Solara's October 2009 Surf Report





On the Roller Coaster of Change

September was a super challenging and intense month in which many of us of got slammed, flattened and tossed about on the very jerky Roller Coaster of Change. It was a really wild ride with lots of bizarre challenges constantly thrown at us. The energies were extremely mixed, highly charged and constantly changing. We traveled from one pocket of energy to another, never knowing what was coming next. Some kinds of energy we liked and others we did not. I'd love to be able to say that this phase is over, but it is not. Our wild ride on the Roller Coaster of Change will continue throughout October; however some noticeable shifts will be occurring as more Windows into the New open.

As October begins, we have been plunged into a very strong state of Quantum Deep. This has absolutely flattened many of us for several days. We can feel something big and powerful building up far beneath the surface. As it moves from the Invisible to the visible, it will strongly effect us.

Throughout the month, we will still be experiencing sudden curve balls that come from unexpected directions. We are navigating through random pockets of weirdness and astral energy. At times, it feels like we are traveling through an asteroid belt because there is so much flying debris all around us. If we are not ultra alert, we might receive some hard knocks. And even if we are ultra aware, there will be some small knocks that may temporarily push us off balance.

All the while, we are faced with a huge mountain of tasks to achieve. We are unbelievably busy working simultaneously on numerous projects taking place on myriad levels. And more to do keeps coming in....

Our physical bodies are occasionally developing strange maladies that disappear as quickly as they appeared. At times, we may experience periods when we have absolutely no energy and our bodies barely function. Sometimes it feels like our bones have suddenly turned into liquid. This makes the most simple things, like standing up or walking, quite a challenge. One of the weird things happening to me is that I will be walking along and suddenly one of my legs will just collapse and I will have to scramble to rebalance myself. This forces me to be ultra alert at all times, especially when going up or down stairs.

Often, the energy becomes so strong that it totally flattens us. Whenever we get flattened, it's often helpful to stop doing mental tasks and instead do physical ones, such as cleaning our house or taking a walk. Sometimes the flattening is so strong, that our only option is to lie down. When we do, frequently we are pulled into a deep sleep full of dreams in which we are working hard sorting through various elements.

At times, there is a strong feeling that everything is dying away. Sometimes, the energies or the weather feels like we have reached the end of the world. This is because so much of the old is currently dying away. Just like right before a tsunami, we feel the outgoing tide sucking everything out to sea. This has to happen so that the huge waves of the New can come in. There will be lots of tsunami energy in October.

We are also dealing with many emotions that have been deeply stuffed within us which are now rising to the surface to be released from our matrix. This makes us quite emotional at times. We may burst into tears without any reason. Or we may suddenly feel hopeless and depressed. These old emotions need to be released; they can no longer remain in us. Whenever this happens, all we can do is feel them and then let them go. It is all part of the massive purification that we are currently experiencing in order to become True Authentic Beings.

There is also the strong element of Forced Change which is taking place. Forced Change is when changes are forced upon us whether we think we are ready for them or not. I had a good example of this in September when I lost all my iTunes playlists, plus all the ratings on the 14,000 songs in my computer. I have been wanting to update my playlists for a long time, but just didn't have the time to do it. Now, I am forced to do it since the old playlists no longer exist. Even though it's going to take me quite a while to finish this, I am finally deleting all the songs that I don't like and creating playlists more closely aligned with who I am right now. This feels really good. So actually the outcome of Forced Change is very positive.

During this time, we are straddling many different worlds and we can't neglect any of them. This includes our work in the realms of pure energy, our planetary service, our families, our friends, our home, our daily work. Everything is important and everything must be taken care of in all the different levels. One of our main focuses right now is clearing out any place that is murky, where there is a lack of integrity or a lack of love and understanding.

There's a mighty dismantling of the old taking place. Things are being shaken up and broken down. Much is being ripped out from their old positions. Debris is flying. The weather patterns are increasingly extreme. It can suddenly pour with rain and five minutes later the rain is gone and the sun is so strong that it becomes really hot. Many expired and duality-based elements are being removed from our personal and planetary matrixes. This must be done before we can move onwards. And one of our current challenges is to learn how to navigate through all this.

Our planet is also experiencing this breaking down of the old with numerous earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, floods and wildfires. A great purification of the old and untrue is taking place on all levels. Hardened pockets of duality-based distortion are being removed from the planet, just as they were a few years ago in New Orleans.

We are experiencing the swirling chaos that precedes rebirth. This chaos is constantly around us, affecting everything. It's very important during this time that we don't take things personally. We must continually remember that almost all of us are feeling and experiencing the same things. We are simply passing through the swirling chaos phase; it is not the end of the world. But it is the final stages of the world of duality.

We have traveled too long and worked too hard to give up now. Or to allow ourselves to be diverted and waylaid. This is one of the things that most concerns me. For it is time for us to make some shifts and live our lives on a totally new level. It is time for the True Ones to emerge....



