Solara's June 2009 Surf Report

Onto a New Map


The Emergence of the True Ones

The 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Part 2

I apologize for the lateness of the June Surf Report.
I have been at the 8th Gate Activation at Lake Titicaca in Peru.
This has been one of the most powerful 11:11 Activations we have ever had.

And it has required an extended period of silence and integration.




May was an extremely powerful month that just kept building up with increasing momentum, pushing us to shift worlds and make it through the Crossroads. This caused many of us to experience huge breakthroughs on personal levels. Most of these breakthroughs had to do with stepping into our mastery and finally emerging as True Ones. This surging energy continued to strengthen as we entered June. All the while, the energies of the New Lightness and PURE HEART LOVE intensified.

During the first week of June, we made a quantum shift that flipped over the energies of the entire year onto a new template. This represented the first MUA, (the beginning of a major new cycle), of a series of MUAS that will culminate at the end of 2012. This MUA occurred during the second and final, 8th Gate Activation on June 5th on the Islands of the Sun and Moon at Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia. Here the New Matrix of ONE TRUE LOVE was firmly anchored and the White Dragon was born. The energies of the White Dragon are so very new that they cannot yet be defined. They usher in a new era that merges all aspects of duality into enhanced Oneness.

On this day, we passed a new milestone of No Down - No Return. When this happened, everything irrevocably changed, in ways that we cannot yet imagine. As the New Lightness intensified and became ever brighter, we flipped over onto a totally new map with a completely new landscape. This new map enables us to travel forward on a clear trajectory into new, infinitely truer, directions with our true, kindred people beside us.

We have now experienced such a powerful infusion of PURE HEART LOVE that we need to stretch our capacity to Love and Be Loved. When the Second Gate of the 11:11 was activated in 1993, we had to learn to extend our energies as deeply into the earth as we expanded upwards into the cosmos in order to become fully integrated Earth-Star Beings. Now we need to learn to become deeply loving at the same time as we allow ourselves to be deeply loved. We must be able to give and to receive LOVE in equal measure. As we do this, we will be vastly transformed.

Always when we expand our beings onto new levels and into new territory, there are old, expired parts of us which must be left behind. The powerful infusion of PURE HEART LOVE shines a spotlight on any parts of our beings that are false and that make us feel separate. Anything that holds us back from being True Ones will become glaringly obvious. All outer facades are being removed. All false protections that we still carry, such as duality-based egos, resistance and defensiveness are melting away. We are letting go of personal agendas and expectations while merging the most intimately personal with the collective.

The way to be free of the domination of our duality-based ego is to allow ourselves to be sensitive and feel deeply, rather than pushing strong feelings away so we don't feel vulnerable or get thrown off balance. We need to embrace our vulnerability and tenderness. We need to allow ourselves to feel stripped down, ultra sensitive and out of control. If we keep opening our hearts wider and wider, even though it's uncomfortable to do so, rather than putting on layers of false protection, we can walk right through that helpless sense of vulnerability and get to the place of our true strength. Once we find our bedrock of true strength, we will feel naturally strong, courageous and confidant; we won't need our small egos to give us a false sense of security and control.

This readies us to break free of the web of fear and conditioning that makes us hold onto the illusory security of our old jobs and old duality-based relationships that have kept us small, unhappy and unfulfilled. It will enable us to find ways to support ourselves by utilizing our creativity and doing what we really want to do by serving the One while fulfilling our Wildest Dreams.

Until we let go of our false protections and old facades and expand our capacity to LOVE and BE LOVED, we will experience outbursts of distortion. They hit us like a back splash, amplifying and distorting the last residue within us of ego and separation while keeping us in lives filled with needless drama. And we really need to let go of the drama! It's such a waste of energy. Much of this final residue is composed of things that we are unaware that we still carry within us. Until we totally clear them out, they will keep us ensnared in duality. They will cause numerous rifts and ruptures in our relationships. Even though they are based on illusion, they can damage our relations with those whom we love the most.

If you have already cleared out your false protections and old residue, you'll find that you simply can't join others in their drama or feed their egos. All we can do is embody PURE HEART LOVE and wait for these illusions to fall away, and they will....

The Activation of the final part of 8th Gate has also triggered a massive opening of our Sealed Orders. They simply burst open in such a huge quantity that it will take us a while to look at them all and even longer to implement them into our lives. Until we do, we need to trust that everything is all right, no matter how things currently appear on the physical. Everything is unfolding absolutely perfectly.

This massive opening of our Sealed Orders is similar to walking into a hidden storeroom full of precious treasures including the rarest, rolled up scrolls. Suddenly, all the scrolls burst wide open -- shining and luminous. These scrolls are full of long forgotten histories of this world and far beyond, secret wisdom and the clearly delineated path of our true destinies. They contain all the knowledge that we have always most wanted to find and read. There are so many open scrolls before us that this can feel overwhelming at first. We don't yet know what knowledge they contain, but just the fact that they are open and available to us has changed everything, whether we read them or not. In this storeroom, we also find some of our long sought personal talismans and hidden treasures waiting for us.

