Becoming the Unseen

Updated October 3, 2004


October's entrance is surprisingly peaceful.... We are in a very calm neutral zone. A deep sense of quiet has settled over us giving us a much needed time of rest and integration. We can now take a look at how far we have traveled and how much we have changed this year.

Many important resolutions took place in September and much has been released. We now have a clearer perspective of what is real and what is important. Our values have shifted and our priorities have been reordered.

September was a super charged, powerful month full of waves upon waves of initiations and lasting breakthroughs. Our perceptions were dramatically altered and expanded. Many veils dissolved and with them, many distortions in our perceptions were lifted. Suddenly, we could see, feel and understand in a much truer sense than before.

This made it infinitely easier to change our reactions to the situations we encountered. Numerous old patterns were released as we met old situations with new responses, with ever more compassion and love. We also discovered that many of the old triggers which used to knock us off balance had lost their power over us.

September was a month in which we were constantly challenged to demonstrate our new found mastery. One of the most important ways we did this was by embodying our full being at all times, not just on "special occasions" or "when we felt like it".

It was also a month full of potential breakthroughs. What we experienced and the scale of our breakthroughs was determined solely by our own actions, reactions, feelings, thoughts and choices. Choices we make every moment of each day. Choices of whether we come from fear or from love. Choices of living with our full beings or holding back and keeping ourselves small. Choices of living in Oneness or remaining hooked in the snares of duality.

We are finally entering a time when we actually do create our own reality. We do this by choosing which reality system we inhabit. And there is no longer the option of jumping back and forth between the duality-based reality and the Greater Reality. We can no longer live as split beings. If we truly want to live in the Greater Reality, we must put our full beings there. We must always remember that first and foremost, we are OF THE ONE.

October is a very interesting month divided into four discernible parts. Each week is a segment with a particular focus. Each week the energy will get stronger and activity levels will rise. Each week will become way more intense.

It is a month of deep inner transformation. One of those months which we will exit as a very different person than we were when we entered it. The emphasis will be on bringing our inner core being out to the surface to be fully seen.

Throughout the month, our emotions are going to deepen and become more real. We are going to be surprised at the new depth of our feelings. These will be real feelings coming from core levels, not the usual interplay of surface emotions, although we might experience occasional flickerings of them. When we do feel the ever changing surface emotions, we won't get caught up in the drama of them. We'll just let them play across the outer surface of our beings and disappear into the ethers. But deep below the surface, something far more powerful will be felt.

This deepening of our emotions and bringing out inner being out to the surface will cause our relationships to undergo a profound transformation as we step deeper into our One Being and start to treat others with more love, compassion and respect.

The first week of October is the Calm Between the Storms. It's an all too brief Grace period. Use this time wisely to replenish your energy and to integrate the many changes of September.

During the second week, we will get busier. We will have lots to do, but this will be fairly easy as the intensity is still relatively calm. We will need to be very focused and clear about what needs to be accomplished. And then efficiently do what's needed.

Around mid-month, the Surf will begin to noticeably rise as the intensity grows. We will be entering a heightened energy pattern. However, if we've successfully surfed through September's intensity, we will be able to get through the third week of October.

The final week of October will be the most intense one. This is where the energies will go off the map of the known and plunge us into the Unknown. This is when the Greater Reality will come pouring in. And this is the time when we can make quantum breakthroughs. These intensity levels and quantum breakthroughs will continue until the middle of November.

As the Activation of the 7th Gate of the 11:11 will take place on October 30 - 31, we can expect some profound energies to be strongly felt at this time. 7th Gate's keynote is "Seeing the Unseen". This means that many of us will experience numerous profound insights and revelations. An entirely new series of veils will dissolve. These are veils that we weren't even aware of before. We won't realize that they existed until the moment when they disappear. Then it will be a feeling of "Aha!". "So that's the way it really is...."

Our perceptions will be noticeably sharpened and deepened. It will feel as if we have suddenly removed a greasy pair of glasses that we didn't even know we were wearing. We will look at everything with our enhanced vision and understanding. It will be like getting a fresh new pair of eyes.

One of our inner realizations will be that we will not find the answers and solutions we seek within the world of duality. That we must step beyond the borders of the known and into the vastness of the Greater Reality. Here we will find the everything feels infinitely more real and true. That love is limitless and all around us. Here we will be able to create the New.

When this happens, we can expect some dramatic changes to manifest in our lives. We will create these changes ourselves because now we can see and feel what is really true. We will embrace these changes as we are magnetically drawn towards what is true and real.

Again, this is like the analogy of the boats in the harbor set loose from their moorings. We will all be set adrift and will ride the currents which resonate with our current level of awareness. We will float away from those with whom there is no longer a resonance of shared essence and go towards those with whom we are deeply aligned on a core essence level.

Some boats will feel so uncomfortable and insecure being freed from their moorings that they will wedge themselves into a new fixed position as soon as possible. It won't even matter where they go, just as long as it's a rigid position with no freedom of movement. Here they will feel safe...... until the next hurricane arrives.

Other boats will start to go out into the open sea and then become afraid or uncertain of the vastness in front of them. They won't like the fact that this is uncharted territory that has not been explored or mapped. Some will overcome their fears and keep heading outwards into the Unknown. Some will drop anchor right where they are; in a standstill, uncertain as to what to do. Others will head to the nearest bay; not traveling very far, but happy that they have made some degree of change.

And some of us will head right into the deepest Unknown. Not from a sense of foolhardiness, but rather from a compelling urge to go as close as possible into the heart of the One. As we set our compasses to the deeper Invisible, we will look around and happily discover that we are not alone. Many boats have joined us, coming from all the directions, and from here on out, we will travel together as One.

As we travel into the deeper Invisible, we will become increasingly unpinned from the past, from our old way of doing things, from all that we have known. We will step beyond the "point of no return" and be indelibly transformed. We will anchor our beings in Oneness and no longer get pulled back into duality.

All areas of our lives will be affected. If there isn't a core essence connection, our relationships might change. Our jobs might change. Where we live might change. And many of these changes will be quite dramatic and move us into totally unexpected directions.

With this sudden profusion of change brought on by the dissolving of the veils, will be a sense of rightness. Any changes we make will feel unquestionably right. If they don't, we shouldn't force them, but should wait until there is no shred of doubt as to our new direction.

October's main area of transformation will take place in our inner beings. And in the expression of our inner beings into our outer lives. Then in the second half of November through January, our outer lives will experience a massive realignment to balance with our newly transformed inner and outer beings.

October is a fantastic, brilliant month that will move us onto our new levels if we are ready and open.


One Heart / One Love / One Being

of the One


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