March 2004
The Tunnel Effect

Updated March 2, 2004



I have never known a time when the Surf has been so obviously affected and aligned with the 11:11 energies. To understand what the Surf is doing right now, we need to understand what is happening with the 11:11.

On May 29th the Activation of the 6th Gate of the 11:11 will take place. This is tremendously important because it is the midway point of the Doorway of the 11:11. At this Activation, the 11:11 is going to invert itself or turn itself inside out. Thus revealing the new vision of the 11:11.

If you read the Vision of the 6th Gate, you will see that when our One Being consciously chooses to step inside the Earth, it creates concentric rings of energy which ripple inwards. When these ripples reach the central core of the planet, they activate the Earth-Star in the center of the planet which then begins sending concentric rings of energy rippling outwards.

It's this double action of concentric rings rippling inwards and at the same time, rippling outwards, which creates the special dynamic to cause the 11:11 to turn itself inside out.

This process is also happening within ourselves on very deep levels.For the past six months or so, some of us have been seeing circular vortexes open themselves up out in nature when we least expect it. These vortexes are perceived as concentric rings within rings creating a circular doorway or tunnel effect.

We have also been experiencing this energy dynamic within our emotional bodies. As the concentric circles within circles activate within us, we feel a flood of powerful emotions engulf us. Usually, these emotions are not limited to any specific issue or situation. They encompass everything we have ever felt or ever will feel; past, present & future emotions are all rolled into one. These emotions are so strong that whenever this happens, we often must stop all outer activities and simply FEEL. A tunnel or vortex of emotions leading to great depths has opened up within us.

At the same time this is happening, veils continue to dissolve. It's a feeling of suddenly coming to our senses. Whole new sectors of seeing and of awareness open up in an instant giving us a greatly enhanced clarity. This gives us moments of "Aha!", "Oh, that's how it really is!" or sometimes "What was I thinking before?" Perceptions which were previously hidden in the invisible and totally unknown to us become not only visible, but sometimes strikingly obvious.

Each time this happens, more of us is shifted off the old map of duality and onto the new one. We are thrust deeper into the Greater Reality, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, in our physical bodies, on this physical Earth.

Another thing which occurs when the veils dissolve is the turning on of a megawatt spotlight which shines its piercing glare on the areas of our lives which need to be resolved, reorganized or recalibrated. Sometimes, this spotlight is more like a laser beam; it cuts through all the illusion.

Again, with the feeling of coming to our senses or waking up from a long, deep sleep, we may casually glance at the floor and discover that it's dirty and really needs cleaning or that we haven't watered our plants for quite awhile. Suddenly we can see some of the gaps which need to be filled.

The Mayans and others, including myself, have long been aware of the planets beyond the planets and the Suns beyond the Sun. The Mayans talk about the 27th Venus, for example. If we think about this and try to go there, it's as if a tunnel opens up, taking us beyond the boundaries of our old perceptions. This tunnel effect is occurring all around us; it's part of the veils dropping and it's part of the powerful immersions of the Greater Reality into the present moment.

The tunnel effect is also apparent when we suddenly realize the innumerable layers of what we still have to resolve and accomplish. The scope of this is infinitely vaster than we realized.

For several months now, this has caused us to get organized and reorganized in ways that we never even considered before. This is because these new depths requiring organization weren't readily apparent until we went a few layers deeper.

If we try to deal with all this in the old ways, it would be absolutely overwhelming. But luckily, we're not. We are finding easier, more efficient ways of doing things. But because of the multi-leveled spiraling energies, we will also find that we're starting many projects and completing few of them.

Time itself is twisting around like a pretzel. It's stretching and expanding; it's become rubbery and almost fluid. Nothing is static or linear anymore. Tunnels are opening up in time, much like the wormholes in space. These tunnels are our new expressways to accomplishment.

In a very funny way, by working really hard and also by having times of being thrust into powerful emotions and not being able to function at all, we are actually getting a lot done. Although it often doesn't feel like it at all. It often feels that we are doing nothing or definitely not enough, and that we are moving along on a road composed of sticky, thick molasses. But again, we are not traveling on a linear pathway anymore.

