The Activation of the Sixth Gate of the 11:11

One Earth - One Being

updated July 11, 2004

6th Gate was more REAL than anything I have ever experienced before in my life. The only thing that did not feel REAL was how fast time flew by. But perhaps that IS our new REAL ?

There were lifetimes within lifetimes within each session. It was 2 steps out the door at each break, only to have to turn around again and wallk back into the next session, the next journey, the next lifetime.

The journey was huge, but the steps were small--- small feet, fairy feet, childrens steps. The timeline was expansive; the timeline stretched forever on both sides, no matter where you stood. How can this be ? It was lifetimes and lifetimes any way you looked, but REALLY, it was only ONE.

ONE lifetime, ONE space........ONE BEING.


What does that mean to us, for us ?

Each one of us has had these lifetimes, yet they are ALL Our lifetimes. Each shared, each knowing the story, each feeling the gamut of emotions, each just KNOWING. Each of us expanding to weave with the others until there is no beginning, no end, no lines, no boundaries, no form - just Oneness......just BEING.


Our tiny little egos tried to dance. They're cute, yes. But time to change our dance shoes. Time for many new dances. Time to flow, ebb and weave as ONE.

6TH Gate shifted the perception of the ONE for me. The One became REAL. I became REAL. We all became REAL.

Now we have stretched out throughout the Planet, still dancing those final steps of the Earth / Star dance. Still focusing on all aspects of the One Being, even though there is only ONE aspect of the One Being.

We're still connected, still dancing, still focused. We cannot go back . We cannot disconnect. We cannot disengage. We cannot return.


This is who we are. This is our REALITY. This is the only thing we know as REAL.

It is Strong. It is Powerful. It cannot be broken, stopped, captured, contained, forced, turned, lost or injured.

We have WON
And now we are FREE..............

So, let the FUN begin !!!!!!

When we arrived at the Activation site at about 10 am on the 29th, the first thing we did was pass through the Gateways of Initiation to gain proper entry to our sacred space. Two people at a time performed the mudras for the 1st through 6th Gates in sequence. Make a mistake and get sent back to try again. It was said this was hard enough at the 2nd Gate Activation when there were only two mudras to do. ;) Being sent back wasn't judged as a bad thing, and when people did finally make it through the Gateway, they were radiant with triumph!

We then formed a circle and had a Sacred Pause while we realized we were actually there at the Master Cylinder opening the 6th Gate! The clouds at this time were swirling and boiling in the strong wind, where I looked up and saw the clouds part in a form that looked like a gate opening. Others said they saw clouds coming together in a gesture of Oneness.
All the Anchor Groups were read, and as each group was mentioned, I visualized where they were in the world relative to Ireland, and felt a large tube of light jumping to connect the center of our circle with that Anchor Group.

Our first dance was the Starry Processional. I was a Guardian for this, with the sea at my back. I felt this dance cranking open the Gate, so we can activate it. Our star slowly and reverently made a complete revolution exactly twice, dividing the dance into four periods with the points inverting themselves at each half revolution.

This was immediately followed by the Lotus Dance. It's always full of Love when done, but here it was incredibly strong, with the One Heart being sent across the world in huge petals with each half that stepped back. This was one of my strongest experiences of the day, where I worked to keep grounded. I was really feeling it by the end, so it was time to diamond gesture to be replaced as a Guardian and stagger over to rest a bit to prepare for the next dance. :)

We then did the Greater Central Sun Dance. This had Elara, Nova, and Kalasara doing the Insertion Point in the center, and Bruce, Kima, Indigo, and Walt as the four pillars. The pillars always pick the people to expand to the next circle, where I was the last person to leave the inner ring, being in it by myself for a round. The same thing happened in practice earlier in the week, so I was prepared. ;) The Insertion Point is usually done tightly together, but here the three gradually spread out more and more from each other.

Next was the ever funny Ta-Anua Dance of the Greater Love, where we embody the Kalahari Bushmen's legend of the stars hunting for True Love. At this point the windy weather started taking a turn for the worse; it looked like it was going to rain and a few drops were starting to fall. People got out their plastic rain parkas, and as it was near lunchtime our sandwiches were passed out too.
Our One Earth / One Being keynote Dance to truly activate the 6th Gate was forthcoming, but at this critical point it felt our Oneness was losing its focus due to cold, hunger, and general distraction. However the Earth blew the threatening clouds away and the Sun come back out. The weather quickly warmed and our One Being was stronger than ever!

