Solara's March 2009 Surf Report



THE YEAR 2009 SURF REPORT: The Emergence of the True Ones
The 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Part 2




For the past few weeks a profound stillness has descended upon us, much like a thick blanket of snow that covers the land. While we are experiencing this very rare state of Pre-MUA Quantum Deep, monolithic shifts are taking place on deep inner levels. Far beneath the visible outer surface, much is realigning into new positions.

Ever since we encountered Pre-MUA Quantum Deep, many of us have felt as if our Green Lights suddenly turned Red or Yellow. Forward movement appeared to halt, but that was only on the outer levels; the greatest movement was taking place within the depths.

Even if we are out in world or in the midst of lots of activity, the hush of Pre-MUA Quantum Deep can be felt. It has strongly affected our sleep patterns. Some of us have been getting very little sleep, while others have been sleeping much more than usual. Our sleep is full of numerous, prophetic dreams in which much sorting, clearing and realigning is being achieved.

Pre-MUA Quantum Deep is so all pervasive right now that it is causing a noticeable thinning of the veils between the visible and the invisible. Our past, present and future are blending together, allowing us to experience direct Insertion Points of our New Lives. At the same time, a strong sense of unreality permeates everything and makes us feel like we are living in a dream. This unreality is actually a new, vastly expanded supra-reality that we are not yet used to.

Ever since 2009 began, each month has begun with a tsunami of intense energy and an overload of situations demanding our immediate attention that slam into us. Many of us get totally flattened for a day or two, then we pop back up again with renewed clarity. A week later, major breakthroughs start to pour in. This happened in February, with the biggest breakthroughs appearing around mid month when some people finally found their One True Loves. And it will also occur in March.

As we continue to unhook ourselves from the sinking ship of duality, our beings greatly expand since we are no longer totally pinned solely to the physical plane of outer appearances. We are becoming so much larger. The individual thread of our being merges into the Tapestry of One in a new way, allowing us to feel and inhabit the entire weaving of the One as if it was an intimate part of our own personal self.

Much of the emphasis of this year so far has been on the powerful pull of the Outgoing Tides. Because of this, there has been a lot of death and dying energy around us. Some are physically leaving the planet. Many of us are feeling the strong pull of the Outgoing Tides as an energetic death of the old, as we near the completion of the old road of "The Way Things Used to Be". This has tugged at our emotions, flooding us with feelings of nostalgia and poignancy at the passing of an era.

It's hard to stay focused on the New when we feel ourselves being pulled out to sea, but that's exactly what we must do. Whenever this happens, we need to find a lifeline from the New and True and grab onto it. We must expand our being so huge that we don't lose the larger picture of what is really going on. The old is dying away to make space for the New to be born. And many old doors are now closing so that the new doors can open.

This is all part of the phase of pre-MUA, the critical time right before the changeover from the old to the New. This is when so much is up in the air and all previous definitions of what is real are being dissolved.



Many of us are right in the middle of Ground Zero of our Perfect Storms. Everything that we have been avoiding, all the untruths that we have carried within us, all our accumulated fears and insecurities, everything that has ever held us back from becoming True Ones, have all converged to create the most perfect situations to challenge us to our very core so we can make the needed shifts.

What makes Perfect Storms so immensely difficult and challenging is that they highlight every single area of resistance where we still hold back from embodying our true selves. And since the ship of duality is rapidly sinking, it's essential that we get ourselves into the Ultra Greater Reality which is strong and stable, as soon as possible.

Our Perfect Storms are the final initiation of duality. They must be successfully passed through so we can get to the other side and reach the shores of our New Lives. Reaching Ground Zero of our Perfect Storms means that we are finally walking the very last miles of our Final Miles. Even though we are so close to the end of the old road, these are the very hardest miles to walk. We feel tired, vulnerable, stripped and empty. Sometimes, we feel as if almost all our hope is gone and then the Sun suddenly reappears to light our path and quicken our steps. Our emotions are full of poignancy that we are almost there. Sometimes all we can manage is just to wearily put one foot in front of the other.... But we know that we have to keep going because nothing else is left; nothing else matters.

Many people are still numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol which are clouding their clarity and rendering them useless. We must not give up just at the very moment when it is vitally important NOT to give up. This is because we are so very close to entering the realms of our Wildest Dreams.

Walking the final miles of the Final Miles are our last last steps through the realms of the old and expired. Often, it feels like we are walking through quicksand and it is easy to get pulled down by it. This can be absolutely crushing until we learn to deal with it in brand new ways. There are a few things that are very helpful. One is to constantly scan the horizon and find the glimpses of fresh, new energy. Once you find them, set your coordinates to them and let them help you navigate through the minefield of the old and expired. Use the elements of the new as a lifeline to pull you through.

What makes expired elements challenging and crushing is that we are so tired of them and they are so lifeless that they can easily drain our energy. Dealing with them tends to make us smaller and this is exactly what we must not do. Instead of shifting gears down to our little duality-based self whenever we have to deal with anything that is old and expired, what we need to do is to expand our beings and do everything with our expanded True Core Being.

