The Great Pyramids
Giza, Egypt
January 11- 12, 1992

The Opening of the 11:11 Doorway.

I've had these amazing photos in albums at my home since 1992.
Now it is finally time to share them.
Although the quality of the now-aged photographs is not excellent,
the energy of what we achieved in January 1992 can still be strongly felt.

Over 500 people participated in our 11:11 Activation Ceremony.
At night, most of the people returned to the warmth of their hotel rooms,
yet the Activation continued on with a small and dedicated group.

We began our Ceremony at 12:11 am and continued for 38 hours without stopping.
We danced all night, all the next day, all the following night, and continued until 2:11 pm of the second day.

It was very cold in Egypt in January. We were without food, blankets or shelter.
And yet we kept on until the Doorway of the 11:11 was fully open.

I dedicate these photos to the participants of the First Gate Master Cylinder in Giza, Egypt.

With eternal gratitude. Well done!

THE 11:11 TOUR:
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In November 1991, I took a trip to Egypt to organize the Master Cylinder. During this amazing journey, I had private time in each of the Great Pyramids. Here, I held open the 11:11 Doorway and felt all the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses pass through it.

I was smuggled to the Sphinx at 4:00 am and climbed onto his breast, feeling the strongest love I have ever felt. Energetically, I made myself vast and climbed upon his back. The Sphinx opened his wings and together we flew through the 11:11 Doorway.

On a pilgrimage, I visited the step pyramid in Saqqara and the ancient Temple of Ptah in Memphis.

I also found the site for our 11:11 Activation.

Part 1: Inside the Great Pyramid
Part 2: Visiting Saqqara & the Temple of Ptah in Memphis.
Part 3: The Sphinx
Part 4: Finding the Activation Site


We had six days of preparations in the grand ballroom of the Mena House Hotel to get ourselves ready to open the 11:11 Doorway.

Part 1: At the Mena House Hotel
Part 2: Sessions Begin
Part 3: A Camel Caravan
Part 4: People of the Master Cylinder
Part 5: Inside the Great Pyramid

Part 6: Alpha & Omega


Thirty eight unbelievable hours at the base of the Third Pyramid of Mycerinus.

Part 1: In the Circle
Part 2: Wheels Within Wheels by Day
Part 3: Wheels Within Wheels by Night
Part 4: Guardians by Day
Part 5: Guardians by Night

Part 6: People
Part 7: The Starry Processional by Day
Part 8: The Starry Processional by Night
Part 9: The Mystical Nights
Part 10: The Rising Dawn
Part 11: The Caravan Departs


140 of us continued on for another week cruising the Nile and visiting the ancient temples.

Part 1: On the Celestial Barge
Part 2: Luxor
Part 3: The Temple of Osiris
Part 4: On our Nile Boat to the Valley of Kings & Queens
Part 5: The Temple of Horus
Part 6: The Temple of Isis

THE 11:11 TOUR: Visit all the First Gate Photos in their proper sequence.