Solara's May 2009 Surf Report

The New Lightness


The Emergence of the True Ones

The 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Part 2





For the past month, we have been standing at the Crossroads. This is a powerful transition zone which signifies that we have reached the end of the old road of duality. The Crossroads are our initiation into becoming a True One. The only way through the Crossroads is to greatly expand our being and SHIFT WORLDS. This represents a major Turning Point of NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

After we SHIFT WORLDS to go through the Crossroads, we won't be able to go back into our duality-based smaller selves. We will move onto a totally new, and much more stable, level in which we won't be susceptible to the fluctuations of duality. We won't be influenced by any fears that are imbedded in our planetary collective consciousness. Getting through the Crossroads is a significant breakthrough that gives us more freedom and makes us a True One.

The Crossroads is a critical junction that all of us must pass through by our own selves. We can encourage others to go through it, but we cannot force anyone to SHIFT WORLDS.

It is at the Crossroads where numerous old issues reach their crisis point. All of these issues are specifically designed to help push us through, to bring us to the point of having a quantum breakthrough. Here at the center of the Crossroads, we are beset with challenge after challenge. If we're not Shifting Worlds, we feel trapped in a corner with no way out. And like a high stakes poker game, the stakes keep being raised until we either break down or release the struggles of the world of duality. The more we resist and fight, the longer we prolong the agony. All the while, more issues keep coming in to be dealt with.

Some of the ones who are having the hardest time are the ancient warriors who trained for lifetimes to fight and persevere in the struggle, no matter what. If you are one of them, you need to realize that the battle you are currently waging cannot be won with the weapons you are using. We cannot win a duality-based battle by fighting it with duality-based emotions and responses. It's as futile as trying to untie a Gordian Knot. All it does is keep you small until you either break or yield. We are not supposed to break, but to yield and expand. To find the new solutions, we have to expand our beings so we are able to look in new directions.

One of our biggest snags is financial insecurity. Money, or the lack of it, is a huge challenge for many people. Our limited perception that lack of money holds us back from doing what we truly want to do, keeps us on a very short leash. We can no longer allow ourselves to be limited by how much money we have in our hands. We need to resolve to do what we really need to do, no matter what and make the commitment to make it happen. This is what I've done for years. If I had waited for the money to appear first, I would never have published my books or bought houses and cars. Instead, I made my commitment to do this, because it was the right thing to do, and then the money appeared in an almost miraculous manner, to do what I needed to do.

We spend a lot of time and energy either acquiring money or spending it. Now, it's time for us to break free of the leash so we can run wild and free like we are meant to be, while doing what we really came here to do.

And please don't sit around passively waiting for "Spirit" to do it for you. This is just laziness, giving up without any effort to make things happen. It means that you aren't following what you know to be true. "Spirit" isn't going to jump in until we give our full effort and make our full commitment.

Gratitude is a major key to help us SHIFT WORLDS. This is because it is the antidote to lack. If we constantly express our gratitude for what we do have, it will turn our focus away from what we don't have. Gratitude strengthens the energy of fulfillment and opens the door for more of it to come in.

Once we align ourselves with Right Time - Right Place, we WILL be supported. Many people are still afraid to believe this. These doubts of what we know to be true are another factor that keep us small and ensnared.

And for those who spend their time fervently yearning for New Lives and One True Loves, please know that they won't fully manifest before we SHIFT WORLDS.

Until this happens, we will be exerting lots of effort with heaps of frustration and little results, like hamsters inside a wheel -- endlessly running, running, running -- and getting nowhere.


We SHIFT WORLDS by expanding our perceptions, becoming so vast that our mundane, earthly problems appear trivial. Once this happens, the new, "out of the box", solutions appear. We align ourselves with the Ultra Greater Reality instead of duality.

We also need to reconnect with our true authority as a King of Kings or Queen of Queens. Observe yourself as you respond or react to the situations that are in front of you. Are you meeting them as a True King or Queen would? Or have you abdicated your True Self and become small, ineffectual, angry, impatient, frustrated and helpless? Once we step fully into our true authority, this gives us the empowerment that we need, not only to Shift Worlds, but to do what we need to do in a clear, easy and successful manner. And please remember that the mantra of the real Kings and Queens is, "To rule truly is to serve." True Kings and Queens are the Master Servers.

