Solara's July 2009 Surf Report

Navigating the New Map


The Emergence of the True Ones




June was the key pivotal month of this year that totally flipped everything over. When we birthed the New Matrix of One True Love and anchored PURE HEART LOVE into this planet, it pushed us off the old duality-based map of the known and thrust us onto a totally new map of the Unknown. The changes that occurred in June were immeasurably deep and all-encompassing. They have altered us on a core nucleus level, sending out powerful waves that are affecting all aspects of our outer lives. These waves are still spreading outwards, deeply altering everything that they encounter.

As we were catapulted from one map to the next, everything became unhooked from their old positions and were randomly thrown up into the air. This is how we entered July.... Nothing is located where it was before and much is still airborne. Everything is totally unpinned. This has given us so very much to integrate and rediscover.

There is a sense of uncertainty and unsettledness that comes from not being able to find things in their old positions. It's similar to going out to do an errand and when we return home, everything within our house has been drastically moved around. Our toothbrush is in the fireplace and our bed is now out in the backyard under a tree. The kitchen cupboards no longer have food and dishes in them. Instead, they are full of clothes, books, sporting equipment and cosmetics in a totally random order. You open a desk drawer and there is a shoe and motor oil! Everything is disorganized and in a jumble. Plus, lots of elements simply cannot be found at all, for they are still floating around up in the air. We ask ourselves how are we supposed to function in such confusion?

Because of the severe disorientation caused by our sudden arrival on a totally new map, we often feel blank and disconnected. It is strange to feel so disconnected from the usual activities of our old lives. When we feel disconnected from totally everything, we need to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. It is only when we feel disconnected from specific elements, rather than absolutely everything, that we can safely let them go.

During this time, many of us are questioning everything. We are looking at our old lives with fresh eyes and a new perspective. This enables us to discern what should stay and what is on its way out. We are also searching for our truest new direction, sifting through what is True, Truer and Truest. We are calling forth our truest place, our truest people and our truest purpose.

At times, we feel lost and confused because we can't yet read the invisible ink on the new map and there are no obvious signposts telling us where we are. Then a sparkly glimmer of New Lightness will appear on our new map and we go towards it. Suddenly, we feel ultra real and on a direct, clear trajectory into the New and True.

On the new map we have to develop new ways of seeing to perceive where we are. It's similar to a computer game where we have to move the curser to the exact, right spot to discover what is really there. Or tilt the angle of a hologram to see the hidden picture that is embedded within it. Each time that we do this, something new is revealed.

We are experiencing phases of massive expansion followed by periods of deep integration. When we are expanding into new levels, a profound state of Quantum Deep pervades everything. Our activities slow down or come to a complete stop. We simply cannot get enough food or sleep. Outcomes or exact destinations appear uncertain. One minute we can feel that we know where we are going with great certainty and rightness and the next moment we may be filled with doubts. And then everything changes again.

When we expand, our physical energy feels depleted, but actually, it isn't. We only feel depleted because we are undergoing further expansion. Our expansion comes in waves, leaving us as suddenly as it arrives. Our clarity also seems to come and go. We will experience windows of ultra clarity while we are integrating, then as we enter a new phase of expansion our heightened clarity appears to evaporate.

Our emotions are super changeable during this time. One minute, we may feel that everything is utterly hopeless and the next moment we may feel full of enthusiasm and confidence. And the strangest part is that all of this simply doesn't even matter. On a deeper level, we know that everything is OK.

As the waves and ripples continue to spread out in all the directions, we experience occasional shockwaves that create mini null zones that collapse more sections of our old lives. At first, these shocks bring us to a total halt. "Oh no!" we shout as we become flattened. And then our being expands further, stretching our understanding, and we see that everything is unfolding just as it should, with absolute perfection.

At times, these massive upheavals create disturbances in our physical bodies. Nerves get pinched and bones go out of position. Our physical bodies also need to be realigned and put into their rightful positions. Many of us are experiencing an almost constant deep tiredness and sleep whenever possible, especially during the day. When we do, our dreams are extremely active as we sort things out on level after level. Most of these hard working dreams are instantly forgotten as soon as we wake up.

As an example of the profound work we are doing in our dreams, here is a dream that I had this morning. In my dream, I was putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle for what seemed like a very long time. It was an abstract puzzle in which I had to match up very subtle strands or filaments of light. Suddenly, a voice announced, "Do you know how important this puzzle is? This is only the fourth time that it's been put together since the creation of the planet." Then I woke up.

Since so many elements are still up in the air, everything feels unformed and undefined. We, ourselves, feel undefined. Our lives feel undefined since they are in the midst of profound transformation. Everything has been stretched wide open, old boundaries have been erased and the possibilities are endless. Anything is now possible....

