The Ninth Gate Activation of the 11:11

The Emergence of True Ones

October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali, Indonesia



It is very important that your Anchor Group consciously chooses the right location for your Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony rather than just opting for something that is convenient. Try to find a beautiful place in your area that has clear, pure energy. It is always stronger to hold your Activation Ceremony outside in an open and natural environment such as a park, by a lake or at a sacred site. Just remember to prepare for any kind of weather. At the Master Cylinders, which are always held outdoors, we have tarps ready to cover our sound equipment, even when it’s expected to be sunny. And we are always committed to completing our Activation Ceremony, regardless of the weather we experience.

If your group decides to hold their Activation Ceremony within a building or private home, that’s all right too; just put some extra effort into recalibrating and cleaning the space.

Often, the perfect location not only calls to you, it makes itself available. If you make the effort beforehand to locate that special space, it will make your Anchor Group much more



Wherever you hold your Anchor Group’s Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony, you will need to create a sacred space. You can do this by cleansing, purifying, and recalibrating.

If you plan to be outside, you can begin by consciously and lovingly cleaning up the area from sharp rocks and debris.

You might want to define your space with flowers, candles or bamboo torches on the ground and hold your ceremony within it. Some Anchor Groups have made a circle in the snow with straw. Do whatever feels right to create your Sacred Space. The land will already be aware of what is about to take place, but please remember to really Love and thank the space for working with us in this momentous event.

If you are holding your ceremony inside a building, you will first want to clear the space of any unnecessary clutter. Make it as clean, stripped down and neutral as possible. Bring in some fresh flowers and light some candles, but avoid using strong incense as its energy is too heavy and attracts astral energies. Simplicity, beauty and freshness are the keys to creating a clear sacred space.

We must emphasize that creating elaborate magical alters with lots of crystals, sacred symbols, etc, IS NOT APPROPRIATE. 11:11 Gate Activations are aligned with the pure, expanded new energies of the Ultra Greater Reality, and such things will only interfere with and distort the energies.

The true resonance and sacredness of your space will be created by your group’s alignment as One Being and by infusing it with giant Waves of PURE HEART LOVE!



Everyone will need to find special, white clothing to wear for the Activation. At the Master Cylinders, we always wear beautiful, simple white clothing, as white symbolizes the purity and alignment of our One Being. It raises our resonance into a heightened sense of Oneness and makes it far easier to remain focused and clear. You can also add bright accents to this too, such as beautiful scarves in colours like magenta or turquouise.

Your group will also need a selection of sarongs, pareos and long scarves in reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens, purples, browns and white for the Dance of the Elements,



It will be infinitely stronger to hold your ceremony during the same hours that the Master Cylinder is doing their Activation at Tanah Lot, Bali. For the Ninth Gate, we will begin around 12:30 in the afternoon of October 25 and finish around 6.00 in the evening. You can convert these hours to your local time-zone through the World Clock website.

Although these will be awkward hours in the middle of the night for some areas of the world, please remember that this is a once in a lifetime event that we are all blessed to participate in. This should make it easier to step outside our ‘ordinary’ routine. Many Anchor Groups aligned during the same hours for the 8th Gate Activations in 2007 and 2009 and the difference was immense. Ninth Gate is the rarest of opportunities for the True Ones to emerge, and it will be indescribably stronger to be aligned as One Being for this on every level, including physical time.



Food and water to share
White clothing and colourful pareos, sarongs and scarves
Warm, protective layers of clothing
Items to recalibrate and decorate your Activation site such as fresh flowers.
Sacred Dance music and world music
CD player, iPod (with speakers) or laptop to play music
World map with stickers on the locations of the Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups.
Blankets, mats or pillows to sit on.
Tarps for sound equipment (in case of rain or lots of sun)

Print out of all Ninth Gate information, especially the Keynote for Ninth Gate, 11:11 Sacred Dances, the “GO”, and Guardian information.



The Keynote of Ninth Gate is ONE BEING IN ACTION: The Emergence of the True Ones. We have waited a long time and worked hard for this. We have burned our bridges to the past and can now leave behind the old ways of doing things. Outdated concepts and beliefs are discarded as we walk out of our old lives and begin anew. Once we have emerged as True Ones, it opens the doors to a New Beginning on an unprecedented scale. We can start fresh with a clean slate, creating our lives as we truly want them to be. We can be honest and real in everything we do, think and feel.

