The Eye of the Needle


Updated September 1, 2004


The month of August was all that we thought it would be and more. We were constantly tossed about in the Tsunamis of Change and battered by sudden bursts of Rough Surf. During this time, numerous core issues, patterns, emotions and situations from our past came surging to the surface where they were magnified and thrown into our faces, flung into the forefront of our present moment, making them impossible to ignore and demanding our immediate attention.

Here our challenge was obvious. We need to repattern our pasts by meeting the old issues and situations with our future selves, dealing with everything in totally new ways. This weaving of the future back into the past through the doorway of the present actually serves to repattern the past. It frees us so that we don't have to keep on experiencing the same things over and over. And amazingly enough, as we did this, we could feel the knots dissolving and we became lighter and freer.

Sometimes the intensity levels were immense.....

Just when we would reach the point where we simply couldn't take any more, the Rough Surf would spit us out out into calmer waters. The Surf was once again serene and clarity returned. Suddenly we could breathe again....

It was similar to the aftermath of a hurricane. Our brief forays into calmer waters were like finding a temporary shelter after a raging storm. Once we got here, we could take inventory of what we had just experienced. Yet more veils of illusion and distortion had dissolved or been swept out to sea and we could see clearer than ever before. Not just clearer, but also vaster, as we keep expanding the depth, distance and scope of what we are able to see, feel, perceive and understand -- especially peripherally and multi-dimensionally.

As the map of our perceptions and awareness -- of what we can see, feel and understand -- becomes ever larger, the previously Unknown is transferred into the known, making visible the Invisible. This is deeply connected with the keynote of October's 7th Gate Activation of the 11:11, Seeing the Unseen.

Right now many people are experiencing a deep fear of the Unknown. Even people who thought that they had evolved far beyond that and "conquered their fears", are now finding themselves almost paralyzed with fear. Quantum breakthroughs are right before them and they are afraid to move forward.

Suddenly, the old status quo is looking pretty good and feeling very enticing and comfortable. The voices of our fears reassure us, "We don't need to move forward into the Unknown. We can serve from where we are. We don't need to move out of our zones of comfort and mastery." This is a dangerous deception which we must constantly be aware of and not allow ourselves to get stuck into our old default positions.

Duality is amping up its fear mechanisms to try to hook us back into itself. It's doing this because it depends on our energy, on our belief in its existence, for its sustenance. And it's true; if we stop believing in duality, we stop feeding it and it will dissolve back into the illusory realms which is its true home.

It's important to remember that duality is not just the "forces of dark", but it is also found in our attachments to the "forces of light". This is where the hooks of spiritual ego and spiritual arrogance are to be found. The feeling that we don't need to move out of our comfort zones into the Unknown or make any more quantum leaps, because we are fine in our current position as "light workers" is a huge deception and distortion that we need to become aware of. I really recommend that you read my book "EL*AN*RA: The Healing of Orion". It's the perfect book for this time and is extremely helpful in stepping free of duality. It's time to take off our robes of both dark and light and step into the ONE BEING.

The reason that our fears are becoming so strong right now is because the Unknown is powerfully making its presence felt. However, this isn't something menacing and shouldn't be something to fear or try to avoid. It should be welcomed as a positive sign of our ongoing evolution. This entrance of the Unknown is our reward for the work we have done.

The Unknown is being powerfully felt because it's about to melt and merge into the known. And as it does, the Greater Reality expands. More illusions dissolve. We become more real and true.... This is nothing to fear. Instead, we should embrace it gratefully.

In the month of September we will still be repatterning our pasts and learning to do things differently. Except for when we are being slammed by the Surf and tend to take everything personally, we are seeing everything more clearly. We now know what we have to repattern or clear out. We can see the areas where our fears reside and how they are part of our built-in self-sabotage mechanisms.

This month differs from the previous months in that we will now be able to see the progress we have made. And we will be given numerous situations in which to put our heightened perceptions into practice.

This is a time where we can demonstrate our mastery through RIGHT ACTION and through INHABITING OUR FULL BEINGS. The entire month will be full of potential for quantum leaps and major breakthroughs. Much of what we achieve will depend on our ability to step out of our old default positions and release the fears which have been holding us back from stepping forward. September will be full of GREEN LIGHTS TO GREATNESS. The choice is ours whether to move forward or hold back and keep ourselves small.