Now for our new One Earth / One Being Dance! After choosing to step into our One Being then stepping into the Earth as One, everyone was in a large circle. 16 people formed a middle circle or star, and six more people an inner star, with a pretty white flower in the very center representing the Earth-Star. I was in the inner star right across from Solara. The feeling I had as the circles slowly started doing the Starry Processional, from outside in, was of being at the bottom of a large cone pointing down into the ground, with Earthlight slowly flowing down the sides toward the sleeping Earth-Star in the center.

In the magic moment after the inner star was processionaling and before it started pulsating, the cone seemed to invert. Now suddenly we were on top of a mountain, with Earthlight gradually avalanching down and out from the newly awakened Earth-Star. With only six people in the inner star, that caused each pair of three people to touch chests over the center as the star pulsated, like a three headed being. (Don't step on the delicate flower while doing that, unless you want a friendly elbow from Solara.) ;) The dance concluded with everyone back in one circle, doing all the Gate mudras, then lying down, facing up or down alternatively, in the 6th Gate mudra position. If the Activation of the 6th Gate had to be defined at a single moment, this part lying down would be it.

After this, we proceeded to the Earth / Star Dance. This had Bruce, Kima, Solara, and Nova as Inner Guardians with more Outer Guardians as well. It was interesting since it seemed energy was flowing through the circle in a particular direction, through Kima to Bruce who were both feeling massive energies. Solara and Nova on the other hand at the sides felt comparatively little and were wondering why the other two seemed to be standing in a hurricane, and why so many dancers were seemingly messing up, which was because most everyone wanted to be star beings.

Then came the Dance of the Four Elements, which Solara got to see everyone do for the first time, since she was at the dentist or recovering from it during the practice sessions. After everyone had thrown their different colored pareos in the center, then got in one circle, a beautiful circle with everyone wearing white, it was an amazingly One-derful reminder that we really are all One, no matter what colors we might have worn before!

We concluded with the Golden Lion Dance, important to properly send the 6th Gate energies around the world. It took us three tries to get it right, where we would go back up the hill to restart. People were getting tired after a long day, and some were having aching if not bleeding feet, but we all dug down and hit the tennis ball of Oneness over the net and out of the court! ;)

Miscellaneous points: Early on Bonnie and I found a few small white feathers, where we call feathers like that angel feathers. :)

While walking to the site, my camera case fell out of my pocket. I looked for it before and after the Activation, and others kindly helped me search too, but it wasn't found. However not to worry, as someone had found it earlier and returned it to me later. :)

A few other Master Cylinder experiences before and after the Activation itself can be read on the 11:11 Forum:
One Love and Gratitude, - Arbaline :)

Hi, I am Petra from Austria and this has been my first participation at a Master Cylinder. This has been really a life-changing experience for me. I was so impressed that so many people from all over the world have come together to be ONE BEING. Gorgeous – and each one of them with a heart of gold. It was like meeting family! Especially staying there with Solara has been a great gift to me. Solara is really wonderful!

My experience during the days before the Activation has been also very intensive. Especially during the nights! I had very deep perceptions. I was feeling so many countries and the people living there. For instance I have been in Egypt, but also in other countries. I felt that we were / are just ONE. This happened to me also during the days. On the one hand I was in Ireland, learning the dances, making preparations – but on the other hand I had the feeling to be at the same time in many different places. – I had a lot to do to handle it! – An unforgettable experience!

The day of the Activation brought a lot of wind and coldness. The weather got a lot of attention from us! The outside circumstances have been really hard and so it has been very difficult to me to concentrate during the whole time. I think, also for the others it has not been easy all the time because we had to do the Lion Dance twice. But at least we made it really good!!

At the end of the Activation I had a wonderful vision: I was growing and growing. I got taller than the world and I could see all the different countries. Then I approached with my face to the planet and I saw people sleeping there. So I started to tickle them gently with my finger and they stopped sleeping and woke up! And I laughed so much! At this moment all heaviness from my past seemed to fly away, I just felt great!!

For me personally it was so important to see me growing up, because I have always believed that I was really small. I think, it was so important for me to see myself in this way.

Finally, I want to say that the 6th Gate has brought also an important and deep healing to me. My way has been extremely challenging. And that's why so many people have turned away from me, calling me crazy and stopping to have contact with me. I felt very lonesome for a long time. But I always trusted myself and continued my way. And here in Ireland I got so much love and acceptance from all and I recognized that I have done well to follow my heart. It was / is my way of doing things! I felt that deep in my heart and so I am very grateful to Solara and to this wonderful Master Cylinder group for that so important healing. Thanks a lot!