For the past several months, our old identity has been in the process of being thoroughly dismantled. We've been stripping off numerous layers that we no longer need to carry with us. We've been searching for any veneers of falseness with which we have covered ourselves. We've been letting go of judgments we carry that have kept us as imprisoned as the things we judge.

Many of our old beliefs and old ways of doing things have been shattered and can't be put back together like before. We've been sifting through the remaining fragments of our beings in order to merge them in new ways. Many of us have been vigorously searching for where to move, for our true people, for new ways of supporting ourselves, for new avenues of creative expression that make us happy and fulfilled. We have been on a massive journey of rediscovery to see who we have now become.

We are also discovering that we now like some things that we didn't like before or that we haven't liked for a long time. We might suddenly be drawn to new colors, new foods, new clothes, new activities, new music, new people, new places. Some of these might be quite surprising. For me, I've been suddenly attracted to wearing turquoise jewelry, something that I haven't worn in years, but it is helping keep me grounded.

Some of us have been almost shell-shocked into a state of numbness. If so, we have to find a way to shake it off and bring ourselves back to life right away. Others have immersed themselves into myriad distractions to try to avoid the discomfort of all that we are going through. Distractions are dangerous because they make us feel like we are doing something when we're really not doing anything important. We must become constantly aware of where we are putting our energy and make sure that we are putting it into the places that we most value. This is where a finely honed sense of discernment comes in handy. We simply cannot continue on with life as usual. These are not normal times. We are not "normal" people. We need to redouble our efforts to break free of all illusions and get real so we can fully emerge as True Authentic Beings.

The two most important things that we can do right now is to fully emerge as a True One and to leap into ONE BEING IN ACTION. These are the keys for successfully navigating through these tumultuous times.

The 8th Gate-2 Activation in June brought us profound changes, however most of these changes took place on inner levels. Now it is time for us to make these inner changes visible on the outer. We need to start coming out with the new parts of who we are. To openly show our self as a True One. All aspects of our inner and outer lives now need to ring with authenticity and trueness.

This means that it's time to dress as who we really are and decorate our living space to reflect and nurture who we really are. Many of us have sacred talismans that are meaningful to us. Let's dust them off and bring them out so we can use them to support who we really are. Let's release the superficial, the blah, blah, blah of meaningless chit-chat. We can't go stealth like before; now we have to bring out our True Authentic Selves in order to successfully navigate these challenging times.

Let's openly reveal who we are in every moment and become more authentic in everything we say, do and feel. Let's get real and keep it real! We are doing this both for ourselves and for others, for when we walk openly as a True One it helps call forth other True Ones. There are far more True Ones than we realize, that's why we need to openly come out with who we are. The True Ones are not Takers. They are open and clear. They are the people of our future so we need to start honoring them right now in our present.

When we become True Ones, we can serve as midwives to help the New be born into the old world that is dying away. We can be much needed anchors of the New and True and embodiments of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.



Right now, it feels like many people do not yet understand the meaning of ONE BEING IN ACTION. It's important that we do because this is the next level that we are moving to and it is the keynote of next year's Ninth Gate Activation.

I will use myself as an example:

I get very discouraged when people are constantly waiting for me to do something, and this happens a lot. They are waiting for me to sell my house, waiting for me to pack everything, arrange and pay for the shipping, waiting for me to find the new place to create a small center, then waiting for me to miraculously acquire the money to purchase this place and get everything set up, and then.... they will decide if they want to be part of it.

They are also waiting for me to find the place for the Ninth Gate Activation and organize the Master Cylinder, and then.... they can decide if they want to participate. They are anxiously waiting for me to finish rewriting my books, print them, and single-handedly be my own publishing company, and then.... they might buy a book. They are waiting for me to answer their emails, give them advice, update the website, write the Surf Reports, map the new energies, etc.


It's time for us all to be PROACTIVE. This means that we all step in and help make things happen, rather than sitting passively on the sidelines letting other people do it for us. If something is important to us, if it is something we value, if it is something that we know will greatly aid the planetary evolution, then why are so many of us still sitting on the sidelines and letting a few overburdened people carry most of the weight?

Are we missing the point of what this time is about?

Since the 8th Gate Activation in June brought in the new level of Love called PURE HEART TRUE LOVE, many of us have found our LOVE greatly expanded. Yes, LOVE is unquestionably the most essential component of life. But is being more loving enough? Perhaps, there's more to be done.

Right now, many people are learning about Personal Responsibility. Being responsible for our own selves is a much needed step for we can no longer allow others to carry us. Some are expanding their responsibility through their work or personal lives. Yet, there is a vital element of collective responsibility on an infinitely vaster scale that many of us are currently either not seeing or avoiding. This is ONE BEING IN ACTION. We all step in and together as ONE, we birth the new paradigm. We share the responsibility for huge endeavors so the weight is evenly distributed. Together as ONE we can move mountains and it's easy and fun! When we leap into ONE BEING IN ACTION we feel happy and fulfilled. We can finally do what we came here to do.

