MAY 2004
Waves Upon Waves

Updated May 3, 2004



April's Surf was extremely thick. Not in the sense of being dense, but rather the composition of it was so full of diverse elements that it dramatically slowed down our movements. Often, it felt as if we were slogging through congealed mud. Everything took more effort, determination and focus than usual. Sometimes, the Surf became so thick that it was nearly impossible to see clearly. We felt as if we were traversing through a dense fog and wondered when we'd hit the quicksand and start sinking.

In the midst of this fog, there were still patches of sunlight and clarity. When we entered the sunlight, everything started to make sense and shine with promise and we forged ahead through a twinkling Green Light, only to soon encounter another phase of impenetrable fog in which we couldn't even see the color of the light.

For the past month or more, we have been in a phase of heightened activity. It's more like a nearly impossible Mt Everest of tasks looming right in front of us, all demanding immediate attention. So when we're zooming along at full speed trying to get everything accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible and suddenly hit those patches of thick mud, it jerks us to a unexpected stop. And often everything around us that we've just spent days getting sorted out into tidy little piles, goes flying every which way in the air.

Then, once we've started to regroup ourselves and regain some forward movement, the thick mud causes us to spin our wheels, just like a car does when it's stuck, and it is easy in those times to overstress and burn out our motors.

Many of us have been overstressed and overstretched for the past several weeks. Unfortunately, this condition will continue throughout May. Our mental bodies have been fried, our physical bodies feel scorched and burned and our emotional bodies are going numb.

This emotional numbness is only felt on the surface. Deep down, we are experiencing the movement of profoundly powerful emotions. It's similar to that old expression, "Crying on the inside." Except we're not, "Laughing on the outside." Emotions are stirring in the depths of our beings; emotions on a very real level which rarely gets touched or disturbed. The problem is that we can't readily access these emotions by bringing them to the surface and dealing with them there. There's too much going on in our outer lives; we're too overstretched; the emotions run too deep.

So there they are.... Bubbling away within us. Affecting every part of us, yet on such deep, inner core levels that we can't integrate them properly. This brings a new depth and seriousness to everything we do. You can see the depth of our feelings in our eyes. Suddenly, we have become very real.....

Our sleep patterns have been in a state of total upheaval as well. We can't seem to get enough sleep, even when we sleep all day. At night, our sleep is often disturbed and broken up into small segments. No matter what, we feel sleep deprived and in a state of near exhaustion.

Eating habits are also feeling the unpinning from our old templates. Often, our appetites are greatly diminished or we are simply too tired to prepare nourishing food. With little sleep and improper nourishment, no wonder our nervous systems are on overload.

The best way to deal with all this, especially when we feel scorched and burned, is to stop everything. Pull the plug on all activities, even the most urgent ones clamoring for our attention. Take a walk. Go to bed. Watch a film (preferably a cheerful one). Eat chocolate. Buy yourself some flowers. Play cards. Take a long bath laden with mineral salts. Play vollyball. Set up altars in your house and light candles. Go out to lunch with friends. Try to do something somewhat frivolous and fun.

Often, by stepping outside the energy field of our immediate situations, we can better regroup and reinvigorate ourselves. It's actually more effective than if we try to keep on doing things in our fried and tired state. When we return to the tasks at hand, we will actually have fresh energy.

The month of May ushers in a phase lasting several months---May through August---that will bring profound changes into our lives. It flings open the door to a new cycle of major changes. These months will also be full of solutions and resolutions to some long standing issues.

During the next four months, we can expect some dramatic shifts of residence for many of us will be repositioned, going to places that are more in alignment with whom we are in the process of becoming.

There will also be changes in our jobs and careers. Many of us have been greatly dissatisfied with our jobs; we've wanted to do something that made us happier and utilized our talents and skills. We want to leave financial struggles behind and reach a new level.

Another area of profound changes has to do with relationships and friendships. Another shuffling of the people in our sphere is taking place. Some people will go out of our lives in the next few months. The exciting news is that a few key connections are going to occur. We will finally encounter some of the major players we are destined to be with.

These connections couldn't occur until we reached a new level within ourselves. Once this happens, the new connections will be made. We will be arriving at some major intersections in the Timing Chain where everything lines up into a state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. That's when we'll encounter one another.

Sometimes we feel so close to these imminent breakthroughs that we can almost taste them. Suddenly, the energy just opens up and we receive strong hints and revelations of what is to come. We think that their arrival is coming any second. And it is, but perhaps in the next five weeks or five months rather than the next five minutes or five days.

It would be quite simple if breakthroughs were all that was happening. But we are still in the midst of tremendous resolutions. Huge chunks of the past are being completed and dropping away.