With tunnels, vortexes and wormholes all around us, we may feel like we're spinning around aimlessly, but we are actually purposely spiraling into a new matrix. And getting a surprising amount of things done in the process.

Living in the Tunnel Effect has also opened up the Tunnels of Life and Death. For the past several months, some of us have felt the pull of death. Sometimes, we've even been drawn into the tunnel and have had to forcibly pull ourselves back. This is also connected with the 6th Gate Activation, for it is all about Conscious Choice. And now it's time to renew our vows to consciously choose to BE ALIVE.

Everything is changing so drastically that it's challenging to try to describe it. Often, it feels as if we are within the mechanism of a gigantic clock. So many wheels, cogs and gears are turning. Some of them are huge and some are miniscule. They come in all sizes and from all directions. Here we are, within myriad wheels within wheels, trying to deal with so many things, on so many levels.

This is a good challenge of our multi-dimensionality. We have to be multi-dimensional in order to cope with everything. We can't neglect any of the wheels whether they are large or small.

Honest communication is very important. We are developing new methods of communicating in a more honest, real way. While we are in the midst of becoming more real in what we express, we may discover that our communications are sometimes raw and brutally honest. This might be a bit of a shock to those around us, but refinements will be coming in this area.

There also may seem to be some insurmountable obstacles in our path. They appear formidable and impossible, but there is a way through. We just have to find it.
With this nearly impossible stacking up and overlay of things to do, it's important that we constantly remain true to what feels right and let go of what doesn't.
And while our main focus is on the tasks at hand, the Greater Reality is becoming so strong that it cannot be ignored. It adds a new level of depth to everything.

It's important to keep our focus on the tasks at hand. And to trust that everything is going to turn out fine. It's easy to have doubts as to reaching our desired outcome, especially when we can feel wheels spinning almost out of control all around us.

Our journey of this year is not a straight, linear one from "Here" to "There". It's more like traversing the twists and turns of a labyrinth. Often, we are pushed into a direction which appears to be heading away from where we're trying to go, but it's not; it's actually bringing us closer.

We need to accept these twists and turns as part of the process of our journey. Each twist and turn is giving us something we need to reach our goal. It's actually a brilliant process--- touching everything which needs to be touched, realigning what needs to be realigned, healing what needs to be healed, organizing what needs to be reorganized. This process is extremely thorough and solid. It's giving us exactly what we need.

Each wheel, cog and gear, whether large or small, must be lined up exactly into the calibration of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. This is what is happening... and why everything is taking so long.

Until we reach the position of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, we often feel forced to make decisions that we're don't feel ready to make. This is another symptom of the shift-over of Time from a linear position to a spiraling tunnel effect. We should try to postpone any decisions that don't feel obvious to us. And if we simply have to make a decision before we're absolutely clear and certain, and this will happen many times, then just do the best you can, and it will probably turn out all right.

During March, the prevailing Surf is going to be all over the map. Sometimes it's going to feel sludgy and thick, and then, perhaps five minutes later, the energy is going to feel overcharged, giving us huge power surges that challenge us to stay balanced and focused.

March is a deeply transitional month. It can be perceived in two parts. Before the New Moon on March 20th, our focus will be on deepening our understanding and feelings. Around March 20th and the Mayan New Year on March 21st, a new power surge will charge our lives. We will have many revelations and penetrating insights. More veils will dissolve. This is when more of our new directions will be revealed.

The March Surf is full of paradoxes. We will feel a deep, underlying happiness with the way things are going and at the same time, somewhat dissatisfied at the pace of it. We're going to feel a tremendous trust in the process and occasionally be plagued by doubts. We will fluctuate from being incredibly productive to deeply tired and unable to do anything.

March is an altogether amazing month, action packed. It's no longer time to sit on the sidelines of life, but to jump in the Surf and enjoy this wild ride into the Greater Reality!

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