Solara's November 2009 Surf Report





October was a powerful month in which the Quantum Surf grew increasingly stronger. The real challenge of October was having to function in such a highly charged atmosphere full of unceasing activities while being constantly bombarded, battered and flattened by various urgent situations and intense energies coming at us simultaneously from multiple directions. All the while, the Winds of Change stirred up the depths so vigorously that old fears, hidden deceptions and doubts were brought up to the surface so they could be clearly seen. The Winds of Change blew with such a force that gigantic whirlpools were created. These spinning whirlpools helped form the Pivot Point for the monolithic shifts that will become visible from the second half of November throughout December.

As November begins, the Surf has risen to tsunami proportions. A series of massive waves stretches all the way out to the distant horizon and far beyond, ready to sweep away the last remnants of the old and bring us huge surges of the New and True. Some of these waves will be Tsunamis of the Old, loosening any previously stuck elements that still need to be released or made right through Ho'o Pono Pono. Whenever we experience a strong outgoing tide, it is similar to what happens right before a tsunami wave comes in. Everything that no longer belongs with us is stripped away and sucked out to sea. The old and expired has to be pulled off of us so that we are ready for the New. And while this is happening, it's natural to feel depressed and grieve at all that is dying away.

When these energies are at their strongest, many of feel like giving up. There's a strong pull to just let go and let the force of the outgoing tide submerge us. But we have worked too hard and traveled too far to let this happen. We simply cannot give up at this critical time when the world of duality is collapsing all around us. We have never been more needed.

When the outgoing tide becomes so strong that we start feeling like a fish flopping around on the bottom of the bare bay, gasping its last breath, it means that the Turning Point is very close; we are right on the edge of making a decisive leap into our New Lives. This is where many of us are right now. That's when we look behind us and see a long line of burning bridges. With a somewhat shocking sense of finality, we realize that we cannot go backwards and we cannot remain for very long where we are, perched on the shaky plateau of the Transition Zone. The only clear path ahead is to make a decisive leap into the Unknown and go for the New and True.

When the Tsunamis of the Old are strong, we are flooded with a full gamut of emotions in a short period of time and can readily burst into tears for no apparent reason. This dredging up of myriad emotions is not only clearing out our emotional bodies, but more importantly, it is actually deepening our LOVE and making it truer. This is such a strong Turning Point that some of us feel as if we are being turned inside out. And we are. We are turning right-side out so we will be more perfectly aligned with our New Landscape.

During November, dramatic Tsunamis of the New will also sweep into our lives, bringing us fresh energy, new connections, new information, rearranging everything and giving us a fresh perspective with expanded vision. A thorough reshuffling of our lives will occur in the next two months, as many elements get loosened so they can move into truer positions. People whom we've been close to who are still clinging onto the collapsing world of duality may be swept out of our lives. The same is true of our friends and partners who are veering off into a different direction than we are. They will be replaced in our lives with an abundance of new, kindred people with whom we share both an alignment of essence and an alignment of purpose. We don't need to try to hold on to anything or anyone. There is a deep rightness to everything that is occurring, even when we can't yet fully see it.

Some key people from our past are reentering our lives on a totally new level, making the leap right beside us. Some of these are ones whom we never thought we would see again, yet here they are! There is also a strong possibility of some of us reconnecting with our One True Loves in the next few months.

Our jobs will be strongly affected by the Tsunamis of Change. Old, previously secure, jobs will suddenly evaporate as we are rerouted to new career directions that are in more perfect alignment with our true purpose. There is also much movement into our new locations taking place. Some of us have recently moved, while others will be connecting with their new locations in the immediate future.

During November many of us will reach the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This is when the Pivot Point activates and everything starts flipping over into a New Landscape. Throughout the month, we will experience many profound changes and quantum breakthroughs. We may feel as if we have suddenly woken up in a totally new world. We will also experience a surge of creativity. This Tsunami of Creativity weaves together skills that we have acquired in the past with new forms of expressing who we really are. This enables us to use our old skills and old tools in new ways on a totally new level. And through the expression of our creativity, more of the New World will be born.

