The Eleventh Gate Activation of the 11:11

November 22, 2012
Master Cylinder in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru


The Keynote of the Eleventh Gate Activation is
Jewels in the Crown
The Diamond of the Unseen Revealed

The Eleventh Gate is the momentous final 11:11 Activation. It marks the completion of our amazing nearly twenty-one year journey through the Doorway of the 11:11. During this time, we have been shifting evolutionary spirals from the Template of Duality into the Template of Oneness.

After the Eleventh Gate is activated, the 11:11 Doorway doesn't close. It will stay open so that more people can pass through. This is a direct result of our 11/11/11 Silent Watcher Ceremony.


In July, we went to the South Island of New Zealand, assuming that the Eleventh Gate would be located in the place of the 11:11 Doorway's original Alpha Point. Yet for some reason, New Zealand didn't feel like the right place for the Eleventh Gate Activation. Instead, we drove to the Centerpoint of the Alpha Point which is located between Queenstown, Te Anau and Milford Sound at a place called Malvora Lakes. When we stepped out of the car, we thanked this area for anchoring the Alpha Point for over twenty years. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, the Alpha Point loosened itself and spiraled into the heart of Solara. She now carries it within her so it can be anchored into the Heart of AN during the Eleventh Gate Activation.


The Heart of AN is the central core of AN which represents the sacred union of the Sun and Moon as One Being. AN represents a unique state of consciousness wherein we reside within the expanded reality of the Diamond of the Unseen. This is so sublime and real that it must be experienced to be fully understood.

AN is connected with the middle star in the Belt of Orion known as Al Nilam. Our 11:11 journey takes us through the central star of AN as ONE. The Heart of AN is birthed from within the Doorway of the 11:11.

There are Towers of Light of AN scattered about the planet; many of them are located in the Andes Mountains of South America. This is why Peru was chosen to be the site of this momentous final 11:11 Activation. The ancient Egyptians wrote about these Towers of Light of AN in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” or “Papyrus of Ani”. Once the Heart of AN is established on the physical, the activation of these Towers of Light of AN shall begin.

AN is the remembrance of the Oneness that we all came from. It plays the leading role in the beginning of the New MUA (major new evolutionary cycle) that officially began on 11/11/11. A New World is now being born.

In the beginning of this New Cycle, the Worlds within Worlds are reset onto a New True Foundation. AN is the manifestation of that Trueness. AN is the flowering of our eternal Never-Ending Story from where we can be WHO WE REALLY ARE, embody Trueness and manifest it on all levels in all Worlds. AN merges together elements previously perceived as separate. AN is the connector between What Was and What Will Be.

The Heart of AN is the Core of Manifestation into Oneness. It’s a template that will be spread from here out into the World, recreating Trueness on all levels.


When we fully emerge as True Ones, we become a multi-faceted Jewel. During the Eleventh Gate Activation, we will discover that a Crown with empty settings for its Jewels is before us, waiting for us to place ourselves into our true positions. Placing our Jewels in the Crown is necessary for the Eleventh Gate to be activated. This Crown affects and embraces the whole Universe. It contains all known and unknown worlds. As the Jewels take their places within the Crown, we step into the infinitely vaster reality of the Diamond of the Unseen.


During this time, a major flipping over is taking place. This isn't simply a flipping over into its opposite position, like flipping over a coin. It's more like seeing a butterfly with its wings closed who suddenly spreads open its wings, revealing its fullness. When this happens, the Diamond of the Unseen is revealed in its full vastness. The Diamond of the Unseen encompasses all the known and unknown worlds.

The Eleventh Gate Activation will reveal to many of us the greatly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Our next step will be to inhabit the Diamond of the Unseen. This will allow us to anchor the Heart of AN in the physical. It is the place of our True Lives. When we fully inhabit the Diamond of the Unseen, a New World will be born.

For more information on the Diamond of the Unseen, please read Solara's August and September 2012 Surf Reports.

The Eleventh Gate Activation Ceremony at the Master Cylinder in the Sacred Valley will be 26 hours long so we can align with all the Time Zones of the planet. The key time for this Activation will be 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time when the Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups worldwide will align as One Being and do the 11:11 Mudras in ultra slow motion. This is when the Diamond of the Unseen will become fully visible.

Eleventh Gate will deeply expand and strengthen our Love and Trueness. At the same time, it will unmask all that is false. We can't pretend to be True Ones anymore. We have to live our Trueness in every moment of our lives.



The exquisite site of our Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder Preparations: the Aranwa Hotel and Resort.

After searching many countries of the world, we finally realized that Eleventh Gate was meant to be located in a place that was so obvious and perfect we hadn't thought of it –– the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. This is the area of the Heart of AN. Our week of Master Cylinder preparations will take place at the beautiful, Five Star, Aranwa Hotel and Resort in Huayllabamba, Cuzco, Peru.

The Master Cylinder is always the key point of an 11:11 Activation. This is where the newest 11:11 energies first enter the planet. Having a strong and committed Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder group of True Ones is vitally important as we will be stepping into expanded reality of the Diamond of the Unseen. Only those who are truly called to participate in the Master Cylinder should do so, for we cannot anchor and build on the New with anything less than our Full Beings which are firmly anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality.

The Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder experience is going to be totally off the map, ultra real and intensely powerful with more LOVE than we can imagine. Participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder is a deeply transformational experience that is absolutely life changing. There is absolutely nothing like it.

The refreshing oasis of the Aranwa Hotel and Resort in Huayllabamba, Peru.

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If you are unable to participate in the Master Cylinder, you can still play a vitally important part in the momentous Eleventh Gate Activation by serving in an Eleventh Gate Anchor Group.

11:11 Anchor Groups are absolutely vital to the successful activation of a Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. They create an expanded One Being with the Master Cylinder, and help to fully anchor and globally distribute the new pure, concentrated 11:11 energies that pour in from the Invisible during the 11:11 Gate Activation.

When it comes to working with new energies and templates on this planet, participating in an 11:11 Anchor Group or Master Cylinder is true pioneering at its greatest!

Because of the importance and total newness of the each 11:11 Gate, we always start fresh with a brand new Anchor Group List. If you wish to create an Eleventh Gate Anchor Group or to transform your already existing Anchor Group into an Eleventh Gate Group, please fill out our new Eleventh Gate Anchor Group Form. If you have any Anchor Group questions, you can email Elena, our new International 11:11 Anchor Coordinator, at



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