Sixth Gate Master Cylinder Photos

Part Five: The 6th Gate Activation

During our Ceremony, we experienced intermittent sunshine, bits of rain and lots of wind.
We were dressed for anything!

Many Thanks to Abjini, Ama, Arbaline, Bruce, Collette, Ilonka, Indigo, Kima, Solara, Walt & Yolanda.

Our beautiful 6th Gate Master Cylinder Site.

The Starry Procession was our first dance of the day. It was magnificent.

Hoku honored the land with a Hawaiian hula.

Ra*Maa*Lar was a magnificent Guardian.

Creating the circle for our One Earth -One Being Dance out of flowers and flour.

In a Sacred Pause......

Orianranah & Kalasara are perfectly aligned.

Solara greets our special guest Ilonka from Dingle.

Omashar making beautiful music in all kinds of weather,
under the watchful eye of Alberto.

Solara and Kima share a big hug.

Kalasara and Elara in Activation all weather garb.

Our Chair One Being Kimberly in her regal attire.

Kima with Brigitte and Uwe.

Bridget & Collette

Solara with her trusty and very faded magenta backpack of AN
which has been to all the 11:11 Master Cylinders.

Alix & Walt go into an altered state in which the world seems to tilt.

And this is what Ama, Omashar and Solara look like in the rain.
Wet, but happy!

Yolanda and Sebastian

At the end of the day, Alberto from Peru leaves our Activation Site.

Photos of the 6th Gate Master Cylinder: Part Six: The Sixth Gate Activation

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