Even with all this happening, our increasing Mastery of Surfing and our continuing emergence as True Ones will make this an easier, calmer and smoother month in many ways than the previous ones.

What Really Happens While We Are "Not Here"

One of our major challenges at this time is learning to find new ways to cope with being constantly flattened when the energy becomes overwhelmingly intense. For over a year and a half now, we have been frequently plunged into super deep levels of awareness such as Far Distant Worlds and the Celestial Barge. Whenever this happens, we enter an almost trance-like state, incapable of moving, even though we might be awake and able to open our eyes to see what is around us.

Our sleep patterns have been dramatically altered as well. Often, we are unable to sleep at night, but really need to sleep during the day. Or we may sleep all night, get up in the morning for an hour or two, and then need to go back to sleep for a few more hours. Sometimes, this happens to me several times a day. Each time I get up, it takes me quite awhile before I can fully function again. And until this past year, I only needed four to five hours of sleep each night.

When we do sleep, our sleep is very deep and full of extremely active working dreams in both this world and parallel universes, most of which we don't remember when we wake up. Sometimes, we work so hard during our sleep that we wake up feeling like we have been run over by a train.

Whenever we are flattened, this means that we are working on a monolithic core essence level; this is why sleep is so important. We are combing through our beings to let go of so very much that we've accumulated since we first came to this planet. We are sorting through our numerous lifetimes in this world and far beyond to put everything into their new, rightful positions. We are repatterning the past, present and future, then merging them all together into the NOW. We are making right through Ho'o Pono Pono everything that was ever wrong, unbalanced, misunderstood or distorted. We are creating the templates for our future. We are exploring the New Landscape and birthing a New World.

This may not be happening to everyone yet, but it sure is happening to many of us. And it's getting stronger and stronger. This presents us with a real challenge. How do we do all that we need to do in the physical world while we are working so intensely in other realms? We really don't have the option of neglecting any of them. It's all important. It all needs to be done.

As the electro-magnetic pull to work in other realms on a pure, abstract energy level becomes ever stronger, I've been looking at the connection between this and the 11:11 Doorway. Many years ago, I wrote about how the worlds of Oneness and duality grow increasingly invisible to each other, until finally, when the Doorway of the 11:11 closes at the end of 2011, they no longer exist in the same reality system. I feel that this is what is happening to us now. A profound frequency transfer between duality and Oneness is taking place within us. Our periods of flattening and of deep sleep with intense working dreams are removing the energy field of duality from our personal and planetary matrixes and replacing it with the frequency of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE from the Ultra Greater Reality.



"Here is a test to find out whether your mission on Earth is finished:

If you are alive, it isn't." .... Richard Bach

Since joining Facebook, I have noticed that lots of people are talking about Oneness, but few understand what it really is. In the dictionary Oneness is defined as: "A fact or state of being one in number." If we come together in true Oneness, then we become one in number. Or as I wrote in my "11:11" book, "There is never more than ONE."

I've heard Oneness described as being peaceful and happy in a state of togetherness or union. Yes, this is true, but it is far more than that. If we become one in number, then we are One Being. This isn't just an abstract concept, it means that we are one, living, organic being. Just as our physical bodies are composed of various individual parts such as eyes, stomachs, elbows, hands, skin, feet, ears and organs. Together all these individual parts form our personal One Being. The same is true of our Greater One Being.

There are some essential components of Oneness and being part of our Greater One Being that are often overlooked. These are Purpose, Responsibility, Action and Love.

PURPOSE: When we are in a conscious state of Oneness, we are totally aligned with our true purpose.

