June 5, 2009


Querétaro, México Vancouver, BC, Canada
San Bernardino, Paraguay Oakland, California, USA Simferopol, Ukraine


Querétaro, México

Last Friday, June 5th at 08:00 hrs, we gathered in order to anchor this wonderful Energy that arrives for installing a New Matrix of True Love and start a deep change into the Oneness.

The place: The “Villa Conín” room, in the town of Miranda, Querétaro. A space full of harmony and beauty, large and full of light, ideal for making this event.

Answering the call, people arrived from different cities: Ciudad de Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Mexico State, ¡Venezuela! and of course, from Querétaro.

The space started to be filled by Light Being dressed in White with bright colorful accessories, white flowers, candles, fruits, flavored waters, meals and many wishes of sharing. The happiness reigned in our hearts, everyone participated and set up the place immersed in a big hubbub.

The sound of the conch, vibrant and resounding started the activities. The activities started with our salute to Father Heaven, bathing us with the Sun Energy. Alma Rosa directed this purification and harmonized our Being with the surrounding Elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire. We saluted our Natural Guardians: Trees and Palm Trees that surround the space.

Ana Laura opened the Gates of the Grandmother to salute the 4 cardinal points, asking permission and purifying us in order to leave behind duality and enter the Greater Reality. The purification ended with Maricella directing the practice of the “Xua!”.

Next, began the introduction to 8th Gate through doing the 11:11 Mudras and creating the bridge for crossing towards that Greater Reality that was already being manifested with the direction of Maricella and Nieves.

Integrated as One, in the Sacred Circle, we named Solara in the Master Cylinder and all the participants in the Anchor Groups all over the world, yearning to receive this energy. Unifying our hearts to make them One Being through the invocation.

In that moment, the energy began to enter and we could feel its power and warmth, submersing us in a vibrational wave of Love and Authenticity. This energy guided us to start our dance, the Starry Processional, and make us flow as One.

There came a moment of deepening, of travelling inside ourselves and from there, to enter into the Lotus Heart frequency. Mario Gluzman, from Venezuela, directed this wonderful experience and straight away, we start to anchor the energy that had already manifested its full power.

The Lotus Dance was made, and straight away the Male-female Unification Dance to merge us into the One Being and a gift came: Luis invoked the Light Beings and the Pleiadian brothers and we were introduced into a Light healing chamber, as a preparation and reinforcement for the commitment we assumed starting that day.

Finally, Alejandro Islas y Mario Gluzman closed by blessing the group and the planet. We honored and thanked the opportunity of having lived and enjoyed the anchoring of the 11:11 8th Gate, surrounded by Light Beings from our world and other dimensions.

Per Nieves requested that we say goodbye by making one more time the Mudras in an open space, sending to Queretaro City and to the rest of the world several good wishes and blessings for Oneness, True Love and Authenticity, truly fructified the in this Earth, for the good of all Humanity. .... Maricella Romero

El pasado viernes 5 de junio a las 8:00 Hrs., nos reunimos para llevar a cabo el Anclaje de esta maravillosa Energía que llegaba para instalar la Nueva Matriz del Amor Verdadero e iniciar un cambio profundo hacia la Unicidad.

El Lugar: El Salón “Villa Conín”, en el Pueblo de Mirada, Querétaro. Un espacio pleno de armonía y belleza, amplio y luminoso, ideal para llevar a cabo este evento.

Cómo respuesta a la Convocatoria llegaron personas de distintas ciudades: Distrito Federal, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Estado de México, ¡Venezuela! y por supuesto, Querétaro.

El Espacio se fue llenando de Seres de Luz, vestidos de blanco y accesorios de colores brillantes, flores blancas, velas, fruta, agua de sabores, alimentos y muchos deseos de compartir. La Alegría reinaba en nuestros corazones, todos participaban, arreglaban, se instalaban en medio de una gran algarabía.

El Sonido del Caracol, vibrante y sonoro dio inicio a las actividades, que comenzaron con nuestro Saludo al Padre Cielo, bañándonos con la Energía del Sol. Alma Rosa condujo esta purificación y armonizó nuestro Ser con los Elementos Circundantes: Agua, Tierra, Aire y Fuego. Saludamos a nuestros Guardianes Naturales: Árboles y Palmeras que rodeaban el espacio.

Ana Laura abrió las Puertas de la Abuela para saludar a los Cuatro Puntos, pedir permiso y purficarnos con el fin de dejar atrás la Dualidad y prepararnos a entrar en la Realidad Mayor. La purificación terminó con Maricella dirigiendo la práctica del “Xua”.

A continuación se realizó la Introducción al Portal mediante la realización de los Mudras y creando el Puente para cruzar hacia esa Realidad Mayor que ya se manifestaba, con la dirección de Maricella y Nieves.

Integrados como Uno, en el Círculo Sagrado, nombramos a Solara en el Cilindro Maestro y a todos y cada uno de los Grupos de Anclaje participantes en el Mundo, anhelantes de recibir esta Energía. Unificando nuestros corazones para formar un solo Ser mediante la Invocación.

