Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11



11:11 Anchor Groups are essential to a successful 11:11 Gate Activation. They work closely with the Master Cylinder as One Being. Without their dedicated participation, the Gateways within the Doorway of the 11:11 could not be opened.

During an 11:11 Gate Activation, the Master Cylinder Group aligns as One Being to create an entry point for the new, incoming, concentrated energies from the Ultra Greater Reality, which are then anchored deep into the earth.

The Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups around the world form a strong and greatly expanded One Being. A direct infusion of the new energies are sent from the Master Cylinder to the 11:11 Anchor Groups who anchor them all over the world. 

The 11:11 Anchor Groups serve a very vital purpose as the anchoring pegs for the entire Master Cylinder and receivers of the new energies of an 11:11 Gate Activation.

Being part of a 10th Gate Anchor Group will be a powerful transformational experience, infused with PURE HEART TRUE LOVE.

Tenth Gate is an important 11:11 Activation since it opens the door to LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES. We will be consciously working together as True Ones. True Ones have a deep inner knowingness and are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This means that the dynamic of Anchor Groups is also changing. They should now be more of a collaborative effort of a unified whole, rather than under the strict guidance of a central authority. The group will cocreate together in birthing the New.

If you are truly called to help clear the path into the New and True and create lasting breakthroughs for the whole planet during these incredible times, please participate with your full being in this important event.


Organizing a Tenth Gate Anchor Group is a powerful and effective way in which you can step in as a True One in ONE BEING IN ACTION.

An Anchor Group can be composed of as few as two people. Here are some easy steps to help you do this:

Once you decide to become a Tenth Gate Anchor, please register your Anchor Group. Register your Tenth Gate Anchor Group Then we can put your details on the 10th Gate Anchor Lists on the Nvisible Website. It is very important for us to receive your contact information as the complete Anchor Group List will be read aloud at the 10th Gate Master Cylinder in Mexico, and by all Anchor Groups over the planet. This is what helps us consciously align into One Being. And being on the Anchor List also makes it possible for others in your area to contact you.


Once we have received your contact details, we will publicize your group on the 10th Gate Anchor Group Lists on the Nvisible Website and our Google Anchor Map. You can also put up posters or fliers with information about your 10th Gate Anchor Group in places such as whole food cafes and shops, healing and retreat centers, bookstores, community spaces and anywhere else that will reach similarly aligned people or groups. There are even some websites that offer free events advertising – just make sure that it is appropriate with the work of the 11:11 and the Anchor Groups! Also contact any friends or acquaintances who might be interested in participating.

If you choose to send out information about the 10th Gate Activation to your contact database, please remember to include the Nvisible Website address so that they can contact us directly for more information: http://www.nvisible.com


Some 11:11 Anchor Groups choose to be private, which means that they are not open to the public. This is usually done when there is an existing group who has worked together for some time and have a finely tuned dynamic. By keeping their group private, they can hold their focus and serve more effectively. However, during these times of reconnection with our Right People, opening up a private group for others to join can bring in much-needed fresh energy and possibly connect us with ones whom we are meant to meet. It is also a great service to share knowledge and understanding of the newest energies with our communities. Organizing a public group means anyone can join, although it will require more preparation.


Sometimes there will be more than one Anchor Group in an area. When this happens, the Anchor Groups can either choose to combine their groups or continue to hold their own unique focus. We are all part of our One Being whether we align together in large or small groups.


It’s advisable that your Anchor Group holds preparatory meetings before the actual 10th Gate Activation on September 11, 2011. There are already some Anchor Groups who meet regularly between 11:11 Gate Activations. Regular preparatory meetings will greatly help your group emerge as strong, clear TRUE ONES united in purpose and dynamic, as well as give you time to learn the key 11:11 Sacred Dances. Anchor Groups that do the 11:11 Sacred Dances during the 10th Gate Activation will find it far easier to ground the influx of new energies and PURE TRUE LOVE – this is exactly what the Sacred Dances were created for and they are deeply effective.

During your Anchor Group meetings, you could discuss what are New True Lives and what holds you back from living them. You could also make mandalas to help birth the New. Other useful practices would be sitting as Silent Watchers and doing the Pa'a.

Your Anchor Group can also plan your Tenth Gate Activation Ceremony together. If there are some people who cannot participate in the preparatory meetings or who have joined your group just before the Activation, it is important to communicate clearly with them what your group has planned, and bring them into your group with Love as quickly as possible. What makes the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups so effective during 11:11 Gate Activations is the dynamic of total Oneness and connectedness that we embody.


If at all possible, please send someone really strong and clear from your Anchor Group to participate in the 10th Gate Master Cylinder in Chiapas, Mexico. This will create an infinitely stronger connection between the Master Cylinder and your Anchor Group. Whenever there is a representative from an Anchor Group present at the Master Cylinder, the connection is so much more powerful as it enhances the direct line between us. This will create a deeply successful anchoring of the 10th Gate energies. Each participant in an Anchor Group can contribute to the cost of getting one of their representatives to the Master Cylinder. Your representative is also able to bring back and share the very newest energies and tools that are moving us deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality and onto the very new level of LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES.



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