Pululahua Volcanic Crater
June 5, 1993

The Two Shall Become ONE.

Part Five: The Ceremony Deepens

This was the moment when Second Gate was activated!

It happened when no one was expecting it.

Here's the story:

We had just completed a Sacred Dance and since it was almost time for our picnic lunch, I didn't want to start any more activities until after we ate.

We were all sitting on the grass in small groups waiting for the food to arrive. All of us, that is, except for the Guardians who stood in position holding the energy around a large, empty circle in the field. While we were waiting for lunch, a few of us got a prompting to go join the Guardians, so we walked over and got into position in the biggest spaces between the existing Guardians.

As soon as we got into position, we noticed that the energy was immensely powerful. It was way too strong to leave our posts as Guardians and tell the rest of our group. Although nothing was announced, slowly but steadily, more and more of our group felt called, and one by one, walked over to the circle to become Guardians. Soon, half of our group had become Guardians!

Nothing had been announced; people just felt the energy and came. The other half of our group continued to sit on the grass, chatting to each other and waiting for lunch.

Then the most amazing energy came in and anchored in the midst of our circle and all of us Guardians knew that the Second Gate energies were here! Afterwards, many said that this was the most powerful part of the ceremony. And half of our group missed it because nothing had been officially "announced".

True Love / One Heart


We all formed in pairs while Solara and Ramariel led us in a True Love / One Heart meditation
while embodying the Lovers from Beyond the Stars.

It was exquisite, on such a rare, pure level; something that only happened on that special day.

Gates of Initiation


As it became increasingly misty, we formed Gateways of Initiation.
Each Gate had a Gatekeeper.

The four people at the front represented the Doorway of the 11:11,
then two people formed the First Gate and two formed the Second Gate.

All that was required was to do the mudra for First and Second Gate in order to pass through.
And yet, so many people were turned back and had to try again and again.

Finally.... after what seemed like hours, everyone had passed through,
and the Gates turned themselves inside out and ceased to exist.


It's very challenging to embody a Gate for you are no longer a person.
You are just pure energy.
And yet, when you repeat the same movements over and over,
your physical body becomes extremely painful.




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