Because we are traveling through a major transitional zone where nothing is settled enough to be truly permanent, many nebulous new opportunities are coming in. Then just as we reach for them, they turn into mirages and suddenly evaporate. Directions call to us, then just as we prepare to go into them, we are rerouted to a totally new direction. And just when we think that we know what is really happening, something changes, and we are no longer certain. Many things are almost happening, but not quite manifesting.

During this time many doors are closing and new doors are starting to open. Numerous old situations are in the process of ending. This is strongly affecting our jobs, partnerships, friendships and places of residence. Between now and the end of the year, we can expect any unfulfilling jobs to be removed from us and any expired relationships that can't grow further to drop away. Many of us will move to new locations, some of which will be totally unexpected. At the same time, new career paths will become available to us, our One True Loves will enter our lives and we will make many strong, new connections with people and places.

Since July is a month of completion, many of the unresolved situations in our lives will experience major resolutions this month. Some of these completions and resolutions will happen gracefully, while others may be forced upon us. As this happens, more elements will find their rightful places. This will free us to move out of the empty shells of our old lives and head in the direction of our new and true ones.

All month long, we will be in the process of discovering who we now are and where we are located on the new map. Until this happens, we will feel that we are under construction and that major parts of our beings and of our outer lives are covered by scaffolding. During this time of immense self discovery, many of us are going deep inside, being quiet, reading our massive amount of newly opened sealed orders and trying to see who we have now become.

In July, we will be able to see more of the vast scope of the dramatic changes that have affected us. Many people will have major breakthroughs through experiences that realign them with the core of their being; some will receive strong wake-up calls. We will also realize that our Wildest Dreams are now possible and start to move towards them.

Since we are now traveling on a totally new map, everything requires a new set of navigational skills. One of our main priorities in July is to learn, as quickly as possible, how to navigate our new internal landscape. We need to bring forth our new beings into the remnants of our old lives, thus transforming them so they turn inside out and release us to move into the brilliant New Lives that are waiting for us.

Helpful qualities at this time for navigating the new map are enhanced intuition, calm patience, an expanded perspective and the realization that everything is happening in its perfect timing. We must let go of the false sense of control over things that we no longer have any control over. We need to be cautious of overusing our mental bodies by too much analyzing, planning and worrying. Although it may be uncomfortable, it's important to allow things to be unpinned and formless during our transition from the old to the New. We don't have to impatiently try to force things into form or definition. Instead, we can allow everything to settle naturally into their new positions. It's OK that it is taking so long. We will be much more successful, and happier, if we move into the frequency band of Trueness with its expanded alignment of rightness and flow.

We also have to be careful not to make hasty decisions simply out of boredom or try to make things happen before the right timing has arrived. It's like waiting for a fruit to ripen and fall from the tree into our outstretched arms, rather than impatiently shaking the tree and forcing it to fall before its ready. The fruit will fall when it is ready. And it will be well worth the wait!

Since so much has changed, it requires that we rebalance everything while we pass through the transitional zone of July. We have already discovered that we cannot do things in the old ways. For example: It's no longer possible to overwork ourselves as we did before, for as soon as we try to, something forces us to slow down. Because of this, we have to learn to set many tasks aside and know that it's OK. At the same time, if we've been sitting on the sidelines avoiding responsibility, then life will give us situations that require us to quickly take responsibility. Although we may be receiving strong glimpses of the new balance that is possible in our New Lives, we are not yet in the place where we can bring this forth because we have not yet physically landed there.

PURE HEART LOVE is another major component of our new navigational system. it's important that LOVE is part of everything we do and of all choices we make as to our future direction. LOVE should be the determining factor for where we go next and for our new career path. Practical considerations are not nearly as important as the LOVE factor. If we follow the compass of our hearts, we will meet with our greatest success.

When we embody PURE HEART LOVE, we enter a heightened frequency band of Trueness. This is like a super light speed expressway and it's here right now, available to all of us. This is what we are meant to travel on rather than the bumpy, drama filled, challenging road of duality. Traveling on the frequency band of Trueness and PURE HEART LOVE is what will take us into the places where we are most meant to be, where we can fulfill our Wildest Dreams. It will take us to our new kindred people, to our One True Loves, to our New Lives.

This helps us set our coordinates so we can align with the Major Intersection of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. When everything clicks into RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, we will be quickly ejected from our old lives and propelled into our new ones. This transition will happen quickly and easily. We will soon find ourselves in a totally different outer landscape with new people, eating totally different food, doing totally different activities in totally new ways. And maybe even speaking a new language! Absolutely anything is possible.


1st Wave, 2nd Wave & Bridges

On the new map it's important for all the different waves of people to now come together as ONE. Each wave has specific skills, needs and challenges. As the way of the future is for us all to share the responsibility and work together as a team, each wave is greatly needed so we can start creating a new world.