En ese momento comenzó a entrar la Energía y pudimos sentir su fuerza y calidez, sumergiéndonos en un Oleaje Vibracional de Amor y Autenticidad. Nos guiaba a iniciar nuestra Danza, la Caminata Estelar, y nos hacía fluir como uno solo.

Llegó un momento de profundización, de viajar a nuestro interior y desde ahí, entrar en la misma frecuencia del Corazón de Loto. Mario Gluzman, de Venezuela, dirigió esa maravillosa experiencia y enseguida comenzamos a Anclar la Energía que se manifestaba ya con toda su Fuerza.

Se realizó la Danza del Corazón de Loto y enseguida la Danza de Unificación de lo Masculino con lo Femenino para fundirnos en un solo Ser y vino el regalo: Luis invocó a los Seres de Luz y Hermanos Pleyadianos y se nos introdujo en una Cámara Lumínica de Sanación, como preparación y refuerzo para el Compromiso que asumimos a partir de ese día.

Finalmente, Alejandro Islas y Mario Gluzman cerraron con la Bendición al Grupo y al Planeta. Procedimos a Honrar y Agradecer la oportunidad de haber vivido y disfrutado este Anclaje de la 8va. Puerta del 11:11 rodeados de Seres de Luz, de este nuestro Mundo y de otras dimensiones.

A invitación de Nieves nos despedimos realizando una vez más los Mudras en espacio abierto, enviando a la ciudad de Querétaro y al Mundo una serie de parabienes y deseos para que verdaderamente fructifique la Unicidad, el Amor Verdadero y la Autenticidad en esta Tierra, para Bien de la Humanidad. .... Maricella Romero


Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are glad to send you a photo report of Activation held by Alla Pogonina, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thank you very much for that unique experience. For me and my beloved Alla, it was not only an Activation experience, but the way we live and love each other.

Best warmest wishes from our hearts, .... Igor Revenko and Alla Pogonina

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San Bernardino, Paraguay

Opening of the Gate in San Bernardino, Paraguay.

Apertura del portal en San Bernardino Paraguay.


Oakland, California, USA

Lotus Blessings Solara,

Here are the photos from our 11:11 Anchor Group in Oakland California. We had a wonderful and powerful experience.!!! .... Sara'elah Zunila Christos



Simferopol, Ukraine

We were waiting impatiently for that day. The place for the ceremony was chosen earlier by me and my husband. We decided to settle in the forest, on the bank of the large, artificial lake. To be honest, we had a feeling that something was leading us exactly to this place.

Our group came there one or two hours earlier, before the Activation, consisting of 11 persons. We had arranged some space. The weather started to change. It was really hot in the morning, but suddenly dark clouds have appeared and it started to rain. We were having our dinner under the rain, and at that very moment our 12th participant joined us – it was a young woman. The rain stopped quickly and everything around seemed to become new and fresh. The long-expected time of Activation was closer and closer.

The sun appeared again! All the participants as a single whole made the 11:11 Mudras and we started the Lotus Dance. We read out the Master List of 8th Gate Anchor Groups Worldwide and glued some small flags onto the map.

We were dancing the Starry Processional and the Lotus Dance, plus the One Eye Dance. The Guardians were changing while we were doing small breaks to eat something. All the participants looked very beautiful with a glow from inside. The atmosphere around was festive and solemn; we didn’t feel any tiredness. Many of us sensed that we were conducting energy flows. There was something, invisible for the eyes, but something, that is very precious and joyful! We felt that while we danced the Sacred Dances that the Oneness was rising, especially when it was the most synchronous. We tasted the energy that we were conducting - unusual and new.

When it got darker, we had lit candle-lights, so our meadow became more beautiful. We were preparing ourselves for the Dance of the Elements. That dance was a very deep, powerful and transformative moment, and the majority of us felt tiredness after.

The last hour of the Activation felt like we were dancing under the water, thus much everything was condensed. The energy flows were very powerful. We finished the Lotus Dance. The tea, made on the fire cheered up many of us, and some decided to get some sleep, but the rest stayed near the fire. Laughter, sounds of drums and other light, deep instruments were heard all night long.

The morning was spectacular. The sun, the dew on the grass, feeling that everything around us is in gladness and peace. Dances and celebration have started spontaneously. We were spinning with many-colored clothes and energy flows have changed a lot. Our final Lotus Dance was the real revelation for us. It was so deep. We were dancing like vast essences, that are interwoven into One Being.

After the Activation was finished, I had a feeling that this new energy will live in us forever, it seemed that we made up our minds on its wave, like a radio beacon, or so.

We want to thank all the excellent people from our group. We send a huge gratitude and love to Solara, Annu, Zina-Antara, Sasha-interpreter for their enormous work. We express love and gratitude to our One Being. .... Satyam & Amrit

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