My other advice is to stop letting your mind rule your being. Minds are very useful tools, but we shouldn't let them make the important decisions for us. They are too easily influenced by fears, insecurities and worries, all of which are duality-based. Inside our Heart of Hearts, we all know what is true and real. Our hearts know our true direction. All we have to do is trust what we already know.

Many of us are now reaching the end of our Perfect Storms. We must not give up. Once we make it through the final initiation of our Perfect Storms, we shall never have to repeat this experience again. Everything will flip over to reveal our new landscape. And we are finally free.



Right now, we are in a phase of Pre-MUA, the critical time right before the beginning of a major new cycle in which many doors are closing and new doors are starting to open. Huge cycles are coming to a close. It is the end of an era.

Almost everything is in the process of moving into new positions. Massive changes will affect all our relationships, the places where we live, the daily routine we follow, the work we do and much more.

An unprecedented passing of the sceptres is taking place. Sceptres of old responsibilities are being let go of and passed on. This frees us to receive the sceptres of our new, infinitely greater, responsibilities that are waiting for us. It's time to lovingly let go of the old and fully embrace the New. It's also time for another wave of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. The First Wave is getting ready to move onto their new levels and the Second Wave is making their first steps forward to carry the responsibilities and take them to new levels.

The all pervasive state of Pre-MUA Quantum Deep continues. On the deepest levels, there is a massive clicking into position. At the same time that an overlay of deep quiet has blanketed everything, the Winds of Change are blowing strongly. The air is full of portents of the New. The all pervading sense of emptiness that surrounds our greatly expanded beings is extremely pregnant with all that is about to be born.

This sacred time of pre-MUA before the huge, impending birth is vitally important. Everything is totally On the Line. We must make each step we take so true. We must be honest about what we really feel and what we really want. We must give our all to making it through our Perfect Storms. We can no longer hold any part of ourselves back, for this is the time of QUANTUM BREAKTHROUGHS.

During this time, many things that haven't been right for a very long time are coming up to the surface to be removed from our personal matrixes. Anything that lacks integrity is being shown to us so we can clean it up. Any situations in which we misuse our energy are being revealed. Any of our actions that are initiated by our ego-driven self, rather than by our true core being, are becoming glaringly obvious. Any of our resistances to fully embodying who we truly are, are coming out of their hiding places so we can finally, decisively, XUA then away, once and for all.

Some of us are so busy that it feels like we no longer exist as a person. We feel blank, rather than empty. This is all part of the massive expansion process into True Ones that we are going through right now. Sometimes it feels like we are no longer a person or that the Personal no longer exists. But this isn't really true. When we reach the MUA, we will regain our Personal lives on a totally new level, and we will experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams

If we aren't putting what we truly want in top position as our highest priority, then we have to take a clear, penetrating look at what is holding us back. Where are my resistances? How do I self sabotage myself? Why do I continue to doubt what I know to be true? Once we find these things, let's XUA them out of our matrix!

All the while, the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE grows undeniably stronger....



PURE HEART LOVE is the new level of Love. This level of Love couldn't manifest on the planet until now. It's the Love that we have always yearned for. And it's finally here. One of the purposes of June's 8th Gate Activation is to birth the New Matrix of One True Love. This will make it possible for us to finally experience REAL LOVE.

One of the greatest tragedies of our passage through duality was the scarcity of Pure True Love. Instead, we had to make do with a diluted, and often distorted, fragment of Real Love. Many people on this planet have never been truly loved and have never had the opportunity to deeply love someone. We all totally deserve this. And it is almost here.

Rather than experiencing One True Love partnerships, we have had a succession of incomplete unions between fragmented, or deeply damaged, souls or were oppressed by unequal unions in which one partner dominated the other. There were also the karmic relationships in which we battled with each other or were kept in chains by guilt and the feeling that we were obligated to be with our partner because of a karmic debt, even though we didn't fully love them. Throughout time, there have been rare tastes of true sacred unions, and these memories of what real Love is are what kept us going.

The old cycle of Love and Partnerships is coming to a close and a new era of One True Love is about to begin. This is why PURE HEART LOVE is finally here. It is clearing the path for us to LOVE and BE LOVED as never before. Pre-MUA is emphasizing the need for men and women to get ready to be with their One True Loves.

Right now, many of are feeling emotionally tender. Our feelings are extremely changeable and all over the map. Waves of emotions can flood through us at any moment. At times, the yearning for our One True Loves becomes almost unbearable. This powerful yearning is cracking open our hearts and bringing our One True Love closer to us. And now, they are so very close!

During the past month, some of us have finally found their One True Loves. This is opening the door and strengthening that connection for all of us. Our One True Loves are coming!

Now let's get ready for them....