This time reminds me a lot of the long ago evacuation of Atlantis which I wrote about in my book, "The Legend of Altazar". This is when we departed Atlantis in those long, low wooden boats. We were told to row night and day with our full commitment, no matter what! until we reached the open sea. And out of the hundreds of boats which departed Atlantis, only eleven made it to their appointed destinations.....

Are you rowing with everything you've got? With your total commitment? With your full being? Are you rowing all the time, no matter what is happening externally and internally or only sporadically? And if not, what keeps you from doing so?

In September we will discover that our past and present relationships are becoming unhooked from their previous definitions, moving from the context we thought they were in to their real context, revealing the true nature of their connection. These relationships will either be felt on a much deeper level or they will become unpinned and drift away if there is no longer the harmonic resonance which binds them together.

What we will experience is similar to the situation in a boat harbor if all the boats were suddenly set free from their moorings. They will begin to drift in the currents to which they are aligned, following the harmonic resonance which most strongly calls to them.

Some will drift in the currents of duality -- in the seeming "comfort" and "stability" of the status quo. Some will be pulled along by the currents of fear. Others will be drawn to the currents of the Greater Reality. There will be a natural clustering together of those who ride the same type of current, who resonate in accord.

It's time to check what kind of current you are riding: Currents of Fear? Of Oneness? Of Love? Of Selfishness? Of Self Doubt? Of Anger? Of Compassion? Of Courage? Of the One Being?

And it's good to remember that during tsunamis, the boats in the deepest parts of the ocean are the least affected. Once we've put ourselves in the deep ocean of the Greater Reality, we won't be so thrown about by the Tsunamis of Change. It will be the boats who cling closely to the shoreline of the known which will be the most battered.

Another interesting thing which is happening in September is a deep reordering of our priorities. For the past few months we have discovered that our priorities have become unpinned. This means that we are often not giving full importance to what we used to consider our highest priorities. We may find ourselves setting aside something that used to be really important and that still appears to be urgent on an outer level, in order to do something which we used to perceive as a lesser priority.

Sometimes, this can be very confusing and we wonder why we can't put our full attention on some pressing matter which appears outwardly urgent, but energetically feels less important than something else which may not appear as important on the outside.

Since all our priorities are being totally rearranged, this state of confusion is only temporary. We might also have been learning that as we got what we once thought we wanted in life, that we really don't want it anymore. Or that once we got it, we didn't have any time or energy for it. This is all part of the reordering of priorities.

During the initial stages of unpinning, everything has to be unpinned, like all the boats being set free from their moorings in the harbor. Within the next few months, our new set of priorities will be anchored into their new positions. Once that happens, we will be quickly moving into our new lives.

Massive, unprecedented breakthroughs are coming in October and November. The evolutionary express train is leaving the station in October. And it is our actions in September that will determine whether or not we will be on it.

It's time to call in our scattered energies and to find our inner lion self who has unlimited courage and confidence. We need to go deep within our inner beings, into our core essence, grab onto it and bring it out to the surface. We need to be super honest and let our core essence propel us forward.

Right now at the beginning of September, the sea is rising; there's a mighty swell coming from the depths.... and it's going to bring in some extremely big waves. September is going to be a wild ride.

Ahead of us is the Eye of the Needle and we must make the conscious choice to go through it with everything we've got and with our 100% commitment. This isn't scary, it's exciting! It's just what we've always yearned for. And it will definitely take us to where we have always most wanted to go.

If we choose to go through the Eye of the Needle, we will get to our new levels. It is the place of "No-Down. No-Return". We will have reached the open ocean of the Greater Reality where "All Things Are Possible".

The next three months will continue to be a powerful Zone of Overlap in which we can make lasting breakthroughs. To do this, it's essential that we don't fall back into our old patterns, but remain true with who we really are. We need to grab onto our integrity, open our hearts deeper than ever before and make the full commitment to move forward no matter what!

One Heart / One Love / One Being,



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