May 29th has changed my life. My past seems to be dissolved. At the moment nothing is really clear, but I am sure, this will change when I'm ready for it! Oh, sorry, one thing is already clear to me. I shall be in India for the Activation of the 7th Gate! What a great beginning of clearness! Smile... One Heart / One Being.... Petra Maria Eisbacher

To everyone around the world and at the Ireland Activation, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All I wanted was to 'Go Home.' I was so tired and weary, I couldn't possibly of passed up this Activation. There was nothing left in my soul but this. So there was no question as to if I would participate or not. This is my first experience of an 11:11 Master Cylinder.

The locals say the Sun became illegal in the beautiful blue sky when we arrived. The Sun was out every day. The energy was real; so overflowing I cried. The deep profound Beauty and Love on everyone's faces standing up for this moment in Time from all over the Galaxy poured through my Heart. I cried all the time for this group. My chakras were never so alive; after learning a dance I could hardly walk at all. I took lots of naps to stay refreshed and was blessed with 'pumping pure energy'.

During the calling of Countries, activating our One Being all over the world, I heard my inner being say I'd do better being a Guardian to the others because the life-force was coming in vast. The intense energy to me was very important for Mother Earth, for our One Being, Angels were tenderly loving each and every calling out. I felt honored to be part of such an event.

My dreams were more vivid, more in depth. I would wake drenched in my clothes every night. One night I visited El An Ra (the belt of Orion), going in upside down and backwards; typical of me to go in such style.

At the Activation site, the view  was so breathtaking. Saying a personal prayer to the Universe for a most brilliant day, for the world, I decided to make it my moment by walking up backwards. Perfect. Every atom, each breath I soaked up. I was especially honored going through the Gates of Initiation as I learned a secret. During the dances, I noticed Mother Earth breathing, ahh the grass is blue and the sky is green...interesting. Every Dance the energies came in celebrating in such ways only the Universe could provide, as I title it, "The Grand Parade of Spiritual Beings". Yes, by the thousands: Buddhas, Archangel Michael, Virgin Mother Mary, Vikings in their ships, Gypsies too.

I don't know how I became honored with the room 111, but I did. And when we got back to the Hotel, there were children everywhere. Bored. Knocking on doors and running away. So when we started to play along, they started calling in the room. "Come out," they'd chant, "we know your in there. Were counting to ten..." Lets just say we played and played and played some more. Running up and down the halls owning the place. For a moment in time, I got to be free, innocent, childlike. Imagine 15-20 of us, I was surprised at such a sight.

This gift, truly an honor to be with Solara and all the others. I will always remember this experience, a lifetimes worth, I will always remember ... " The Taste Of ' Home.' "

Always In Love and Light...... Janet

Aloha from Hoku.
We began to come together for the first dance of the Starry Processional. I walked as to join and knew within my being I would become a Guardian for those first dances. Everyone joined and four became the Guardians.

My back was to the ocean from the west and facing the East looking up watching the clouds dancing with the
sun. Giving thanks for the honor of being a Guardian for the first dances.

Now looking toward the west, the beings came as tall as trees and silently I asked if they were Druids and
their reply was "O! No! We are much older than that." I asked where are the woman folk ? And then the woman came walking alongside the men and they split off from the walking straight in and weaved together man / woman / man / woman and stretched their limbs / arms out as they formed a circle around the 6th Gate Activation Dancers.

There were fairy-like beings dancing and weaving around and through the arms / limbs and a light from the back of them followed around the arms / limbs. ( I was told later these were sprites.)

I felt within that these dances were powerful and you could feel the earth rolling under us; as well the
clouds and sun were dancing. Solara mentioned afterwards that these truly were powerful dances--- especially the Lotus Dance.

Later in the hotel as we shared our stories, when I told mine, our brother from Ireland said that these tall beings were the Fairy Kings and Queens who only come for the Noblest of Occasions.

Mahalo Royal Fairies for Honoring the One!!.... Hoku

The Activation of the 6th Gate brought me more into my body than I have ever been. All my life, I have struggled with a large wall of fear and self doubt that prevented me from following through with responsibilities I wanted.

During the week of preparing for the Activation, we were all asked to say what we wanted for ourselves at this time. I wanted this wall to dissapear. I wanted to step IN to be all that I knew I was capable of. Then that night, it happened in a gentle dream. The next day, and ever since, I have felt more alive, with a stillnes in my core I have never had. I'M IN!!!!

Now, everything is different, or I am. I feel transparent, able to move through the world and with others with nothing more than me. This time between the Gates is for reorganizing the past to align it to our new future. I have been throwing out what no longer resonates (including habits), reorganizing my clutter, and speaking from my One Heart whether people are ready to hear it or not. For the first time, I know I can say what I mean and mean what I say. Everywhere is magic!