This is when we can come together as ONE BEING IN ACTION birthing a new level of collaboration and synergy in which great tasks are achieved with ease and effectiveness.



No matter what happens during an 11:11 Activation, the Guardians always remain Larger than the activities in the center.

At every 11:11 Activation you will see some powerful beings standing around the perimeters of our sacred space. These Guardians are here to serve as stabilization pinions for the Template of Oneness. They are here to anchor the Ultra Greater Reality and protect the sacredness of our gathering. The importance of having Guardians cannot be overstated. Guardians provide us with a stable, vastly heightened energy field.

Ninth Gate Guardian Instructions



The focus of your Anchor Group during Ninth Gate Activation is to align as One Being with the Master Cylinder and other Anchor Groups around the world so we can fully emerge as True Ones.

Throughout the Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony, it's vitally important that you stay aligned with the Master Cylinder at Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia. Consciously feel our presence with you in the Heart of the Lotus at all times. Our Master Cylinder will be constantly sending you waves upon waves of powerful, concentrated the 9th Gate energies of PURE HEART LOVE and Trueness. The more aligned you are with the Master Cylinder, the stronger you will feel it. It is then your job to anchor the new 9th Gate energies into the Earth and expand them outwards to the furthest corners of the world.

The 9th Gate Activation is going to take us to a totally new level of Trueness. The Master Cylinder will strongly feel the immense energy of all the Anchor Groups, and your focused intent and Love will totally support us and keep us anchored. We are immensely grateful for this, for it enables us to find the necessary strength to activate this monumental 9th Gate.

It's also important to remain constantly aware of the other Anchor Groups all over the world. Together, we all form One very Vast Being and the more consciously aware your Anchor Group is of this, the more effective our One Being will be.

At the 11:11 Master Cylinders we always read aloud the location of every single Anchor Group all over the planet at the start of our Activation Ceremony. As we do, we can feel all of you joining with us as One. It is a powerful beginning to our Activation as everyone steps into their appointed positions. And we are ready to begin....

It is very important that you also read out loud the newest Master List of all the 9th Gate Anchor Groups during the beginning of your ceremony too, so we can all consciously align together.

9th Gate Master List of Anchor Groups Worldwide
(This list will be updated daily until the morning of the Activation.)



At our 11:11 Master Cylinders, we never have a set schedule of activities. We spend a week of intense preparations learning the Sacred Dances and various other processes to bring us into a strong, clear One Being. On the day of the Activation Ceremony, we are wide open to go with the flow and follow the energy.

We often begin by creating gateways of two people facing each other and the people enter one by one by doing the mudras for all the previous Gates. As they pass through the gateway, they become a second gateway. And on it goes until our entire Master Cylinder group becomes a gateway.

Forming a huge circle, we open the Lotus Heart into PURE HEART LOVE and listen to a song by Omashar. Next, the list of Anchor Groups all over the world is read out loud, so we can feel their presence and align with them as One Being.

Usually the first dance we do is the Starry Processional because it's the one dance that has been danced at all the 11:11 Activations. After that, anything can happen...

Sometimes the entire ceremony flows smoothly and suddenly it's over. Other times, challenges can come up or the energies can suddenly go flat. That's when our training of the past week is essential, when we need to quickly pull together our One Being and take it to another level. And this is when it really helps to have your entire beings fully present and wide open.

During almost every 11:11 Gate Activation, there will be at least one time (and often way more than one) in which the energies suddenly go off the map of the known and we are thrust into a very powerful and pure immersion into the Ultra Greater Reality. Most of the time this happens when it’s not possible to remove someone from whatever we're doing and to announce what is happening and what we should do next. This is when the One Being must take over. And if our One Being isn't functioning very well, it can be a disaster. But when it is strong and clear, there is such magnificence; it's totally beyond words as we create the new pathways into the previously uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible. These moments of fully inhabiting the Invisible while in physical form are beyond amazing.

