JULY 2004
The Destiny Express

Updated July 2, 2004

For the past few months we have been chugging along on the train of destiny. Around the second week of June, it felt as if we had been temporarily derailed. We had suddenly lost our sense of Right Time, Right Place. We questioned if we had made wrong decisions or lost our way. But no, even this was perfect and threw us into a time of intense realignment and repositioning. Just what we most needed to do before we could jump back on the Destiny Express.

At the same time, the Venus transit was profoundly stirring up our emotions. It touched the deepest strata of our emotions and mixed them up with our fleeting surface emotions. Everything felt messy and unresolved. There was an abundance of assorted emotions to deal with in any given moment. Our emotions were being disassembled in order to be realigned into a new patterning. Our deepest emotions are being touched and our passions are being reawakened....

Throughout June, we felt deeply unsettled, as if we were In Transit. Nothing felt very real. Our individual beings had so expanded into the One Being that it was no longer possible to define who we are or where we were. Everything was in a process of immense change. There was no way to force through any resolutions. And then we entered the Zone of Overlap....

Here we stand, in that diamond formed by the overlapping of the capstones of the pyramid of the past and the pyramid of the future. Everything is vastly different and still not fully developed or understood. The Zone of Overlap is full of deep, life altering changes. Changes which reach all the way to the core level of our beings. Changes which are far beyond the scope of our present comprehension.

Much of this is due to the quantum shift created by late May's 6th Gate Activation in which the entire Doorway of the 11:11 was turned inside out. On very deep, personal levels, we have also been turned inside out. The magnitude of this is far vaster than we can presently realize.

It's still too soon to determine just how these profound shifts are going to specifically affect our lives. The details have yet to be revealed. All we know is that we aren't where we were before and that we haven't yet arrived at where we're going. We are IN TRANSIT, neither here nor there, but somewhere in between....

This is a time of great inner discovery as we focus on integrating the Tsunamis of Change within our beings. It is not a time to force ourselves to make major decisions as we don't yet have all the needed information to do so. We are still waiting for the arrival of some key elements which will soon make our future directions clear and unquestionable.

The area of greatest impact is our inner beings; these have definitely been dramatically touched and altered. We are becoming more true, more real, more caring and compassionate, more ourselves than ever before.

There are always many levels of mastery. Our new bottom line or foundation is to be fully in, to inhabit our full beings in the physical. Once we do that, the next step is to bring our inner beings to the outer surface. To send wave upon wave of ripples from our inner beings all the way through to the extremities of our outer lives. For it is here that the next level of transformation will take place.

Like a baby being expelled into the world from the womb of its mother, our inner beings are being pushed out into the outer world. Now it's essential that we speak what we mean, express our real feelings and walk our truth. We don't need to dumb ourselves down in our interactions with others. We need to come out openly with who we are in everything we do and let go of any residual fears of doing so.

The next level has to do with our One Being, with the absolute knowing that we are all part of the One. This might sound somewhat easy, but this is exactly the place where things can get a bit sticky or where resistance can set in. For in order to do this, we must set aside ego and control. That's where the fear of losing ourselves comes in; yet it's exactly what we must do in order to fully find and embody our true core selves. And it's essential in order to move onto our new levels.

After that, it's to consciously serve our One Being..... To come out with who we are and to help activate and nourish our One Being wherever we are, whatever we do.

This is part of what we are doing within the Zone of Overlap. It's a cocoon suspended in No-Time. We're hanging out here in the midst of many overlapping sets of realities so we can integrate our inner selves with our outer lives. It's time to close that gap once and for all, by merging the energies together into conscious Oneness.

This gives us tremendous opportunities to reorganize and repattern our pasts. With our new inside out selves with their recalibrated, stronger, vaster inner beings, it's actually quite easy to deal with old situations in totally new ways. It's easy to let go of old, ingrained habits and patterns which have kept us small and limited. And with the heightened sense of unreality that permeates everything, the old situations and behaviors have lost their ability to stick onto us and drag us down. Because everything feels so expanded and surreal, we have a newfound detachment from the old attachments of the past. This is truly a blessing!

Since the 6th Gate Activation, there is no longer such a massive gap between past and future or between Earth and Star -- the physical and the non physical. They are all in the process of blending together. So while we are repatterning our past by strengthening the resonance of our inner beings, we are also creating our futures.

There is now such an infusion of the Greater Reality into everything. The Greater Reality blends everything into heightened Oneness. It is the resonance of Oneness. It continually stretches and deepens our awareness until we can feel all those myriad threads-- the threads of all that is--- being woven into the tapestry of our One Being.

So what happens in July? Starting on July 1st, our Destiny Express Train takes off again. This time with a new super charged engine that takes off at lightning speeds. We're charging along on a new track. Not a track made out of dense, heavy steel, but one that is lighter and stronger, made out of purest titanium.

July is going to be a fast, wild ride. We're going to be traveling through multiple realities all merged into One. We're going to be traveling through and repatterning the past and we're going to be racing into the New. July is going to overstretch us beyond what we can imagine. We're going to stretch those old boundaries until our outer environment is reshaped into a totally new world.

We are going to be impossibly busy this month, working on multiple levels from the tiniest 3D details of material life to the vast levels of pure, abstract energy. This month is going to fully engage our entire beings. And there's absolutely no reason or excuse to hold ourselves back in any way.

Throughout the month we are going to feel some of our old train carriages being unhooked from our train. We're going to let go of lots of old baggage. With the unhooking of each old carriage, our speed into the New will increase. Our trains will become shorter, sleeker and evermore shiny and beautiful.

In the Zone of Overlap we are going to discover that time and space have become fluid and elastic and no longer define the limits or parameters of where we can go. The more we are true to our inner core beings, the greater the distance that we will be able to travel.

While we are on this great journey into the Greater Reality, our perceptions will be constantly expanding. Even if we thought that we were previously Looking Larger, we shall continually realize that there is infinitely more to see. Our vantage points are shifting dramatically and will continue to do so. Because of this we need to watch that we don't fall into the old trap of making assumptions about anything. About the only thing we can safely and accurately assume, is that we can't yet see the whole picture of what is really going.

It's also important that we don't allow ourselves to get stuck into any of the myriad phenomena which is coming our way. Everything is in the process of change. Don't try to hold on to any of the details, because they may well transform just as you're walking towards them and thinking that they're real.

Remember that we are on the express train of destiny. Since we are constantly moving, it's impossible to fix our position for more than a few seconds at a time. It's impossible to define ourselves. The scenery is constantly changing and becoming a blur. Relax and enjoy the journey and trust that we are on our way to where we most want to go.

In July, we will also be experiencing the Oyster Syndrome from time to time. This is that abrasive feeling of deep discontent, a sense of not being settled or of not being in our right place, right situation or with the right people. This is happening because right now there's a grain of sand in our oyster shell and it's sometimes rubbing us the wrong way. This is because we are creating an exquisite pearl within us. Then we are taking the pearl of our being into our outer lives and we're going to proudly wear it for all to see. We are also birthing the pearl of our One Being. Those irritating grains of sand are helping to create our method of propulsion into our new lives.

July is going to take our full effort; it's definitely not a month to kick back on holiday or to be lazy and let things slide. If we put forth the effort, we will go the greatest distance. And this month we really have the opportunity to travel far and make lasting breakthroughs.

And just in case you think it's all too much, just wait until August when our Destiny Express really speeds up and the ride gets even wilder!


One Heart / One Love / One Being,



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Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

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Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright Solara 2004. All Rights Reserved.