Much Lion Love....Kalasara

Hello beautiful earth-starry friend,
So quick a line to send you my love - I know we've all not yet fully integrated our experiences, especially those that continue to develop...

Words have no meaning when trying to describe what is happening right now - so much, so much, so much...It is so incredible, so magnificent, so vast, so much.

Susannah and I are travelling around Canada just now and we are being blasted in the Greater Reality in a way that I have never experienced before... We are learning from the mudras daily and inserting the One Heart where it is needed. Everything is unleashed, up in the air, nothing is certain, BUT anything IS possible!

So much love to you.....Collette xxx

I wanted to share my experience of the 6th Gate. I was pretty much blown away by the level of Oneness that was achieved in only one week. I have never experienced such a bonding with what I know is “family”. The energy was so high during the entire time that I had a hard time staying grounded.

For me, the 6th Gate energy began when we read the countries of the world one by one, held them in our One Heart, and called for our One Being to activate there. I felt such a powerful flow of energy that I had a hard time standing and containing it. I felt I had to move back, away from the center so I could breathe. And as I did, I realized I needed to be on the outer edge, helping to hold and contain this beautiful, powerful flow of energy.

Several of us ended up on the outer edge circling and holding. It was so inspiring and I was touched by how Solara held each and every country with such passion and Love, offering each one into our One Heart, calling to our One Being to activate, with the same intensity to the end, and it was a very long list.

The energy was strong when we aligned for the “Tomb of the Egyptians”, and did the mudras and toning. I actually felt something start to build prior to that--- a strange energy in my head. But it really peaked as we all came together. Again, I felt drawn to the outside, to hold and contain the energy. It was very powerful.

This was my first time attending an 11:11 Master Cylinder and I felt strongly that I was there because of the intense Faerie / Nature energy that was a part of this Activation. The most memorable moment for me was the Earth / Star Dance. I felt such bliss as I was dancing the Star portion, I didn’t want to stop. There was such a mighty flow of this delicate, blissful energy during the whole dance. I kept feeling like I wanted to let go of my partner’s arm and GO. But I knew that the part of me that was Earth was necessary, that the combination of Earth & Star was needed. One without the other would not work. I also kept feeling the need to break out of our circle. But I felt my partner anchoring me, and the energy of the Guardians holding and supporting, to keep me in. It was an amazing moment out of time.

The whole day was a dreamlike slow motion in the cold and the wind. The clouds and sun did some stunning things, and the shadows flowing over the land seemed almost like Nature was in a dance with us. I strongly felt Ireland as an integral part of this Activation.

Time was another strange component. I had to challenge some seemingly insurmountable obstacles to even attend. But the whole time I had the strange feeling that I was already there. I had already done the Activation. And the tension between trying to get there, and knowing that I WAS there was overwhelming at times.

And after the Activation, I kept feeling like I was still on the mountain. I was still there. I keep having that feeling at different moments even now. And I had some strange dreams, or I wouldn’t really call them dreams, they were more like visions. Of some of us in different locations, in different times, and one was a portion of a dance. Very surreal.

I have had a major shift in energy since 6th Gate. I am still finding out who I am with this. All in all, it was a stunning, life-changing experience. I am so thankful that I listened to the inner knowing, and against all seeming odds, allowed myself to flow in the direction I was needed and meant to go.

I am very grateful for Solara holding this vision and allowing us to step into our True Beings. Once you have allowed yourself to open to our One Heart, you can never go back. In Love, and with the greatest respect for Solara and our One Being...... Angie

Hi, I'm Kima from the Big Island of Hawaii in the U.S. I'm here to share my experiences of the Sixth Gate energies and the Master Cylinder in Ireland.

Actually I started feeling the 6th Gate energy a few months ago. Going back and forth with whether or not I would participate in the Master Cylinder in Ireland or an Anchor Group in Hawaii. Having experience both before, I knew that Solara's vision of the 11:11 is true and the powerful effects we have in doing this work.

I also knew Bruce, my husband & I were to work side by side. We both had participated in the 4th & 5th Gates and have danced the walk of life together for the last twenty years. Yet we'd never danced the Sacred Dances in a Master Cylinder together before. I knew from deep within it was extremely important that we were to dance together at this Gate, for our relationship as well as for bringing in the energies of the 6th Gate.The difficulty was that Bruce had injured his back since the last Activation, though he was still working, he was barely maintaining and struggling with the validity of the spiritual work he'd done so far. So to travel halfway across the world and dance Sacred Dances all week was a lot to ask. Of course, this weighed heavily on me.

