JUNE 2004
Right Time - Right Place

Updated June 1, 2004








The Activation of 6th Gate has turned the 11:11 Doorway inside out. This is going to create momentous changes both in our inner perceptions and in our outer lives.

We have now entered a state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. Starting with the month of June and continuing throughout the remainder of the year, we are going to encounter some Major Intersections. These Major Intersections are not just crossroads or connections of a lifetime, but extend far beyond that. They are not just connections of a linear nature, but combine the past, present and future with myriad simultaneous parallel realities. These Major Intersections are massive and far beyond our present understanding.

What is essential is that first we move our beings onto the next level, that of being consciously interwoven into our One Being. Part of this process is created by our fully coming in, by inhabiting our bodies and our beings with all we are, by being honest and true every single moment. The second part is by going out and expressing who we really are in everything we do. It's time to speak our truth and walk our talk. It's even more than that; it's time to openly reveal who we are and to consciously embody our One Being. And to feel our interwovenness into One Being every moment.

Once this happens, we can expect the miracles and quantum breakthroughs to unfold.

This is a momentous time in which all things are possible. Even that which was previously inconceivable and impossible. Because of this, we must make sure to remain focused and aligned with our deepest truth and integrity. This is not a time for compromises. for settling for less than what we truly want and need or for holding back in any way.

To reach these Major Intersections and quantum breakthroughs, we need to start asking for what we really want and need. We don't need to be specific in terms of the details of how this is going to manifest because we have to constantly be open to the unexpected. For example, we can ask for our One True Love and Life Partner, but we shouldn't specify what they should look like, where they live or how much money they have. Once we meet them, we shall recognize each other by an alignment of essence so deep and irrevocable that it will be absolutely unquestionable.

When we ask for what we want, we need to sit in our full authority with our hearts wide open. It's not a wimpy plea of, "Oh please Spirit, if you wish or if you have some spare time, please give me what I want." It's more of a "I'm ready now and this is the right time to receive what I truly want and need. I am open and willing to go the full distance, to serve with my total being, to consciously know that I am woven into our One Being and this is what I want and need." This doesn't come from a place of neediness or lack, but rather a place of absolute wholeness and empowerment. Remember the old Jimmy Cliff song, "You can get it if you really want." Well, amazingly enough, now we can!

As we draw closer to these Major Intersections of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE which start manifesting themselves in early June, we will find our lives making 180' turns. During this time some very key people from our pasts will be reentering our lives. Some of these reconnections will be for the purpose of healing, resolution and completion, freeing us to go forward unhindered by old emotional residue.

Others whom we have been deeply connected to in the distant past will now be rewoven into our present lives, making a major impact upon the direction we are taking. Our current direction may totally change as the New is revealed. Together, we shall move to the next level. And some of us will walk as One for the remainder of our days upon the Earth.

However this manifests in your life, June will bring deep emotions up to the surface. There will be emotional resolution and emotional renewal. Our love will expand and deepen beyond what we thought possible. Emotions will be highlighted throughout the month of June.

Many of us will experience a strong feeling of waking up, of returning to our senses and of shaking off the clouds of illusion and distortion which have enveloped us. For some, a totally new world will be revealed.

A passing of sceptres is taking place. Those who have long held positions of responsibility and authority will now discover that their fresh replacements have arrived at last. Now they will be undergoing the transition to being freed to move from doing to being. While many others, particularly younger people and 2nd Wavers, will start making the shift from experiencing to doing. They will be steadily assuming new positions of responsibility, yet doing it in a much lighter hearted manner than was done before.

There will be some powerful shifts of our jobs and careers as previously hidden parts of our destiny are finally revealed. Those sealed orders which we've carried embedded within our cellular memory banks since before the beginning of time are unfurling. And suddenly it all begins to make total sense. This is because we are finally ready.

The time we're in isn't simply momentous or once in a lifetime; it's far beyond that. We've finally arrived at the day we've awaited since our initial descent into matter and we're standing right on the brink of a series of Green Lights to Greatness.

Flexibility and openness are essential so we can go with the flow of destiny revealed. Dramatic and unexpected changes of residence are highly likely. And many of us will be united with our True Life Partners.

One thing that 6th Gate did was to turn our world upside down and right side out. And a totally new world is being revealed. Some of us will be ready to walk down this new path immediately, while others may take some time to let go of past behaviors and patterns before they can reach their new levels. So if there is anything left for you to clear up or resolve, do it now.

Because of this, it's also a tremendous time of letting go. We'll be letting go of some of the pinions which have anchored us to our previous direction. This includes friends, relationships, jobs, ways of doing things, perceptions, habits, goals, values and belief systems. A new world is being revealed. The Greater Reality is stronger than ever before. And it has never before been more needed.

By the end of June many of us will be indelibly transformed. We will be unable to return to our old lives since they will have totally dissolved away. Only the faded shadow of memories will remain. There will no longer be any solid reality to our old lives.

At the same time, we will be propelled by the surging rivers of destiny into truer paths and deeper connections. We will have entered a totally new life. One infinitely more fulfilling and aligned with the core of our beings. We will be filled with new energy, enthusiasm, delight and waves upon waves of Love.

We are standing at the brink of the dawn of a brand new day. This window is open RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. We are fast approaching the Major Intersections. Please don't waste this Golden Opportunity to quantum leap now because this is a special junction which is available RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.



One Heart / One Love / One Being,



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