Special Thanks to our Photographers:
Alessander, Amaa Ta Ra, Angie, Ankasha, Arbaline, Cris, Daniela, Dzimitry, Edit, Gerlinde, Indigo, Kalasara,
KaRa, Ken, Kyahna Sun, Lorett, Monique, Natalya, Omashar, Ralph, Renate, Sasha, Solara

Our Master Cylinder One Being: Four

One of the best ways to feel the energy of a Master Cylinder
is to look into the faces of the ones present and see the immense Love, clarity and Oneness.

Natalya from Russia with Joop from The Netherlands

In the Love.

Natasha, Thais & L'y'Hara

Ellen and Ken

Ione from Brazil

Peter & Lenka from Germany and Canary Islands.

Thais came all the way from the Altai Mountains in Russia.

Sisters Nova and Elara play outside the hotel.

Solara and Zina finally meet and merge.

Russian Kisses

Gerlinde from Austria was very busy translating.

Anastra from Australia has been to every Master Cylinder except for one.

Ruth y Raul de Mexico

Premananda, Gerard & Daina from Spain bond with Aida of Mexico.

Relaxing in the jacuzzi with Araya, Afrika and Alessander.