Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11


Guardians at the 5th Gate Activation in Hawaii hold the energy while we dissolve into the Earth.

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A Guardian stands with integrity and focused intent at the 4th Gate Activation in Tetiaroa, Tahiti.

Guardians are an integral part of every 11:11 Gate Activation. No matter what happens during an 11:11 Activation, the Guardians always remain Larger than any activities in the center.

At every 11:11 Activation you will see powerful beings standing around the perimeters of our sacred space. These Guardians are here to serve as stabilization pinions for the Ultra Greater Reality. They are here to protect the sacredness of our gathering. The importance of having Guardians cannot be overstated. Guardians provide us with a stable, vastly heightened energy field.

The number of Guardians depends upon the size of your group. There have been times when our entire Master Cylinder all became Guardians or when we had just a few. At the Master Cylinders, we always try to have a minimum of eleven Guardians in position from the beginning of the Ceremony to the end. (Of course, it's not the same people the entire time; they replace each other throughout the ceremony.) Even if we have small rest breaks, we always keep Guardians in position.

If you have a very small Anchor Group, you may need to forego having physical Guardians or you could take turns being the sole Guardian. Also, if you have someone who cannot physically participate in the dances or stand for long periods of time, then they could sit in a chair and serve as a Guardian. But it is always stronger to have your Guardians standing, if at all possible. If you don't have enough people, you could place a rock or a Buddha into position as a Guardian or if you are outside, ask a nearby tree to serve as Guardian.

If you want to serve as a Guardian, you will discover that you need great dedication and focus. Guardians are embodiments of pure energy rather than individual people. When you become a Guardian, it's time to set your personality aside and be pure, neutral energy. A massive amount of energy will be pouring through your physical body, so please make sure that you do the GO when you step into position.

Use your arms to subtly direct the energy by placing them in whatever sacred mudra / position feels right. You can change the position of your arms whenever it feels appropriate, but please do it VERY slowly and in harmony with the energies. Especially during the Sacred Dances - any abrupt movements by the Guardians will be strongly felt and can be disruptive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Guardians never speak! When they need to communicate, they communicate with their eyes or with their hearts or with extremely subtle movements.

GUARDIANS ALWAYS KEEP THEIR EYES OPEN. This is because they need to remain ultra aware of what is going on at all times. They also need to remain aligned with the other Guardians as One Being.

Once you are serving as a Guardian, you need to remain in position until you are replaced by another Guardian. When you need to be replaced, you make the Guardian replacement sign of the Diamond of the Unseen.

Please don't forget to let your group know in advance what this sign means. Whenever a Guardian makes the sign, they need to be replaced or you might have your Guardians passing out from exhaustion!

Guardians must always be totally aware of and aligned with all of the other Guardians as ONE BEING. There should always be an even spacing between Guardians. This spacing can be quietly readjusted whenever necessary.

The total focus of Guardians is to hold the sacred space for the Activation Ceremony. Guardians never turn their attention to anything outside the circle. So if there are any problems, such as the arrival of unexpected people, problems with the sound system or a sudden deluge of rain, the Guardians hold their focus, no matter what.

A good example of this took place at our Tahitian Reunion in 1994 when we were doing a most sacred dance that birthed the Being of the Greater Central Sun. A drunken Tahitian appeared and started harassing the Guardians by waving tree branches in their faces. All of our Guardians held their focus and stayed strong in their One Being. At times like this, it's very helpful to keep one person on the outside of the circle as a troubleshooter, someone who can deal with the unexpected.

Being a Guardian is an amazing experience. You will find yourself to be totally vast and receive a magnificent overview of the proceedings. This is a very demanding position and if you serve as a Guardian, you can expect quantum leaps in awareness. Everyone in your group should be a Guardian at least once.


Before your Tenth Gate Activation Ceremony begins, get your Guardians into position. Once they are in a large circle, they all do the GO to fully ground themselves into their position. Next, they align as One Being and open into the PURE HEART LOVE mudra together as One. They can now assume any positions with their arms that feel appropriate, comfortable and cleanly hold the energies. All the Guardians don't need to always have their arms in the identical position, although that often happens naturally.