The next step is to strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE until we totally embody it. This is the resonance that dissolves all the obstructions of duality. Duality cannot survive when PURE HEART LOVE is strong. It is one of the major tools for developing new attitudes towards old problems and new approaches to longstanding challenges. As PURE HEART LOVE strengthens, it will bring numerous breakthroughs and draw to us everything that we really want and need.

Once we Shift Worlds, our old landscapes are immediately reconfigured. It's like we are suddenly inhabiting a brand new world. The New is superimposed over the old. Outwardly, perhaps nothing has physically changed, yet everything is vastly different. We no longer have to wait for the new conditions to arrive; instead, we bring the new conditions into the present moment. We have to do what's in front of us right now with our true, authentic core selves, with what we have and where we are. During this time, it's important that we get as much completed as possible. Don't put things off to do later if you can possibly do them now. And it's time to start manifesting the things that we want to happen.

Once we have Shifted Worlds, we will need to recalibrate everything into the new resonance. Much of this will happen naturally as old, expired elements effortlessly drop away. And if we allow ourselves to think "out of the box", many golden opportunities will come to us from unexpectedly "out of the blue".

Sometimes, a huge purification takes place when we Shift Worlds. Some people are becoming sick so the old can leave their energetic fields. This is why there is so much flu going around right now.

This is a very unique time that requires specialized and intricate navigation. We all are Master Navigators. We must find the Master Navigator within us and bring it forth. Then all we need to do is to continually hone in on the coordinates of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and follow the Compass of our Hearts.



Many people have been in great fear because of the flu epidemic. To put the current crisis in perspective, malaria kills 3000 people each day and no-one is panicking over this. Things like epidemics and earth changes are natural occurrences in Times of Completion. It's just one of the many ways in which our true knowing (our pre-set coordinates) is being tested right now.

Our duality buttons are constantly being hit, setting off painful reactions. This is extremely helpful because it shows us the places where we are still susceptible to duality. As soon as we SHIFT WORLDS, we won't even feel them because all our duality buttons have been deactivated. True Ones don't carry duality buttons within them.

Whenever there is fear, what we are really most afraid of is the Unknown. Why? Simply because we don't know what will happen. We don't have any control over the situation. We don't like being out of control because it makes us feel powerless. But since, in truth, we are not powerless, all we need to do is step into our true authority and SHIFT WORLDS. Then the wave of collective fear that sweeps across the planet cannot affect us.

It is exactly when others are panicking that we need to be ultra strong and totally clear. In the Chinese Book of Changes or I Ching there is the hexagram of Shock upon Repeated Shock. It says something like, "The lightning flashes and the thunder roars and the superior man does not drop the ceremonial spoon." And this is exactly how we must be. No matter what appears to be happening in the outside world, chaos - fear - panic - disasters, we must continue to stand in the Ultra Greater Reality and embody the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE.

Currently, many people are experiencing an intense time of testing and severe crisis. Men and young adults are the ones being most challenged. Many people in their teens and twenties are giving up hope for a better world and are self destructing because they simply don't want to be here anymore. What they most need right now is a purpose. They need to get the focus off of themselves and put it on people who are in a worse outward situation than they are. If they can find a way to serve others, such as volunteering in an orphanage, a refugee camp or tutoring disadvantaged children, it will push them out of their self-centered doldrums and put everything into a new perspective.


It's a bit more complicated with the men. We are presently in the beginning stages of a Shift in Solar Rulership, changing from Red Sun to White Star. This is a monumental changeover that is an exceedingly rare occurrence. The effects of this are being heightened right now because we are in the phase of Pre-MUA, the time immediately before the beginning of a monolithic new cycle.

Many men are in the midst of a major death process that is aligned with the death of the Red Sun. The Red Sun symbolizes both the False Man, the one who forces his way with will, ego and bluster, and the Broken Man. The False Man and the Broken Man have to die in order for the True Man to be born. Because of this, many men are going through a time of choice. They need to live their mastery and stop being afraid of the true power of who they really are.

