This was repeated several more times until the REAL, TRUE SWORD was made. And this is very much like the process that we are experiencing this year while we are becoming True Core Beings. This is why we are being slammed by energetic earthquakes so powerful that they can dislodge anything within us that needs to be removed.

It may not be fun when this happens, but it certainly is excellent training to maintain our expanded stance at all times, no matter what happens. We have to learn how to pick ourselves up from the floor quickly. We need to be flexible like bamboo, bending under the pressure, then quickly bouncing back. And each time we rise up from being flattened, we become immeasurably freer, cleaner and more pure.

This process of being slammed and flattened is the final clearing. We will emerge from it as True Ones. We'll be able to see this much more clearly in a few months.


We have reached the central nucleus of our Perfect Storm. This is where we feel totally alone. Here, we are brought face to face with our Ultimate Challenge, the last parts of our selves that keep us separate. They are brutally fighting for their survival because they know that their days are numbered. The part of us that remains separate is the part of us that is dying. It's the cleverest part of duality that has stayed within us. A masterful survivor.

We need to watch out for things that make us touchy, defensive, insecure, doubting, afraid --- anything that triggers our impatience and anger. These are the elements within us that are untrue. Whenever we feel any of these emotions, look for the root cause of it which is often found in the old, unhealed wounds of our past experiences from this life or far beyond. Once the root cause is located, we need to disarm it as we would disarm a bomb and XUA it out of our personal matrix.

When we go into reaction mode or become defensive, it knocks us off balance; we are no longer standing in our King of Kings or Queen of Queens. We have slipped out of our expanded stance and are are still feeding duality.

Also watch out for areas in which we are being secretive and keep ourselves closed off, as well as the places where we are self serving rather than serving the One. Everything within us needs to be wide open and totally honest right now.

All of these are the places where we sabotage our Perfect Storm. The areas where we drag our heels so we can't fully go through it. And at this, we can no longer ignore it.


On occasion, we may experience panic attacks. It happens to the best of us, so please don't worry about it. Panic attacks come from feeling alone and unsupported. Whenever this happens, we need to remember that our One Being is here with us and that we are doing it together as One. This is our invisible safety net.



Since we are going to exert much energy in January and have way too much to do, we need to learn how to be energy efficient. Many of us have already found ways to be energy efficient in our outer landscape, but few of us are energy efficient on a personal level, especially in the ways we do things.


This is one of the main ways that we are not energy efficient. We waste lots of time, mental activity, emotions and energy on fighting the small, rather meaningless, annoyances of life. We get irritated by buzzing mosquitoes, slow traffic, perceived slights, minor injustices and numerous other trivial matters. Each time that we become irritated, we loose our balance and step off our position as True Ones.

If you truly feel called to battle something, become a Warrior of Love. Bring Love into everything you do, spread it out to everyone whom you encounter. Let's save our energy to put it into something worthwhile --- the shift from duality to Oneness. Let's become the pillars of the New, for this is what is most needed.


Yes, there are lots of things that are wrong on this planet. And many people are acting from non-integrity. And there is much stupidity all around us. It's true; we can see it clearly. And it's good to be aware of what is happening. Yet, we must be ever watchful that we don't fall into the trap of judgment.

It's so easy and seductive to be a judge. If we're not yet True Ones, it will make us feel temporarily superior to that which we are judging. But judgment. is based on a false perception; it is not based on a vaster perspective. Whenever we judge something, we put whatever we're judging into a box from which it is more difficult for them to transform, and more importantly, we lock our own selves into a narrow, limited perspective of what is REALLY going on.

During these Times of Completion, very little is actually as it appears on the surface. Everything is happening on levels so vast that they are beyond our present perceptions. It is happening on numerous levels in multiple simultaneous realities. There are valid reasons why we lost our job, our relationship failed or we didn't get what we thought we wanted. We only need to LOOK LARGER in order to see them. These so called setbacks are actually happening for our greater benefit.

So whenever we feel tempted to judge something, it will greatly serve us to suspend judgment. To observe the perceived wrongs and simply to let the judgment. on them hover suspended in the air.

This doesn't mean that we should let people walk all over us or passively submit to injustices. We need to be True and Real at all times. We need to stand up for what we know to be true. We need to insist on integrity in all our dealings with the world. But we don't need to allow ourselves to get pulled into the duality-based illusion of "right" and "wrong", of "good" and "evil" and become a judge. Stay TRUE no matter what!