The main key for us at this time is to become True Ones and remain True Ones no matter what life throws at us. If we stand tall as a True One, all the smallness of our old, expired lives will soon fade away. This is because we have become too large to inhabit small lives. This will enable us to move much faster into our new, true lives -- the ones that are custom made for us. The ones that are deeply fulfilling and enable us to express our creativity while sharing our unique gifts and skills. Only after we become True Ones can we create our New Lives.



June is one of the key months of 2009 in which each week has a specific focus, although some elements are present throughout the month.

During the first week of June a massive Turning Point was reached and a quantum shift took place. Our old map faded away and our new map became our predominant map. Many of us greatly expanded our beings to explore new, previously inaccessible, realms. We experienced a mammoth infusion of PURE HEART LOVE that touched and altered us on a core level.

The second week of June is a time of integration and deep, inner realignment. Some of us feel immersed in a far distant realm and disconnected from the physical. We need lots of quiet and large amounts of sleep in order to adjust to the influx of new energies that we have just experienced.

At the same time that this is happening, our Express Trains into the New have come to a total halt. Everything stops while the cars of our train are thoroughly recalibrated. Then they are disconnected from the old ones and reconnected to new cars. Once reconnected, our Express Trains are moved onto brand new, titanium tracks that will take us into our true directions.

Once we begin the third week of June, the energy will stabilize and everything will move forward with a mighty surge. Our Express Trains will start to move ahead into their new directions with their new configurations of cars and people. They will zoom ahead with a lightning fast speed until everything becomes an absolute blur of activity. Many breakthroughs will occur in our outer lives during the last two weeks of June.

In the final week of June everything will further accelerate to an almost impossible pace, yet we will get much done in a surprisingly easy manner. The focus turns from inner realignment to outer realignment. Outer elements begin to move into their rightful positions.


Many things will click into position and we will experience lots of synchronicity.

Occasional left field shocks will occur for the purpose of realigning us into our truest direction.

We will be clearing out lots of things from the past that we no longer need to take with us. This will occur on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

After the clearing out, we will recalibrate all that remains with us.

At times, we will have to quickly make some important choices. These aren't the old, obvious choices between "Good" and "Bad". Instead, they will be choices between "True", "Truer" and "Truest".

As we becoming increasingly larger and truer, we will find that our old duality-based lives start shattering. This is similar to a giant trying to live in a dollhouse. We simply won't fit into our old lives anymore and something will have to give way.

As we take the first steps of our journey on our new map, we will discover that the old world of duality is moving away from us, like the sliding away of tectonic plates.

For the next several months, many sceptres of responsibility will be passed and received. It's time for the Second Wave to fully step in. No more excuses! The First Wave are about to begin a whole new cycle on a totally new level. Right now, some of them feel like they are dying or that they are ghosts who are barely here. This is because they are leaving their old lives and moving into totally new positions.

June is bringing forth unprecedented changes and opportunities for living in new ways. We are finally being released from our old lives so we can step into new positions that challenge us to become more magnificent and True Beings than we ever thought possible. This shift can initially feel uncomfortable, but it will be ultimately rewarding beyond our Wildest Dreams.

Experiences that used to be difficult have now become effortless. Also, many things that used to be effortless have now become challenging. With the incoming tide of the New is an equally strong outgoing tide of the Old. This strips away some of our old areas of mastery and makes us aware of the attachments we still cling onto.

More of the New Lightness is coming in. We should watch for any touchstones of the New Lightness, for they will lead us into our truest direction. We need to align with that frequency in all ways possible. The New Lightness is already being felt in our physical bodies. Our vision and perceptions are expanding. This helps us to accept and receive all that we truly desire, and all that we have worked towards. These things don't always come in the ways we expect them, so we need to be clear and alert to actually SEE them when they arrive in front of us.

There is also a new sense of safety and comfort as we let go of our old worries. This is happening even when the old problems persist; we simply don't care about them anymore.

The New Lightness will activate the crystalline center of the planet and continue to bring in more PURE HEART LOVE.

We need to constantly stretch our capacity to love and be loved, and learn to receive love as strongly as we give it. And most importantly, embody PURE HEART LOVE in all we do.

As we prepare to move into our New Landscape, time itself undergoes a profound shift, becoming rubbery and pliable. It can both speed up or slow down.

June is definitely the major Turning Point for the whole year. From this moment forward, nothing will ever be the same. Many new pathways and unexpected opportunities are going to open up and reveal themselves. Especially the ones we didn't know were there in the first place. Like the holographic pictures that are actually two pictures in one, depending on the way you move it. Once you adjust the angle, you are able to see a completely different landscape. So, we'll begin to see the shape of the second part of the year now we've reached June.

And there are so many open doorways ahead of us....





Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience and understanding is always deeply appreciated.

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