When men emerge from this death process as True Men, as a real King of Kings, which many of them will, they will be magnificent! This will clear the path for the birth of the White Star which is the infinitely truer Sun Beyond the Sun. The True Men will be Reborn Suns.

(There's an exquisite short story by D.H. Lawrence called "The Man Who Died". It's a love story between Jesus and Isis that's only two chapters long. It is the last thing that Lawrence wrote before he died. He understands well about men becoming Reborn Suns.)

True Men have never been more needed then right now. This is all deeply connected with the work we will be doing at the 8th Gate - 2 Activation at Lake Titicaca on June 5th. For the White Dragon is born of the White Star.

And this is just the beginning....

It is all part of the sacred union of Sun and Moon into ONE which leads to the full Activation of the Beacons of AN. And it is deeply connected with our reunification with our One True Loves.



For the past few weeks, there has been a New Lightness in the air, bringing in a fresh infusion of energy. At first, it appears as an insertion point of something totally new, just like we feel the first hint of spring inserted into a long, cold winter.

This New Lightness comes from a great distance and is completely unplugged from the old matrix. It comes from the New Matrix and brings incredible freshness. This is the very beginning of the first infusion of light from the White Star. It is becoming stronger every day. The New Lightness has never been here before.

A few years ago, I visited the island of Santorini in Greece. In the village of Oia on the northwestern tip of the island, the air was infused with a superb shimmering iridescence. This is how the New Lightness feels.

PURE HEART LOVE also comes from the White Star. A certain level of PURE HEART LOVE has to be present before we can Shift Worlds. Once we Shift Worlds, the New Lightness can come in.

When this happens, it absolutely changes our pre-existing map. We don't throw away the old map and pick up a new map. It is like shining a brilliant laser light on the old map that we've had for a long time which suddenly reveals all the hidden places that we couldn't previously see. This is similar to shining a light on invisible ink and being able to read the secret message.

The New Lightness unlocks a secret world that always been here, which transforms our old map into a totally new map. We can still see the locations of the old places on our transformed map, but superimposed upon them are all these new wondrous places that we didn't know existed. This brings an instantaneous alchemical transformation of everything around us.

At this moment, all the impossible things become possible, all the wrongs become right, the Gordian Knots dissolve and many things click into their new, rightful positions. Now, we can move forward to manifest our Wildest Dreams instead of living in our worst nightmare. We have entered the zone in which miracles are normal occurrences of everyday life.

The new map revealed from the New Lightness gives us a whole new world to explore. It's like moving to an amazing, advanced new level when we play a video game. The New Lightness had to be here before we could have the second 8th Gate Activation.

This is so exciting. We are finally here. The journey has taken us so long, but now we are here!



May is a month full of quantum breakthroughs in which we will take our first steps of discovery upon our newly transformed map. As we do, our new directions will become more obvious and clear. A totally new world is emerging right in the midst of the one that is dying away.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT, no matter how it appears; no matter how it plays itself out. We don't need to waste our energy worrying over the details of how things are going to get done. As long as we put in our full efforts, they will get done. Often, this will happen in most surprising ways that are infinitely easier than we expected.

Huge waves of XUA will wash over our old lives, sweeping away many expired elements and clearing us of old patterns, relationships, jobs, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us.

The New Lightness will massively transform our perceptions and greatly alter the way we do things. I'm already experiencing this in my life. Although my outer life hasn't visibly changed -- still work day and night without a moment to myself, over 500 emails in my In Box, all alone without help, still trying to sell house, no personal life, waiting for my One True Love -- everything is totally different. Nothing overwhelms me. Very little upsets me. I just do whatever I can each day, even the tasks that I used to dislike. It really doesn't matter. My new mantra when faced with things I don't want to do or things that appear difficult is, "I can do this." And I can.... All the while, PURE HEART LOVE infuses every moment.

At the end of the month, we will be on the runway ready to take off into our New Lives, like phoenixes rising from the bonfires of the past.





Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience is always deeply appreciated.

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