Here are some more ways in which we are not energy efficient:

We constantly waste a lot of time and energy doing things that we don't need to be doing, such as superficial activities.

We expend our energy on things that other people want us to do that we don't feel is right to do. We can't base our lives on other people's expectations for us.

We do things in an inefficient manner.

We waste energy by over thinking or by survival fears.

We waste energy by our resistance to what we know to be true in our Heart of Hearts or by resisting emerging as a True One.

We try to do things in the old ways, rather than finding creative, out of the box, solutions.

We waste energy by needless resistance to things that aren't important.

We react rather than act.

We perceive ourselves as helpless victims and see the outside world as a fearful place.

We don't put in our full effort to everything we do. This not only prolongs the completion of the tasks before us, but we do a mediocre job that usually needs to be redone.

We get intimidated by all the work we have to do and end up not doing anything.

We get stuck on one task when the energy isn't flowing to do that task. The solution is to move to another task, and return to the other one later when the energies have shifted.

We feel deadened and paralyzed whenever we have to deal with expired elements. The solution is to bring our New Self into everything we do.

We avoid tasks that need to be done by endless procrastination.

We do unnecessary tasks in order to avoid feeling our emotions.

We dive into action without making the proper preparations.

We make rash decisions simply because we are bored, instead of waiting for a true motivation to act.

We don't complete our actions, leaving them unfinished.

We get overwhelmed and panic instead of taking things step by step in a clear manner.



January is a powerful month that will propel us forward into our new directions. As the tectonic plates rub together, many expired and untrue elements will be leaving our lives as we unhook our selves from all that is duality-based. Relationships will move onto a new level or fall apart. Many jobs that have run their course will be stripped away from us. Some of us will prepare to relocate.

Issues of integrity will still be highlighted. Our own integrity will be strengthened. As it is, we will no longer be willing to tolerate the lack of integrity in others.

Since everything is going through a process of disconnection and reconnection, we may experience technical problems with communications, such as phones and internet. There will be lots of static, random disconnections and emails that don't arrive. We are in the process of tuning into a new frequency radio station.

There will be lots of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. We will fix things that need repair and resolve matters that have fallen through the cracks and been neglected.

We are healing and letting go of the wounds of our long journey and clearing out our personal matrix so that it is ready for the New and True.

We will expand the foundation of our beings so we can fully emerge as the True Ones.

Since so much is in the midst of massive change, it is helpful to move things around into new configurations in our living spaces and set new energetic fields.

A weaving together of the old and new, of past and future is taking place. People from our past are returning to our lives on new levels. We are also revisiting people and places from the past which brings up a lot of nostalgia and helps us reunite with forlorn fragments of our beings. We weave these fragments into the threads of our being, making us more whole and complete.

Since November, there has been much activity on our Express Trains into the New. Lots of new passengers are getting on; some of them we already knew, others are ones whom we've never met that we've been waiting for. Some people who are now getting on the Express Trains have been waiting at the station for a long time, trying to gather the courage to make the leap. And now, here they are! As our cars fill up with the new passengers, a new configuration takes place. This enables more and more elements to click into position.

Throughout January, there will be lots of activity. We have much to accomplish quickly. Many of the things that we think will be hard, won't be difficult once we dive into clean action.

Many people will experience quantum breakthroughs. They will find the courage to make the leap even without a visible safety net. Once they do, they will discover that although it feels like we don't have safety nets, they are actually there, just infinitely larger than our old safety nets.

January is like trying on a special, new dress that we've been saving in our closet for a long time. We're nervous to put it on. Maybe it won't be the right size or maybe we'll look silly or pretentious in it? But once we put it on, it fits perfectly and it's all that we want to wear.

The New Matrix of One True Love is being born. Last month in the Core of the Heart of the Lotus, the first pure drop of it appeared. This month, the first new waves of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will come sweeping into our lives. This enables us to find new ways of relating with others.

We will experience the sense of finally waking up and coming alive. Everything moves into a finer, clearer focus. It's like rubbing the grease off of our glasses. Suddenly, we can see!

When our One Being finally comes together as One, when we carry the responsibility together as One, we will be able to take giant steps into our New Lives. This is a monumental birth. The scale of what we're birthing requires a large, solid, committed One Being.





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