Part One: The Birth of our One Being
May 17, 1997

Master Cylinder: Lake Završnica, near Bled, Slovenija


Part Two: The Day of the Activation: On the Boats in Lake Bled

Our Activation Ceremony began early in the morning when we met at the shores of the lake and silently climbed into six boats.
Our boats traveled in silence two abreast out to the island in the middle of the lake.


Each boat was propelled by a man with two large, flat paddles.







We all traveled in silence.



When we reached the island, our boats separated,
with three boats going to the left of the island and three boats going to the right.


All the boats passed behind the island....
coming from opposite directions

As we rounded the back of the island we could finally see the approach of the three boats we had separated from.

Suddenly the sound of Watanabe's conch shell pierced the early morning stillness
and the Activation of Third Gate had officially begun.



We started singing "Ayoca" to each other as we passed by.

We sang to each other all the way back to the docks.

As our boats approached each other, we began to sing Ayoka in star language,
while stretching open the fabric of time and space.

Then we continued our journey back to the front of the island.
You could hear the strains of Ayoka gently wafting on the wind. It was totally exquisite.





As we all emerged from behind the island, our boats returned to Bled as ONE.
Then we boarded our bus to take us to our Activation site at Lake Završnica

THE 11:11 TOUR: THIRD GATE SLOVENIJA: The Activation Ceremony at Lake Završnica