RESPONSIBILITY: We are also responsible, not only for ourselves and those in our care, such as our family, but knowing that we are all One Being expands our responsibility so that we all share the responsibility for the well being of our ONE BEING. When we allow ourselves to LOOK LARGER, we can see that since we are all woven together in the tapestry of Oneness, and since nothing is separate from the ONE, there is no more illusion of separation. Anything that is felt or experienced by any of us anywhere in the world will be felt in some form by all of us individually. This is similar to how a toothache can poison our entire system, even though the problem is localized in the tooth.

ACTION: When we take clear action we are being responsible and true to our purpose.

LOVE: Love is the glue that holds everything together. PURE HEART TRUE LOVE is the resonance that dissolves all duality. It is the most important key that we have.

In our long journey through duality, we've acquired many automatic sayings, most of them by default since they are commonly used by society. Many of these sayings are duality-based, yet we still continue to automatically repeat them like a parrot without thinking about what we are saying. One of these is "I love you to death." Why would we want to love someone to death? Is that the boundary for love? Of course not! Do we want our love to cause their death? Of course not! Why do we want to mix love and death in the same sentence?

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend how crushed I felt by the weight of all the work that I had to do and all the responsibility that I carry. Her reply was, "We are all given what we have the strength to do." This response didn't make me feel better and I didn't feel any compassion or any sense that we are all in this together as ONE. It told me that I had the strength to do it, even though that wasn't how I was feeling; this made me feel even more alone. And it offered no solution to my situation other than that I had to continue on and do everything by myself.

Here's a little story that illustrates how we can shift our responses to a new level:

We are driving through the countryside on our way to a picnic. On the way, we pass by an old man, bent over from carrying a large, heavy boulder on his back. Our old response might be, "Oh well, he is only given that hardship because he has the strength to do it." Another duality-based response might be, "Well, he's poor and suffering because that's HIS karma; I'm glad it's not mine." or "We create our own reality and this is the reality that he chose to create for himself."

Perhaps we could consider a new response coming from compassion such as: "This is not humane for anyone to have to carry such a heavy load. Let's stop and offer him a ride." This response will help him today, but what will he do tomorrow when we aren't there and he has to carry another heavy stone?

Or.... since we are all One Being, we could say, "Let's all step in and share the responsibility to make sure that the conditions that created such unbalanced and unfair situations of hardship and suffering no longer exist. Let's create a new world where every one of us has full support."

With this last response we start taking responsibility for our One Being and step into action. This is the way of the future and the sooner that we start implementing it, the better. There are many ways to deal with the problems of this world. 1. We can ignore them and hope that they go away by themselves. 2. We can solve the problems at the root level, much like weeding a garden, laboriously dealing with each individual problem as it presents itself. 3. We can reach deep into the root system on a pure abstract energy level and pull the entire weed essence out of the planetary matrix instead of just the individual garden. 4. We can strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE until anything that is duality-based either cannot exist in the heightened frequencies of the planetary matrix or is transformed into PURE LOVE.

Of course, Solution # 4 is the most effective one. And it's the path that many of us are now choosing. By doing this, we are changing the pattern of our tapestry of Oneness into a totally new one. At the same time, the Sleeping Giant of our One Being is coming fully alive.



The Codes of the New Lightness

The month of November has begun with an immersion into a very deep Zone of Silence. Even when we are busy doing things, we can feel an overlay of all-pervading quiet all around us. This Zone of Silence helps us notice that everything has imperceptibly deepened and expanded. It's like taking a long walk through a dense, dark forest and suddenly discovering that the forest has disappeared, and we have entered a beautiful, greatly expanded New Landscape of such crystalline clarity that we can see for hundreds of miles in all the directions. We have entered the realm of the New Lightness.

The New Lightness is finally here because we have anchored the resonance of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE and are strengthening it every day. The New Lightness enables us to see what couldn't be seen before.

Our steps become more conscious. We realize that each sacred step we take sows the seeds of PURE HEART LOVE into the earth.
This is how the True Ones walk....

Our speech becomes more honest and real. We no longer have the need or ability to make superficial chit chat or say anything that is untrue.
This is how the True Ones talk....

