Seventh Gate Master Cylinder Photos Part 1

A Ceremony Honoring the Rajput Horse with the Maharana of Udaipur.

Deep gratitude to the following photographers:
Alix, Aljai, Arbaline, Bekoim, E*An*Na, Kalasara, Karon, Kathleen, Omashar, Orianranah, Sebastian, Sinan, Solara, Walt, Yolanda.

Those of us who arrived a few days early in Udaipur were invited to the palace to meet the Maharana of Udaipur
and attend the Annual Blessing Ceremony of the Rajput Horse. It was an immediate immersion into another world...
We drove up to the palace in a fleet of trusty Ambassador cars.

The Maharana of Udaipur blessed several beautiful horses who were sprinkled with water and given garlands of marigolds.

Solara and Nova with the Maharana of Udaipur.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Photos: Part 2
Our Master Cylinder began at the Udai Kothi in Udaipur

The 7th Gate Ndex: