Solara's September 2009 Surf Report

Push It Through!





August was a somewhat challenging month with extremely changeable energy. The month began with a rising sense of expectancy that something wondrous and life-changing was right around the corner. This filled us with excitement and a deep inner happiness.

At the same time, we were plunged into the state of Ultra Quantum Deep. Here we accomplished much deep inner work in the realms of the Unseen. This occurred either when we were asleep or in a deep, almost trance-like state. Ultra Quantum Deep takes us right into the core nucleus of our beings. Here, in immeasurable depths that we've never touched before, a massive amount of work took place. Our new selves were pinned into our truest coordinates.

Around the second or third week of the month, it felt as if we had done what we needed to do on the core nucleus level. Our massive internal efforts had set something powerful into motion. We could feel wheels, cogs and gears click into new positions deep within the central core of the planet. We had helped activate something huge; now the gears are turning on their own momentum and the waves spreading outwards, up to the surface.

All of this is creating the next wave of imminent massive breakthroughs that we've been feeling coming to us. Gigantic shifts on a monolithic scale are occurring. This is causing much movement deep within subterranean levels of the Earth. Some of us are able to feel the constantly humming vibrations deep within the planet or hear the low rumbles that are now taking place. Since this began, waves of energy are passing through the numerous layers of this planet on their way to the surface, activating pre-set triggers in their path.

As soon as this started happening, the energy totally changed. We no longer felt the sense of anticipation and excitement that we had felt for the first half of August. Instead we felt extremely pushed-pushed-pushed from many elements coming at us from multiple directions. An enormous pressure pushed upon us. This massive pressure has also had an effect on our physical planet. The planet's tectonic plates are feeling very pushed upon. Something has to give....

The massive pressure is opening up cracks and fissures in places that were previously closed. These cracks between the worlds have not only allowed some new energies to rise to the surface, but it has also caused some dubious and murky elements that have long been sealed up to come out into the open. Some of these are astral energies that don't belong here anymore. They are being brought out to the surface so they can either transform into Oneness or be released from the planetary matrix.

Whenever we encounter murky or astral energy, our challenge is to deal with them in new ways. We simply cannot allow them to pull us back into duality-based responses or interpretations. We need to stand strong in the center of Heart of the Lotus and powerfully radiate PURE HEART LOVE so that it dissolves anything that is untrue. This isn't just a nice thing to do that will temporarily make us feel better; it is a survival issue that is of great necessity and that will change everything.

Just as a lotus plant is continuously self cleaning itself and purifying the energy of its environment, we must also become continuously self cleaning. We need to constantly clear, purify and recalibrate the energy within us and around us. We also need to clean out all the pockets of stuck energy in our home environment. As soon as any murky, stuck or astral energy appears, we must completely XUA! it out of our personal and our planetary matrixes. We need to become islands of PURE HEART LOVE at all times, no matter what appears to be happening in the outer world.

It's vitally important that we stop feeding duality in all its forms. Because of this, we can't carry any duality-based concepts with us anymore. We also cannot fall into judgment or fear. Sometimes this can be quite challenging. One of the areas that is currently being hyped up is the swine flu "pandemic". Here in the United States, the "liberal" state of Massachusetts is in the process of trying to pass a draconian law that authorizes the state government to force mandatory vaccinations for everyone of the untested flu vaccine with fines of $1000 per day, plus imprisonment, for those who resist. This is scary stuff and very disturbing. So what do we do?

Our main option is to so strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE all over the planet so that those type of energies cannot exist. Here is a link to the PURE HEART LOVE Mudra that can be practiced frequently to help bring forth the energy of PURE HEART LOVE. Also, if enough of us XUA! these energies out of the planetary matrix, this will have a huge effect. There is a video of the XUA! on the same link. It's never been more important that we get serious about strengthening the resonance of the Ultra Greater Reality on this planet. This needs to be done RIGHT NOW by lots of us.

It's also time to heal all splits. Anything that's been artificially separated needs to be reunited. In the Hawaiian tradition, two of the most important words are Aloha and Mana. Aloha means LOVE while Mana is POWER. Long ago, there was an artificial split between Aloha and Mana so that they are now perceived as two separate energies. Yet what can be more powerful than LOVE? When we reunite Aloha and Mana we have POWER residing in its truest place, in LOVE. The strongest MANA that exists is ALOHA. MANALOHA. We now need to bring forth the MANALOHA within ourselves and become true Warriors of LOVE, Sacred Pagodas or Towers of Light of PURE HEART LOVE. The planet needs this RIGHT NOW!

There is also a lot of Ho'o Pono Pono taking place on a greatly expanded scale. Throughout September we will be Making Things Right and rebalancing anything that is out of balance. At the same time, anything that cannot travel further with us is now being pulled away from us. Layers upon layers are being shucked off us. Many of our old perceptions and beliefs are finally being revealed to be duality-based so we can set them aside. These aren't just the obvious elements that we want to free ourselves from; they also include things that we deemed "positive" such as old spiritual practices that have taken us as far as they can, old habits and behaviors that we used to see as fun or helpful, as well as friendships that can no longer deepen and grow. That's what makes this Ho'o Pono Pono different and more far reaching than before. We are using our expanded understanding and infinitely vaster criteria in order to Make Things Right by realigning, resetting, repatterning and recalibrating everything to our truest coordinates.

We are also experiencing another wave of relationships breaking up. This is happening mainly to the ones who either "settled" or compromised, rather than waiting for an equal partner who is their One True Love. Although separation is always difficult, this isn't as sad as it may appear to be, for it frees everyone to realign with their true path and find their real partner.

All of these factors are pushing upon us, forcing us to make the necessary changes in order to become True Ones. They are pushing out the old and expired and pushing us into the New and True.



The reason for this immense pushing is to get us into our rightful positions. We're being pushed hard so we go in the right direction. It is similar to pushing out a baby during birth. Something very big is passing through something very small. It's like traveling through a black hole, which is close to what we are doing. We are birthing the egg of the unborn worlds. This egg contains the vibrant seeds of our New Life. These are octaves of energy that couldn't be here until we anchored PURE HEART LOVE.

We are now traveling through octaves rather than dimensions. The dimensional patterning belongs to duality; this is why we are leaving it behind. The New Octave originates from Beyond the Beyond or E Mao Mao.

Everything that is happening to us is a direct result of the profound, massive breakthroughs that we experienced in late May - early June when we activated the first Mua (the beginning of a major new cycle) and birthed the White Dragon. This was the first Mua of a series of Muas which will culminate at the end of 2012. These quantum breakthroughs moved us onto an entirely New Map that requires us to repattern and recalibrate absolutely everything.

September is the month for us to Push It Through! We need to push through to get to the other side of where we are now. This is going to take much effort, but it is definitely worth it. We need to align ourselves to the pushing energy that is all around us and work with it to take us to a new place. The key is to work WITH it rather than resisting it.

Throughout September, we will be pushed to make important decisions in order to get us into our right positions as quickly as possible. These decisions must be based on a "going to" rather than a "leaving from" point of view. We must go towards our New Lives, rather than simply jumping ship from our old lives. We must JUMP IN at the same time as we are JUMPING OFF. This is definitely not the time to sit passively on the sidelines as an observer. We must actively participate in getting ourselves out of the Transition Zone and into our New Lives as soon as possible.

All this pushing movement is making the Surf extremely choppy. At times, it almost impossible to focus on what we are doing, for as soon as we do, other elements come forth to demand our immediate attention. We might start a task requiring mental concentration and suddenly a neighbor turns on their radio full blast. Or we might plan a huge house cleaning on our day off, only to have to return to work to deal with an emergency.

All the while, a profusion of elements is wildly spinning around in the air, almost creating a cyclone of distractions. This makes it quite challenging to get things done. Whenever we try to focus on something, the energy is quickly chopped up. This is the chaos that precedes birth. And we need to stand right in the middle of the chaos and somehow keep Pushing It Through!

Pushing it Through would be relatively easy if all we had to do was put forth our efforts to make it happen. But since we are no longer on the old map traversing a linear landscape, it's a bit more complicated than that. It's not simply a matter of rolling up our sleeves, applying self discipline and getting things done. We are on a totally New Map which requires a brand new set of navigational skills that we are just in the early stages of developing.

Our New Map contains lots of many layered strata. It's multi-dimensional rather than flat. It's ever changing instead of being fixed. There's no Up or Down. There's no right-side up or upside down. It's like one of those Chinese sliding puzzle boxes where new areas can suddenly reveal themselves when we least expect it. There are numerous magnetic zones of Ultra Quantum Deep that will pull us in whenever we encounter them. There are hidden pockets of distortion that we might encounter at any time. There are sinkholes that unexpectedly collapse our outdated perceptions and beliefs. There are myriad insertion points of profound revelation. And there are things coming at us from myriad directions, all clamoring for our attention!

At times, it might feel like we are navigating a minefield. We never know when an explosion will go off or what direction the next distraction will come from. And then, suddenly there's a breakthrough and something new clicks into position.

But there's a way of navigating through this. We need to activate our truth filters and use our discernment at all times. Run everything through a Greater Reality Check to see if it's coming from duality or Oneness. We must be ultra aware and on high alert in every moment. Then follow the direction that makes us happiest. Stand strong in the Heart of the Lotus and embody PURE HEART LOVE. This is how we keep ourselves aligned with our truest coordinates.



Throughout September, it's important not to collapse ourselves in the chaos or get pulled in by any of the collective fear that's around. We need to keep our focus clear and true, rather than allow ourselves to get distracted or upset. We have to sit in the eye of the storm which is the Heart of the Lotus. Duality is waging its final fight for its survival. And much like the setting sun makes a huge flash in the sky right before it descends out of sight on the far horizon, this is exactly what duality is doing right now. It's going down, even though it may temporarily experience a surge of power. Don't panic. What's happening is not necessarily what it appears to be. There are many factors at play that we cannot yet see.

Since we are so greatly expanded, physical activity is much easier to accomplish than mental activity at this time. When we have to do mental tasks, the best way to do it is in short spurts that are broken up with simple physical tasks. Work at your computer as long as you can, then get up and go sweep the floor or take a short walk. Whenever we do anything physical, it is extremely grounding and helps clear out and replenish our energies.

Whenever distractions come up and your focus is cut off by Choppy Surf, don't get frustrated or angry. Try to see the humor in it; simply smile and say to yourself, "Oh look, here's another distraction!". Whether it's a phone call, a child needing your attention, or a cat meowing for more food, don't put up any resistance; just do what's needed in the cleanest, most efficient way possible and return to work as soon as you can. Just like flowing water, we can either surf through the distractions or around them.

Since June, we have been experiencing a profound shift of our internal templates, moving off of the duality template and into that of the Ultra Greater Reality. This has made it almost impossible to do things in the old duality way. It has also neutralized our old duality-based triggers so they aren't provoking the usual reactions from us. This is a huge breakthrough.

The shift in internal templates is having a strong affect on our physical bodies. Some of us are experiencing sudden flashes of extreme heat on isolated parts of our body, super loud ringing in the ears, stiff joints, and various other strange physical symptoms during our passage through the Transition Zone. Again, we need to be self cleaning like the Lotus, continually purifying our whole beings and our immediate environment. Whenever anything that feels wrong comes up, we must clear it out right away, rather than stuffing it inside us to quietly smolder like embers of a fire. The time of stuffing things inside, rather than dealing with them immediately, is over.

At the same time, it's important to carefully listen to what is really going on. There are lots of hints and clues coming to us when we least expect it. And our dreams are full of important information. Listening carefully is part of being on high alert. And we simply cannot make assumptions about anything because the full scope of what is happening is still beyond our present understanding, even though our clarity and understanding are increasing each day. We cannot interpret anything in a duality way.

Throughout September we will discover that more parts of the larger picture are continually being revealed. We will become increasingly familiar with our new method of navigation. There will be many surprises this month, and whether we initially like them or not, we must gracefully surf through all of them. Everything that is happening is leading us to where we are meant to be. The changes that we most want are coming.

Click into position with your true coordinates and don't let anything throw you off course. Then let's PUSH IT THROUGH!




Some people get upset when the Surf Reports aren't ready on the first day of each month. I usually need several days into the month to feel out the energies, understand what I am feeling and find the right words to describe it. It is not easy to map the Unknown. If the Surf Reports were based on astrology or were channeled, they would be much quicker to do. Your patience and understanding is always deeply appreciated.

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