Many of us feel as if we've been encased in a heavy cement cast for a long, long time. We carried it around with us for such an eternity that we thought it was who we were. But now that this shell is being chipped away, we realize that we are something lighter and truer than what we previously perceived.

Sometimes, we can even feel the blows upon our sensitive beings that are knocking off the old layers of cement. It's jarring and occasionally upsetting, but at least we now know what is happening; that we're not just getting knocked about for no reason.

In May we will find that huge chunks have fallen off us and dissolved. This feels liberating in those areas which are no longer carrying such heavy, dead weight. But we still have sections of cement that have loosened, but are still clinging onto us. It's uncomfortable and awkward and we just want to get rid of them as soon as possible. By the end of August, we should be pretty clean and light. If we've done our work on ourselves of being true and real and adjusted our outer lives to reflect this, then the cement will have totally dissolved.

In the meanwhile, it just adds another element to what we are currently dealing with: Slogging through mud---resolution of old issues---zooming through the occasional Green Light---having chunks of cement randomly drop off---encountering new people who will be an important part of our new lives---constant, impossible amount of things to do---revelations of what is to come on our new levels---dissatisfaction with our old lives---much needed career changes---brain being sizzled and fried like eggs in a skillet---deep emotions awakening and stirring in our depths that we can't turn our attention to---changes of residence---a volatile world situation---an exhausted physical body---an overstressed nervous system---and waves upon waves of changes coming from all directions washing over everything.

No wonder that many of us feel like we're in a boat on a swiftly flowing river which is propelling us to the open water of our New Beginnings. Although we may not yet know the details of our destination, we have a strong trust in the rightness of our appointed direction. We know that it will take us where we most want to go.

The only problem is that our boat has sprung a leak and water is rushing in. We are bailing out the boat as fast we can. The question is: Can we make it to the open water before we sink?

For months now, we have felt like we were in a state of limbo, unable to make major decisions because some of the needed key elements were missing. We've felt as if we were playing cards with an incomplete deck and have been waiting for the missing cards to appear.

During the months of May - August, our missing cards will be entering our lives and the rightful decisions will start to flow. Once everything is in position, decisions will be easy and quick. Many of these decisions have to do with improving and upgrading the quality of our life. Changing our lifestyles so we can be happier with ourselves and feel truer with where we put our energy and focus. There will be a noticeable shift immediately following the 6th Gate Activation on May 29th.

We are also passing through another period of deep initiation. Those old Fires of Initiation. Death / Rebirth / Transformation. It's all on the line. This is a critical time of choice. We're experiencing numerous challenges so we can break through them and demonstrate our mastery. The times we are in require courage, patience, compassion and most importantly, perseverance.

It's essential that we do what we say we're going to do. And if it's something we really don't want to do or don't feel is appropriate to do, then don't say that we'll do it. Many people are currently manifesting this gap between words and actions. What happens when this gap is present, is that the energy we've set into place loses momentum. Just as when someone initiates a tennis match and when their opponent lobs the ball at them, they just allow it to bounce lamely on the ground without making any effort to hit it back. What a waste of energy!

Whenever this happens, we lose some of our credibility and integrity. Is anyone going to want to play tennis with us again? Are they going to respect our ability to respond? This is a time when we really need all the credibility and integrity we can muster. It's actually a "Make" or "Break" time for us, individually and as a collective humanity.

It is precisely in times like these that we must hold strongly to what is really important and true. If we take strong committed action towards what we believe in and know to be true, it will be successful. It will move us onto the new level and take us to where we really want to go.

We need to step into our greatness as never before......

No more excuses...... no more indecisiveness..... no more self-imposed limitations.

Many years ago during one of my early workshops, I had just given a long guided meditation. At the end of it, people came up to me one by one for individual initiations. I remember a man who came to me with tears streaming down his face. Something had obviously touched him deeply.

In hushed tones, he told me that for several years he had been meditating with his spiritual guide, an ancient Chinese sage. This Chinese sage always wore a simple white robe and well worn sandals. The man said that at the end of my meditation, he had seen his spirit guide's empty pair of sandals on the floor in front of him. Then he heard the Chinese sage's voice telling him that they were now his sandals and to put them on. And with a look of wonder on his face, the man told me, "I'm wearing them now!"

This is exactly what we all need to do. Put on the sandals. They really do belong to us. Wear them with comfort and confidence. Be who we are. Be proud of who we are. Live our integrity. Live our Love. Be REAL.

In May, we are given the opportunity to put on our sandals and step forth.... The waves upon waves that May brings in will either sweep us further out to sea or propel us into our most truthful and appropriate directions. Waves are washing things away and waves are bringing things closer. How they affect us is entirely up to the choices we make.

And there will be major breakthroughs....



One Heart / One Love / One Being,



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