We don't hide in the corner making lame excuses. We don't negate the massive responsibility that some people are carrying by saying, "Oh well, lots of us are busy doing important things too.", when the scale of those responsibilities cannot be compared. Instead, we come forth and say, "Yes, this is important work, for me and for the entire planet. I'm here to help." This is what I've been personally waiting for, and while I am waiting, I am often being crushed.

ONE BEING IN ACTION is coming. Since it's our next step, we cannot avoid it. And the great part is that when we finally step into it, we will feel so alive and it will be such fun!



October began with a powerful infusion of Quantum Deep that flattened many of us for several days. Whenever the flattening energy is this strong, it means that deep level changes are taking place. Once the flattening subsides, the Winds of Change will start blowing strongly, churning everything up for the rest of the month. During this time, we know that anything - everything can dramatically shift in an instant, moving in any direction. We really don't know what is going to happen next and there is no way to prepare for it. All we can do is constantly expect the Unexpected. And sometimes we may have to make big decisions on a second's notice.

I had a perfect example of the thorough repatterning taking place at my local supermarket. In May, they began an extensive renovation that was finally completed a few weeks ago. Each time that I would go there, a few more things were moved from where they used to be. Some items were moved to their new locations, while others would be stuck in strange, half hidden, temporary places. It became like going on a treasure hunt just to find your groceries. And it made me laugh because it was so similar to our lives these days. By the time, the store had its new grand opening last week, nothing was where it had been before!

Lots of random acts are taking place when we least expect them. At the same time, many little things are breaking down such as light bulbs burning out and batteries that suddenly need replacing or our internet connection stops working. What's interesting is that these breakdowns always happen at the times when we are the most overstretched and tired.

Since everything is susceptible to sudden and unexpected change, we really can't take anything for granted anymore. We must honor those worthy of honor and continually demonstrate our love to those closest to us. We also must let go of feeling responsible for other's personal choices.

PLEASE BE ULTRA ALERT AT ALL TIMES, as the possibility of both minor and major accidents is ever present during this time. I have a friend whose attention waned for one second while driving home and crashed his car into a telephone pole and another friend who sleepily got up in the middle of the night, stepped on a huge centipede and got a painful bite. I am really trying to be extra alert at all times, especially when driving my car, yet the other night I managed to get a deep cut on my finger doing something very normal and insignificant. This is why we have to be super careful and ULTRA ALERT! Automatic pilot served us well for many years, but we can't go around on automatic pilot anymore. This need for being ULTRA ALERT is important training for the future.

Since many people are going through a super difficult time right now. It's important that we actually listen to those asking for help. During some of the times when I really needed help, I called out to several people and very few actually heard me. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our problems and be loving to us. Helping one another is one of the ways that we serve our One Being. We all need to expand our sensitivity and compassion to others. When I am super overstretched, without time to eat or sleep, the last thing I want is to have people complain that I haven't answered their email.

Another thing which is very necessary at this time is the constant purification and recalibration of our energetic fields. So much old energy is flying off of us and there is so much sticky debris flying around us, that we need to wash our hands and face several times each day; taking showers or going swimming will also help keep our energy clear. We also need to continually clear and recalibrate the energetic fields of our living space, like house cleaning, smudging with sage or other healing herbs, lighting candles, putting fresh flowers in your home, opening the windows for fresh air to enter or playing music. We need to keep fresh energy flowing so that it doesn't become stagnant. This will really help us stay true.


And now for the Good News!

Time is speeding up again and the days are passing by in a blur. Since time has also become very elastic, it can stretch out and then suddenly contract back upon itself like a rubber band. The months are flipping over like pages of a book left out in the wind. This makes it helpful for us when we can center our beings in the timelessness of No-Time. When we live in the Ultra Greater Reality, the flow of time is more expanded and eternal.

Throughout October, Windows into the New are opening, bringing us new information, new inspiration, new energy, new opportunities, new possibilities, new people and a surge of creativity. We will find new ways of expressing our creativity in our daily life, not just through special artistic endeavors. These windows into the New will get increasingly larger all month long.

We will also receive lots of validations of the new, emerging parts of our selves. We will make a giant step in balancing the inner and outer so they both truly reflect who we really are. The more we emerge as a True Authentic Being, the more positive a response we will receive, until we are finally seen as True Ones by other True Ones. This will make us feel really good about ourselves and all the work we have done to arrive at this point. It will enable us to continue on with a new lightness to our step.

I want to acknowledge and thank all of you Surf Subscribers for helping support me and my work. You are deeply appreciated!

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In the September Surf Report, i mentioned that the Massachusetts State Senate had just passed a bill mandating vaccinations. Although I got this information from a reliable source, they have now sent out a retraction stating that this isn't true. I apologize for the incorrect information. This is an example of how much misinformation is floating around these days and how we have to be super discerning at all times.




Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience and understanding is always deeply appreciated.

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