The actual Activation of the Gate can happen at any time, almost always when we least expect it. (See the Second Gate Guardian story.) When the new Gate energies enter the planet through the Master Cylinder, everyone present can unquestionably feel it.

The same is true for the Anchor Groups - if you remain open and aligned with the Master Cylinder and with all the other Anchor Groups forming our One Being, you will definitely feel it when the Ninth Gate energies reach you. This is one of the reasons it's so worthwhile to align your group with the exact times of the Master Cylinder. And when the Ninth Gate energies come to you, then it's your job to anchor them into the earth and send them all over the planet.

We have no set time in which our Activation Ceremony is over. It just suddenly becomes obvious that it's complete. We all can feel it. And often there are still dances or activities that we would like to do, but the Ceremony is complete.



It is better to have no set schedule for your Anchor Group, but rather a prepared list of possible activities. This would include some of the 11:11 Sacred Dances, your own unique Dance of the Elements and any other activities you feel are appropriate; then you are ready to surf your way through the Activation.

PURE HEART LOVE FORMS THE FOUNDATION FOR NINTH GATE. So remember to establish a strong resonance of PURE HEART LOVE before your ceremony begins. Bring in the LOVE in whatever ways you can. Get your entire group to leap into the Sea of Love and splash it around.

Many Anchor Groups don't follow these guidelines, preferring to "do their own thing". This is quite alright as there is much diversity within our One Being. However, it's also important to remember that there is a tremendous power in our focused intent. If we all consciously align as One and if we all do the Starry Processional Dance, for example, it makes everything we do even stronger. The choice is up to you!

Here are a few elements that you should incorporate into your 9th Gate Ceremony if at all possible.

Have everyone wear white (with colorful accents if desired).

Put your Guardians into position.

Everyone, including the Guardians, should simultaneously do the GO and align as One Being.

Constantly stay aligned with the Master Cylinder.

Read aloud the newest Anchor Group Master List and align with the other 8th Gate Anchor Groups as One Being.

Do the GO whenever grounding and refocusing is needed.

Do the 11:11 Mudras. Here is the link to our Videos on Opening the Lotus Heart, XUA!! & the 11:11 Mudras.

Dance the Starry Processional as it will bring in the energies of all the previous 11:11 Gate Activations and weave them into the present moment. This dance is far more powerful if you dance it to its proper music.

Dance your unique Dance of the Elements.

Dance the Lotus Dance as it aligns with the sublime, subtle energies of the Lotus World.

Once your Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony begins, stay in the LOVE, and constantly hold the energy and focus, even during any rest breaks.



The Ninth Gate Activation is going to be VERY REAL. If you are at all receptive, you will definitely feel it. We are going to experience some of the most intensely powerful LOVE we have ever felt during the Activation of Ninth Gate and it's best if we are prepared for it.

Most of the people who have participated in an 11:11 Master Cylinder, and many of those in 11:11 Anchor Groups, have described them as the most powerful and profound experience of their lives.

Anything can happen! Absolutely anything. And this makes it our total priority to remain focused on what we are doing (Activating the Ninth Gate and emerging as True Ones) throughout our Activation Ceremony. We all need to be vigilant that we are not distracted off our focus. Even if the earth shakes, the rain falls, the lights go out, we must continue on with our 8th Gate Activation Ceremony until it is absolutely complete.

During the Ninth Gate Activation, we will definitely go off the map of the known into the Unknown. This happens frequently at the Master Cylinder. If this happens to your Anchor Group, remember to stay strongly anchored in Oneness and hold the resonance of Pure Heart Love, no matter what.

During an 11:11 Activation it is quite "normal" for the unexpected to occur. We are bringing in Quantum New Energies. New means something that we haven't experienced before.

There may be surprises. There may be surges of sublimely powerful LOVE. We may experience the cracking open of our hearts, and the influx of PURE, TRUE LOVE like we have never felt before on this planet. Whatever happens, it's important that we stay grounded, focused and STRONG IN OUR ONE BEING. We need to remain open to the unexpected and allow ourselves room to be spontaneous in the midst of our concentrated focus.


MASTER LIST of all Anchor Groups Worldwide
The Ninth Gate Anchor Group Directory

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