The Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11


The Tenth Gate Anchor Group Reports



 Kiev, Ukraine Ribblehead, UK

Moscow, Russia Rancagua, Chile Itacare, Brazil

 Odense, Denmark  Buenos Aires, Argentina


Kiev, Ukraine

My name is Oxana and I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. Our centre is called The Labaratory of Love.

We have been participating in the 11:11 event for 4 years and all the time we have new participants. This time we had 12 people and this time was far more powerful then the previous one.

Everybody felt the waves of energy and this is especially true to the Guardians. During the Sacred Dances we even felt the vibration from the floor. We had a really beautiful Lotus Dance in the open air - the moon had already showed, we had stars and it was so quiet, that even the birds didn't sing. And when we opened hands it felt as if there were not only our group but hundreds and thousands of people!!! Later we saw the rays of energies on the pictures. And we really enjoyed Pa'a.
With Love and joy,



Ribblehead, UK

What can be said?
It can only be felt.
Beautiful, heartfelt, solid, gentle energies.
Alive, living, whole, complete.
Pure connection.
Thank you & with love to, and all of you, which is us and all.
Still bedding in the energies, our energies,
as one,
such powerful gentleness with the warmth of PURE LOVE for all things.
Thank you! Namaste! Blessed Be.


Moscow, Russia

In Moscow we united two groups - the group with Ludmila, Svetlana and Nina.

We had 40 people participating in the Ceremony and we had total understanding, unanimity, joy of communication and opened hearts, full of PURE HEART LOVE.


Rancagua, Chile

Our experience as an Group Anchor in Rancagua was really beautiful, we feel that we were working as One, very harmonious, very connected with all of us, with Mother Earth, with everything.

We gathered 15 people. Met early to arrange the garden, prepare the city for the ceremony, with reading the Group Anchors list, placement of the guardians, put bandanas on the fence and flowers. We connect with the rest of the anchor groups in the world, with much respect and heart. We did the Mudras and the GO. Did the Starry Processional and Lotus Dance. Sense of group was very rewarding, beautiful, full of emotion, feel the Earth as a living being with us, this was very beautiful.

In gratitude to all

Nuestra experiencia como grupo ancla de Rancagua , fué realmente hermosa , sentimos que funcionamos como UNO, muy armoniosos, muy conectados entre nosotros , con la madre Tierra .. con todo.

nos reunimos 15 personas al Anclaje. Nos jutamos temprano a ordenar el jardín , preparar el lugar de la iniciación de la Ceremonia, con la lectura de los grupos, colocación de guardianes, algo de decoración como pañuelos de colores en la reja, flores, Con todo listo dimos inicio en el sector de los cojines al inicio con la lectura de los grupos ancla del resto del mundo , conectandonos con todos y cada uno, con mucho respeto y harto corazón. Luego continuamos con lo que habíamos practicado y que establecimos parte de una programación, Fuimos alternando las Danza entre la de la Procesión Estelar, Loto, y de las Puertas Cada uno fué sintiendo en forma personal, pero al formar parte de una parte del grupo, la sensación de grupo fué muy gratificante, hermosa, llena de emoción, sentir la Tierra como ser vivo, entre nosotros , con nosotros , es muy hermoso,

En agradecimiento a todos


Itacare, Brazil

Group of Angels Paradise.
We felt on that day much power of Love. It was beautiful. We felt like real pillars of Light.

Cris, we want to thank you, everyone and the Master Cylinder, and all Anchor Groups.


Vanessa and Hosann


Odense, Denmark

Sending two photos from our magnificent 10th Gate Activation in Odense, Denmark. We had an amazing evening, 8 women playing in the New and True.

After doing the Go, connecting to all Anchor Groups worldwide and the Master Cylinder, we went out on the grass of the lovely garden and did the Mudras and the Spiral Dance.

The energies and the love just grew and grew, until when we did the Lotus dance. We became One Being to the degree that all separation felt totally gone, it was such a beautiful and love filled moment for all of us that I don't have words to describe it. Nature played with us too, we had a huge thunder and rain storm the night before our activation, but during our time outside we had beautiful sunny weather, even played under the full moon and the stars....after we finished the rain and thunder again started. The love that came down to be anchored this day shifted something so deep within all of us, nothing will ever be the same. Thank you to all who all who played together in this pool of love with us, helped anchor this and made this experience possible.

Into the New and True, with Deep PURE HEART LOVE,

Soli Antara


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'm sending two pictures from our work during the Tenth Gate Activation.
We want to thank you so much for the amazing energy that we shared that day. All the group remained at a Celestial Barge state.

Waves of Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Josefina Ratti