Sixth Gate Master Cylinder Photos

Part Nine: After the Activation

Our last day was spent sharing 6th Gate experiences and visions,
organizing the debut of the Second Wave 22ers
and enjoying a celebratory dinner with a surprisely modern lion dance.

Many Thanks to Abjini, Ama, Arbaline, Bruce, Collette, Ilonka, Indigo, Kima, Solara, Walt & Yolanda.

Our Gudrun, Omsharee, Ongralea, Ra*Maa*Lar, Bonnie & the irrepressible Arbaline!

Dinner with Barvel, Solara, Elara, Indigo, Kalasara, Ama, Anastra, Sebastian, Karin, Nova & Araya.

Solara and Hoku in the One Heart / One Being.



Araya and Orianranah enjoy our feast.

Omashar and the beautiful Yolanda.

Collette, Alberto, Mary, Szilvia, Susannah, Uwe, Brigitte, Christian and Charessa.

Arturo, Kathleen & Kimberly.

Kalasara, Sebastian & Karin.

Nova in the One Love.

Elara, Orianranah, Araya & Nova in a clockwise fashion,
some of the very beautiful women at a Master Cylinder.

Kimberly, or Chair Being One as she is now affectionately called, leaps into action
and reminds us that "We ALWAYS have enough time."
and "Everything is now possible!"

Nova demonstrates the funky Second Wave version of the Lion Dance.

There's a surprise early birthday party for Solara!

Karin saw these three cars parked outside the hotel.
Take a closer look at their license plates......

And a car full of lions goes out into the world......

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