Although men have held the outward power for a long time, the journey has been far more difficult for you. Men are expected to work hard and be constant providers. No matter how they feel inside, society requires them to put up a front of fearlessness and strength.

This is a huge wake up time for men; men need to wake up as never before. They also have to be healed. Their healing takes place when they are fully, deeply loved, which many of them have never been. Most men haven't been taught how to be True Men and there are few role models for them to learn from. A True Man is a King of Kings.

In relationships, some men have been like the sturdy work horse that is pulling the plow. The women that they are with don't really see them as who they really are. Instead, they just want more work done by them so they can have more money to buy more things. No matter how hard they work for their woman, it is never enough. Plow horse men don't feel like a person anymore; they feel more like a beast of burden. They feel unworthy to be a King of Kings. However, they are not victims. They have willingly imprisoned themselves in these relationships with demanding women because they are afraid of their own power and magnificence. Plow horse relationships simply have to go. If you are in one, you need to unhitch yourself from the plow and go find your true self.

There are also lots of Little Boy Men. They need to grow up fast and learn how to be True Men. They need to learn how to take on responsibility. Quickly. Many of them need a strong wake-up call and it will be coming soon.

And if you are a True Man, then please step forward. We really need you here in your full magnificence. And you are greatly needed at the 8th Gate Activation at Lake Titicaca.


Women have had it easier in many ways because we are allowed to express our emotions. Even though we are still an oppressed "minority" in many parts of the world, we still have feelings and often listen to our intuition.

Right now, women don't need to wake up or be healed as much as they need to LOVE as they've never loved before. We need to totally let go of manipulating or using men, and just LOVE them. All of them.

Most women haven't been taught how to be True Women, and again, we have few role models to learn from. A True Woman is a Queen of Queens. What we need to do now is to help awaken and call forth the Kings of Kings. We can do this by singing love songs to them as a Queen of Queens to all King of Kings, and by sending forth our LOVE to all men. And this is true even if you are Gay or Lesbian, for we are all either Queen of Queens or King of Kings.

And let's all call forth our One True Love, for it is time....

By doing this, we will help rebalance and reunite the energies of the Sun and Moon. This will birth the new AN.



March begins with the feeling that something new and very exciting is on the near horizon. And it is! Although our full effort is required in everything we do, we don't have to force anything to happen, for it will definitely, and easily, happen by itself when things click into the right position. This will happen when we fully emerge as True Ones and reach the Major Intersection of Right Time - Right Place.

The month will be full of lots of activity; many of us have an impossible workload to achieve. Yet, we simply cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by it. Just do what you can, little by little. Because so much is in the midst of dramatic change, the Surf will be extremely Choppy at times. This will chop up our activities. We will start on one task, only to be constantly interrupted. This requires us to develop a new fluidity where we can skip from job to job, without losing our focus.

We all need to look for any areas where we are misplacing our energy. This means that we really need to step out of any relationships that are dysfunctional or jobs that are crushing us. We must reorganize our priorities and put what really matters to us at the top of the list.

March will be full of both breakdowns and breakthroughs. Many people, situations, businesses, financial institutions, governments, unfulfilling relationships and old beliefs are reaching their breaking point. We need to be careful that we don't try to hold onto anything that is obviously falling apart.

Since this is Pre-MUA, everything is absolutely ON THE LINE. What we do now is creating our future. Let's be careful to create the one that we most want and truly desire. If we align ourselves with what we most want, this is exactly what we will get. Everything is possible. The fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams is now possible.

We are moving onto an absolutely new level that requires a totally new level of commitment. It's time to make decisive plans on how to get into our New Lives. What do we need to do on a practical level to get from HERE to THERE? At the same time, we need to be constantly open to change and the Unexpected.

Our Express Trains into the New are going through a new phase. During this time, some passengers who have been traveling with us for a long time will get off. This is their decision and they may or may not reappear later. Also, some people who jumped off our trains a while ago will be leaping back on, as well as lots of new, kindred people. As soon as this happens, the Express Trains will speed up again, traveling on the Fast Track into the New and True.

March is a month of huge breakthroughs. A lot of men will wake up and step forward as True Men. Some of our One True Loves will come in. It will be a super busy month with lots of activity. The timing mechanism will be activated, turning on Green Lights and helping us make new connections.

The tides will turn and the Incoming Tides of the New will become stronger. March represents a major Turning Point, a month full of sweeping change and massive breakthroughs. We are at the beginning of a phase of NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. From now through June, things will move quickly with numerous shifts of almost everything we've known before.

Our whole life as we've known it can dramatically change in an instant.




The information on the momentous Second 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 is finally on this website. If you feel called to participate in either the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca or in an Anchor Group, please know that the Path of the 11:11 is a very strong and true one. Because it is so real and on such an accelerated level, it will require that all duality-based patterns be dissolved. This can be extremely challenging at times, but the rewards are great. The Master Cylinder experience is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to step forth in their full mastery as True Ones, you are greatly needed.

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