It's important that the Guardians keep the energies pure and clean. It is NOT appropriate to use magical symbols, sacred geometry, to wiggle their fingers or wave their arms, or even to use Reiki symbols while they are serving as Guardians.

As the energies shift throughout the Activation, your Guardians may feel called to subtly move their positions to where the energies are strongest. This needs to be done in slow motion so it doesn't disrupt the ceremony. The arm positions can also change throughout the ceremony as long as this is done slowly and appropriately.


Before you begin your Activation Ceremony, you need to show all the people how to replace a Guardian. Whenever a Guardian needs to be replaced, they move their hands into the Diamond of the Unseen position in front of their heart with the thumbs down and palms facing outwards. (Thumbs and index fingers touching.)

The entire group needs to remain constantly aware of the Guardians and whenever a Guardian makes the sign that they need to be replaced, someone must step forward to take their place. Of course, this cannot happen if you are in the middle of a Sacred Dance.

To replace a Guardian, the person taking their position stands in front of them and does the GO. Then they also assume the Diamond of the Unseen position and align it with the Diamond of the Guardian. Then as One, they slowly rotate clockwise until the new Guardian is facing the circle. The old Guardian makes a slight bow to the new one and walks away slowly.

Sometimes a Guardian will need replacement and not realize it. This is because they have become fried in the energies. If you see a Guardian who has a glazed look on their face, who has become locked into a rigid position, who is swaying back and forth, has become distracted and is looking all around or who has closed their eyes, they need to be replaced, whether they want to be or not.

IF A GUARDIAN FALLS OVER, don't panic. This happens sometimes when the energies are strong. (We're quite used to it at the Master Cylinders.) Simply, send over a replacement and someone to help move the fallen Guardian out of the circle.

If the energies are super intense or the weather conditions are challenging, Guardians might need to be replaced frequently. During the two long nights at the First Gate Activation in Egypt, it was so cold and the energies were so powerful, that Guardians had to be replaced every fifteen minutes or so.

Guardians anchor the Invisible at the Ninth Gate Activation in Bali.

A Second Gate Guardian Story

Here's a story by Solara from the Second Gate Activation in Ecuador:

Our ceremony went from sunrise to sunset and took place in a large grassy field in the bottom of the Pululahua volcanic crater. We had just completed a Sacred Dance and since it was almost time for our picnic lunch, I didn't want to start any more activities until after we ate.

We were all sitting on the grass in small groups waiting for the food to arrive. All of us, that is, except for the Guardians who stood in position holding the energy around a large, empty circle in the field. While we were waiting for lunch, a few of us got a prompting to go join the Guardians, so we walked over and got into position in the biggest spaces between the existing Guardians.

As soon as we got into position, we noticed that the energy was immensely powerful. It was way too strong to leave our posts as Guardians and mention anything to the rest of our group. Although nothing was announced, slowly but steadily, more and more of our group felt called to join us, and one by one, walked over to the circle to become Guardians. Soon, half of our group had become Guardians! Nothing had been announced; people just felt the energy and came. The other half of our group continued to sit on the grass, chatting to each other and waiting for lunch.

Then the most amazing energy came in and anchored in the midst of our circle and all of us Guardians knew that the Second Gate energies were here! Then was when Second Gate was activated! Afterwards, many said that this was the most powerful part of the ceremony. And half of our group missed it because nothing had been "announced".

You might want to share this story with your Anchor Group for it's a good lesson in remaining aware throughout the Tenth Gate Activation. Be prepared for the unexpected at all times. Remain focused on the purpose of your gathering together at all times. WE ARE OPENING THE DOOR TO OUR NEW TRUE LIVES. Be ready to go off the map of known experiences at any moment. Sometimes, the best moments come when you least expect them!

Light filled Guardians at the Eight Gate -2 Activation at the Isla de la Luna, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.