The 3rd Gate Master Cylinder:

Glasshouse Mountains Australia

Third Gate Activation: #3 October 7-12, 1997

Master Cylinder: The Glasshouse Mountains,
near Maleny, Queensland, Australia

A report by Solara

I arrived in Australia on the last day of September so I would have a full week to prepare for final 3rd Gate Activation. In somewhat of an altered state due to no sleep, too many airplanes and way too many inflight movies and bad meals, I missed my flight from Sydney to Brisbane and was placed on the next flight out.

Arriving in Brisbane with no sense of what day it was, or whether it was really day or night, I flung myself into the nearest taxi and headed for my hotel. On the way into the center of Brisbane, I glanced out the window and saw a huge building with a very large illuminated 11:11 on top of it. "Surely, I must be dreaming!" I thought to myself, or else Australia is a lot more aware than I realized.

Then, my more logical side took over and I glanced at my watch. Sure enough, it was 11:11. I was totally amazed and knew unquestionably that this was going to be quite an incredible Third Gate Activation!

The following morning, my friend Solara Itara picked me up and whisked me off to Maleny. There was much to be done. First, I had to recover from jet lag and get myself functioning in Australian time. This process always takes me a few days. Luckily, due to the fact that Australia was 7 hours behind and a day ahead of my Montana time zone, this meant that I could wake up early. VERY EARLY, like at 2:00 am for the day, and still feel that I was sleeping in.

In spite of everything, I felt wonderful. I felt like a new person, serene, happy, confident, and real. It was quite amazing actually. I felt peaceful, optimistic and fresh.

Since I was staying at the Tranquil Park Resort outside Maleny in the same room where I would be throughout the Activation, I had lots of time to settle in, iron my clothes, decorate my room, and most importantly, commune with the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains. The hotel is perched on the edge of a ridge overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains and my room had a wall of windows looking out over this magnificent vista!

I could lie in bed and see the mystical peaks rising up through undulating ribbons of early morning mist, then disappear back into the Invisible. I could see them shimmer in moonlight and get washed clean with sparkling rain. I felt like a Silent Watcher far above the planet, oh so quietly observing the mountains for the slightest nuance. Waiting for a sign, a message, a hint of the Greater Love that would soon be born.

Within a few days of these solitary observations, my total focus upon the Glasshouse peaks, I could feel a shift in the subtle energies. There was a quickening, a subtle stirring, and I could feel a delicate spiraling taking place over the site of our ceremony in the heart of the Glasshouse.

I had found the place for our ceremony in February when I was in Australia making the arrangements for Third Gate. It was unquestionably the right place. The only problem was that the owners of the land had turned down our request to hold the Activation on their land.

Since then, I had searched throughout the area for an alternate site, yet knew that there would not be one, that we had already found the right place.

This has happened to us before. The most noteworthy occasion was the site for our 1992 11:11 Activation at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I had gone to Egypt three months before the Activation to find the correct site and had found it at the base of the Third Pyramid, Mycerius, only to be told by my tour company that getting permission for it would be absolutely impossible. And that I must find another place.

Well, I tried, but there simply wasn't any other place. This is where the ceremony wanted to be. It really had nothing to do with my personal preferences. During the following months, we still couldn't obtain permission from the Egyptian authorities to use that site. By the time we arrived in Egypt in January 1992, my tour company was in a complete state of panic, telling me I HAD to find another place!

I simply stated that I knew they could get permission since this is where the 11:11 Activation was meant to be. Well, two days before the ceremony, we finally got unofficial permission, although I did have to pay a hefty $7,000 and hire Egyptian security guards.

So I was not discouraged by my initial failure in obtaining permission for our site in the Glasshouse Mountains. I knew that there would be a miracle. Two days later, a woman who had attended my February workshop in Maleny volunteered to drive me around the Glasshouse. It turned out that Barbara knew the owners of the land and permission was readily granted!!

One morning, I awoke around 4:00 am and felt that I was in a state of grace. Revelation upon revelation flooded in and I experienced an epiphany of deeper awareness. I saw that cracks had opened up in the Spaces-In-Between. And that these deep fissures were creating tremendous change. The calcification of duality had loosened and nothing was bound by its previous conditioning. Anything could now happen! That morning I wrote what I could of my experiences and if you want to read it, here it is: THE CRACKS IN THE SPACES-IN-BETWEEN.

3rd Gate Master Cylinder in Australia continued...

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