The Fourth Gate of the 11:11

Reconfiguring our Evolutionary Labyrinth

The Fourth Gate of the 11:11 was activated on August 11, 1999. The Master Cylinder was located on the atoll of Tetiaroa in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The Fourth Gate ceremony went from sunset to sunrise. Some of our 11:11 Sacred Dances were even performed in the waters of the lagoon.
And once again, 11:11 Anchor Groups large and small, joined together as One to anchor the 4th Gate energies throughout the planet.

Fourth Gate represents a shifting of platelets, a dissolving of veils, a reconfiguring of the basic structure of our evolutionary labyrinth that will create totally new patterns. When the platelets in the evolutionary labyrinth shift, the labyrinth will be totally reconfigured. This results in New Directions being opened up and revealed for the first time. These New Directions were not available or visible to us before.

Our old evolutionary Labyrinth was aligned with a specific harmonic resonance which set the parameters of the potential directions we could take in our lives. This means that we could only travel along pre-determined pathways. Although there were many pathways that we either never discovered or never chose to take, they were potentially available to us within the old patterning.

Often, we endlessly repeated certain wellworn paths or established habits and behaviors within our old evolutionary labyrinth. These paths were determined by our karma, our ingrained attitudes and behaviors and deeply limited by our fear of the Unknown. As we took the same paths and made the same choices again and again, we ended up creating deep trenches within the ground which made it even more difficult to break our old patterns and try something totally new.

Since the Activation of 4th Gate, we are unable to repeat the old patterns as before. Even if we continue to make the same choices and react with the same responses, we are discovering that the old pathways either come to an abrupt end or lead to somewhere totally new and unexpected.

The evolutionary labyrinth also signifies our DNA in its old configuration. As our labyrinth is reconfigured, our DNA is being realigned with a new harmonic of Oneness. Lengths of DNA strands are extending as their vibratory frequency is calibrated to our next evolutionary step. This unseen extension of our DNA is being felt by many. It will sometimes manifest as discomfort in our lives and sometimes depression. We will feel unhooked from the past and from our old ways of doing things until we step into new ways of being.

We are in the process of birthing our New Beings and moving into New Lives which will more perfectly reflect who we are now becoming. The Activation of the Fourth Gate of the 11:11 was vital to this process.

During the Fourth Gate Activation, we transfigured our evolutionary Labyrinth, helping us become aligned with new harmonic resonances. Although this process of alignment will take several years, ultimately, it will open up previously inconceivable New Directions.

This profound repatterning of our evolutionary Labyrinth is created through a blending.... a spiralling merging of the basic Four Elements: Earth - Air -Fire - Water.

Earth and Air, Water & Air, Fire and Earth, Water/Earth/Fire/Air dance together in spirals, ever changing partners, dancing in and out of the elements, blurring the boundaries between the worlds, erasing any last vestige of separation between the Four Elements until each of the One contains the All of the Four.

See photos of the Dance of the Four Elements at the 4th Gate Master Cylinder:

Creating the Doorways to our New Lives

As the Four Elements merge, the compass begins to spin, causing the Four Directions to loosen from their moorings. Some platelets come off each direction. As the Four Directions gently spiral on the spinning compass, the loose platelets are magnetically drawn back onto the compass. Yet, this time they don't return to the direction they originated from. They adhere to a New Direction.

A small platelet from the South might find itself now merged into the East or a piece of North might be in the South. A little West can be found in the North. Nothing drastic; not enough to shift the planetary Poles. A subtle change actually. Yet, powerful enough to create the Doorways to our New Lives.

These Doorways into our New Lives were not possible before now since the evolutionary Labyrinth had to be reconfigured, the Four Elements merged, the Four Directions transformed in such a subtle, yet profound way, so that our New Directions could emerge. From these New Directions we can find the Doorways into our New Lives.

The next step is to close the Doorways to our pasts.This is why we have been experiencing so much turbulence and intensity for the past few years. We are dealing with core issues, healing the hurts of our old experiences, letting go of imbalanced relationships & ingrained behaviors and becoming real.

It is by embodying our Core Beings and by being True, Real and Honest as never before, by following our Hearts and Living our Love that we shall open these Doorways into our New Lives.

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