The Activation of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11

The Gate of Personal Freedom

19 October 2002: Big Island, Hawai'i

After a long intense journey through the fires of initiation,
(Perhaps, it felt like being burned to a crisp or stripped raw..)
we have finally left much of the past behind and entered the twin portals.

Ahead of us is a long corridor...

We walk steadily through the corridor,
not knowing exactly where our journey will take us,
but knowing that it is a journey we want to take.
Not knowing the specific details of how thing will play themselves out,
but continually feeling a sense of rising happiness and comfortable rightness.

Ahead of us, at the far end of the corridor, we can see another set of twin portals.
There is no need to hurry, for we know that soon, we will enter these doors.
As we move through the corridor,
we get glimpses of the elements of our of our beings which have changed.
We see these profound inner changes now starting to be reflected in our outer lives.

We feel increasingly new and always more real.

The Activation of the 5th Gate is the point
when many of us will step through that second set of portals and EMERGE.

We will emerge into a new place
and we will emerge separately to discover ourselves not alone,
for others will also be emerging, coming from many different directions.

As we step through the portals, we will reclaim our Personal Freedom,
our Personal Truth,
our Personal Reality,
our Personal Integrity of Being.

The Activation of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11 took place on October 19, 2002. This is the Gate of Personal Freedom and Emergence. The Master Cylinder was located in Wood Valley, K'au on the Big Island of Hawai'i. This area is the only part of this island which has never been covered with lava and still resonates with the ancient energies of Lemuria.

The Activation of the previous Gate, the 4th Gate, took place in 1999 on the tiny atoll of Tetiaroa in Tahiti. The purpose of the 4th Gate was to reconfigure our Evolutionary Labyrinth. This closed many old directions for us while opening new ones. During the three years between 11:11 Gate Activations, we have experienced dramatic shifts in direction and released numerous old patterns. We have needed to reclaim our own Personal Freedom in order to be ready to activate the 5th Gate.

The 5th Gate Activation symbolized our emergence as new, truer beings. It was a celebration of our successful passage through the first series of the fires of initiation and through the upheavals of both inner and outer change. Never before, have we had such short notice of an 11:11 Gate's Activation or have we done so much work to get ourselves ready.

The Activation of 5th Gate showed us the many areas within our beings that have kept us hooked into duality. It illuminated the parts which keep us small and which react from fear instead of love. 5th Gate also provided us with the needed propulsion to break free of any remaining boxes or limitations.

The 5th Gate brought up issues which needed to be cleared and resolved before we can move into deeper levels of the Greater Reality. This is an ongoing process. As we continually step into the full embodiment of Personal Freedom, we are going to constantly encounter any unresolved core issues, lingering emotional residue, ingrained patterns and habits, outmoded ways of doing things and ways of responding to life's situations. These are going to be magnified and thrown right in our faces so that it's impossible to ignore them. Any time we react from fear instead of love or from ego and separation instead of compassion, this will be shown to us in obvious ways so we can consciously realign ourselves back into Oneness.

Personal Freedom is vastly empowering. It doesn't mean being free to do whatever you want. It is the Freedom to be fully conscious and compassionate. The Freedom to take responsibility. The Freedom to use our power and wisdom wisely. The Freedom to love with our full beings. The Freedom to openly be real and true. To demonstrate our integrity in everything we do.

Claiming our Personal Freedom leads us into our Greatness.

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