Our thoughts are no longer distorted by fears or insecurities. Our minds are unpinned and free to roam all the worlds within worlds, unleashing our creativity and giving us a new brilliance and freedom.
These are the minds of the True Ones....

Our love deepens immeasurably until PURE HEART TRUE LOVE becomes both our incoming and our outgoing breath.
This is how the True Ones breathe....

Our actions are true and real. They are perfect reflections of who we really are.
These are the actions of the True Ones....

And as we emerge as True Ones, we join together with the other True Ones. This convergence of True Ones births a new, concentrated core nucleus of our One Being. A union of True Ones merging together as ONE, united in a common task. The foundation for One Being in Action is coming into focus.

We have reached the cusp of a New Landscape....



November is going to be a busy month full of activity with lots of movement taking place on numerous levels. Waves upon waves will crash onto our shores, one after the other. This requires us to bring out our super sized surfboards, the ones that are so large that they can straddle multiple waves at the same time.

There seem to be so few "normal" days anymore. This gives us the sense that we have to seize the opportunity to leap into action and get things done on the physical plane whenever it's possible. It's like having a huge load of dirty laundry and waiting for a sunny day so we can wash it and hang it out to dry. As soon as the sun is shining, we have to leap into action and wash our clothes immediately, not knowing when we will have the next sunny day. It's actually pretty simple. When we have mental clarity, do the mental tasks; when we have physical energy, do the physical tasks. When emotions rise to the surface, allow ourselves to feel them without judging them. And when we are flattened, go lie down and dive into the other worlds.

There is a new element present this month that wasn't here before, a new component to the air we breathe, and this is the New Lightness. This will bring us a sense of comfort, ease and sureness of purpose that we haven't felt in a long time.

There are several Wild Card factors that will occur in November and December bringing us many unexpected situations. Some of these will be to our liking; others might not. No matter what happens, or what appears to be happening, we must not let go of our trueness. Throughout November the windows into the New will open wider. At the same time, more segments of the world of duality will collapse just like sinkholes.

These sinkholes will cause occasional glitches, things such as computers suddenly dying. So please, back up your computer regularly. It will also cause adjustments on geophysical levels such as earthquakes and possibly volcanoes erupting. Some situations may require repeated efforts to resolve. Things like ordering a needed part for something, waiting for the part to arrive, making the appointment for the needed repair, then discovering that the part was the wrong size and needing to start the whole process all over again. When these sort of things happen, it's important that we don't get impatient or frustrated, just surf through it step by step.

Some of us have been going through a time of testing. Our commitment to being True and Real is being tested by the magnification of our doubts and fears. Our obedience is being tested to see exactly what we are being obedient to. Are we are being obedient to society, to what other people want from us or to what we know to be true within our own Heart of Hearts? By the end of November, this testing will be over.

Throughout November many things will come into greater focus. We will be able to see with enhanced clarity even when passing through distortion bands. This enhanced clarity enables us to see our old painful experiences of the past with new eyes. Suddenly we can see the beauty and perfection in those old experiences that we thought were so difficult. This is extremely liberating!

Anything that we can do to strengthen our trueness is helpful. We can align with our personal touchstones such as our personal sacred places, our kindred people, anything that is timeless and enduring.

Aligning ourselves with right timing is a key component right now. I remember playing jump rope when I was in school. How two people spun the rope faster and faster while I waited on the outside aligning myself with the rotations of the rope, until I felt the opening and jumped in. This is one of the ways that we align ourselves with our right timing. We also do it by being a True One.

At some time around the final week of November, the Pivot Point in the center of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE will activate. This is like turning on a switch that causes everything to start flipping over into their new, rightful positions like a long line of dominoes. This will set things into motion for December which will be pretty much off the map for many of us as an abundance of new energies, new people, new places, new opportunities and new information comes streaming in.



I will be traveling in South America in the first half of December. Since this is a quick trip with much to accomplish and uncertain internet connections, I will do my best to get the December Surf Report and Updates to you on time, but they may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding....

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