Here's a quick summary of them:


Number 11. FIRST WAVE came here to Anchor the New. They had to immerse themselves into immense density for numerous lifetimes in order to do this. They have been on the planet for a very long time. Because of this, they have accumulated vast storehouses of earthly experience, wisdom and knowledge. They are extremely well trained in carrying responsibility.

The challenges of the FIRST WAVE are their profound tiredness from carrying so much by themselves for so long. Some of them have become hardened from their rough passage through duality. They need to clear out old concepts and limiting beliefs.

FIRST WAVE people need to let go of total control in their positions of authority and share them with others who are ready to fully step in. They urgently want to pass on the sceptres of responsibility and knowledge to those who are BRIDGES and to SECOND WAVES who are ready. As they do, FIRST WAVES will develop a new lightness within them, enabling them to move onto their new level of becoming full embodiments of PURE HEART LOVE. In their new capacity, they will serve as wise elders.


Number 33. BRIDGES are neither FIRST nor SECOND WAVE. They are located between the two, very different waves and are meant to serve as intermediaries. This is why they are called BRIDGES. They bridge the gap between FIRST and SECOND WAVE. BRIDGES have way more earthly experience and training than SECOND WAVES, but not nearly as much as FIRST WAVES. Because of their unique position in the middle, they are able to deeply understand both waves. There are very few BRIDGE people compared to FIRST and SECOND WAVES, because of this they are greatly needed at this time.

The challenges that BRIDGES face are their lack of stamina and their inability to deal gracefully with adversity. When the energy gets strong and intense, they often get burned out. And when they are attacked or unjustly criticized, they instantly allow themselves to become crushed and often just give up, rather than asserting their true authority and wisdom.

What BRIDGES most need right now is to step forward and take some of the sceptres being passed by the FIRST WAVE. But they don't need to carry them in the way it was done before! Instead of carrying the weight by themselves, they are meant to do this in teams of BRIDGES, FIRST and SECOND WAVES, so that the weight of the responsibility can be shared and it won't be too heavy on anyone.


Number 22. They are here to Build Upon the New. SECOND WAVES are generally younger people who have had way less earthly experience. This doesn't mean that they are young souls, rather that they have spent the bulk of their incarnations off the planet in other realms. For most of their lives, they have been sitting on the sidelines as observers, often in a state of semi boredom or caught up in the sea of distraction, while gathering skills and earthly experience. They have been looking for a place to put their strong energy and vision, but could not find anything that interested them in a duality-based world. Now, that the New has been fully anchored, they can finally step forward and start building the New World.

The challenges of the SECOND WAVE are learning about boundaries and respect. As they are rather new to the planet, they don't understand the concept of boundaries, except as something old and distasteful. However, there are useful aspects to boundaries that are intertwined with respect. Things such as respect for other people's property, possessions and private space. When SECOND WAVES borrow something, they often don't treat it with the care that they would if it belonged to themselves. They also don't have full respect for those of the FIRST WAVE, often seeing them as simply old and tired, rather than having compassion for, the long, arduous journey in extreme density that FIRST WAVES took in order to Anchor the New for everyone. The SECOND WAVE also need to develop finely honed truth filters so they can discern what is real and what is not. Being out in nature helps them stay aligned.

What SECOND WAVES most need right now is to fully step in and use their abundance of fresh energy and wild creativity to help carry some of the responsibility. They need to be open to learn from the FIRST WAVE, not in order to do things in the same way, but so they can develop new ways that utilize some of the FIRST WAVE'S wisdom and experience. Many of them have chosen powerful destinies for this lifetime and have been looking for a place to put their energy to manifest their purpose. They've waited so long that they almost don't expect to find it. Now that the time is finally here, they need to rouse themselves out of the sea of distraction and make their presence felt.



As we enter July, many of us feel like trees that have been ripped out of the ground and uprooted. Our roots are no longer firmly planted in our old lives. Instead, they now reside in burlap sacks, ready to be moved to our new, truer locations. What we most want is to replant our roots into new ground, stretch them out, expand our branches, then birth our flowers and fruit.

During June when we moved onto a new map, it felt like our inner beings were hit by a series of depth charges that profoundly changed us on a core nucleus level. Most of these massive changes took place deep within our inner beings. In July, the results of these life altering changes will rise to the surface and we will be able to more clearly see the direct impact that they have had upon our daily lives.

Because of this, we can expect many outer changes this month. July's focus is on completion of the old and integration of the New. The energies this month will help us to bring many expired aspects of our lives to resolution. This will be especially true once we align ourselves with the heightened frequency band of Trueness. As soon as we've cleared out our expired elements, brought old situations to resolution, and further integrated ourselves onto the new map, we will be ready for August which will usher in a series of exciting new beginnings.

Once we click into the coordinates of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, it will set off a series of massive triggers that will catapult us into our New Lives. Then everything will zoom forward unhindered. This could happen at any moment....




Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience and understanding is always deeply appreciated.

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