Time drew near and I knew we had to go to Ireland. The only reason I could give was that I was moved and had to step into my truth. That everything else would be O.K. I have to truly thank my husband at this point for believing in the importance of my truth in our lives and walking with me, even when he was in great pain and doubting his own abilities at the time.The 6th Gate had started to open for me then. One Earth / One Being.
As we arrived in Ireland, the energies of the 6th Gate were immense and still are. The feeling of Oneness is truer than ever before. The week of preparation and the connections we have made with others will be something I will always hold dear to me. Truly I thank all who participated in person, as well as energetically, in the 6th Gate.

The day of the Activation. Wow!

I'll share only a few of the more intense moments. First, when we were dancing the Lotus Dance and brought our arms back over our heads. I felt an incredible connection with the Anchor Groups around the world. A moment of clicking in and the readiness to anchor the energies in. It was like the sky and the earth opened up to facilitate the work at hand.

Next the Greater Central Sun Dance. Bruce and I as well as Walter and Indigo were pillars in this dance. I got to experience that void of personality, the eons of time passing around me. Yet my purpose was clear-- to bring in the energies.

Energetically the Earth / Star Dance was probably the most intense. As an Inner Guardian I felt an incredible responsibility to hold the dancers in safety as the energies of the 6th Gate came blasting in. I became bigger than myself and wondered at times if I could hold on. Then there would be a lull for a moment, only to be immediately followed by the need to anchor the energies into the Earth. This continued to happen throughout the dance. What an experience!

Towards the end of the day, when we did the Golden Lion Dance, once again I felt the energies blasting through, this time directly to the Anchor Groups. Last but not least, as we were standing in a circle embracing the energies of the One Earth / One Being and listening to Omashar's music, the sound of drums felt like those of indigenous tribes. I was so moved to step into the circle and start dancing and chanting, that I did. I felt this energy come into me, not so much taking me over, but sharing my body. All our ancestors, all the parts of myself were choosing to step into the One Being. What an incredible honor. Humbling me to be a part of something so great!

I really feel the One Being like never before, as we step into our place into the One Earth. Now Together all things are possible. I'm ready to see the Unseen.

Aloha.... Kima Brown

Hi, I'm Bruce from Hawaii, U.S.A.,
This gate was so magnificent for me.It all started when I made the decision to go. I have concerns about our world situation. And I believe this 11:11 Gate work is the best thing I can do to change it.

To me the week we all spent together learning the dances and other stuff is an experience one doesn't get much in life, if at all. The new friends I made and the bonds we now have are beyond explanation. Except to say we are all One Being.

The day of the Activation I woke up early. My wife and I looked out the window and it was cold, windy and rainy. But the clouds parted slowly to give us a lovely cold and windy day. If had not been for my wife's conviction to go to Ireland, I would have not gone. I was in a state of doubting all my spiritual work. I'm so grateful to her!

As we walked onto the site, I could feel the energy of the Sixth Gate. I knew this Gate would be the most powerful one I had ever been to. In part, alot had to do with me. The first day of sessions, I had stated to the group that I would give all of myself to the process of this Gate Activation---no doubt, regrets, or complaining about how things were run. I am so very glad I did! The whole day was filled with moving experiences, I'll just touch on a few.

I've learned to follow my inner self, My truth allowed me to feel the energies like never before. The Lotus Dance was extremely moving, feeling rings of energy coming down and into the earth. Such a subtle dance yet so strong and moving. Others that I talked to afterward confirmed this feeling with their own. This is always nice!

At the 4th Gate Master Cylinder, I was a Guardian most of the time and at the 5th Gate, all of the time. But being an Inner Guardian for the Earth / Star Dance at the 6th Gate was by far the most challenging. The energy flow during the dance was coming directly towards me, the dancers seemed as if they were being pushed into me. Many of them just wanted to be star beings and fly away. I give great honor to the dancers; they were magnificent! I held my arms straight out from my side almost the whole time. The dance was over before I knew it and I was very tired, it was great!!  

The Golden Lion Dance was the last. The night before we all did it perfectly, but this day we couldn't get it. Everyone was great; we all rallied and after several tries did it. It was especially powerful when the pairs of lions walked out in all directions. With every step I could feel huge amounts of energies going into the earth. When the day was over, it seemed like I had been there only a few hours, not all day, feeling totally refreshed.

Since I have come back home, my life is different. I've quit my job of ten years and it does not even worry me. Life is good!

Thanks to all we have made a profound difference! 
Aloha..... Bruce Brown