The Activation of the Fifth Gate of the 11:11

The Gate of Personal Freedom!

October 19, 2002: Big Island, Hawai'i

How to Prepare Yourself & Your Anchor Group for the Fifth Gate Activation:

The Fifth Gate energies are already being felt. These final weeks are a key time for making some major adjustments in our lives. They are full of numerous opportunities to get really clear, both with our own Selves and with the outer situations in our lives.

During this time, we can choose to respond to these outer situations in new ways; we can start doing things in new ways. We can begin to bring our New Beings into our old lives and watch them being transformed. We can find the places where we have been stuck in old patterns and gently release them. We can locate the boxes in which we have stuck ourselves and start reclaiming our Personal Freedom.

It is a time of the overlap between the old and the new. Many elements of our New Directions are already starting to make themselves known. But our primary focus should be on the clearing, healing and transforming of the elements of our beings and outer lives which cannot move into our New Directions.

During the past three years, we have been through a rather wild, transformative process which has stripped away many layers which we no longer need and which no longer serve us. Now is a time to take a fresh look at ourselves and see who we have become. To get to know ourselves in new ways. To see just how far we have traveled.


Complete as many unfinished obligations in your lives as possible.
Resolve any unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships.
Clear out the physical & mental clutter in your lives.
Find the stuck places in your being & in your outer lives and take a new approach to getting free of the old ruts.
Strip away the elements of your life & in your being which are not in alignment with your Core Essence.
Be REAL, no matter what.
When old situations come up, respond in NEW ways.
Be conscious of our One Being at all times.
Live your Love and always listen to your heart.
Get clear about whether your actions are being motivated by Love or by Fear.
Read "How to Live Large on a Small Planet" and do some of the practices in it such as the GO, the One Heart, and the One Eye.
Learn some of the 11:11 Sacred Dances. Instructions are available on this website for the Earth-Star Dance, the Starry Processional, the Sacred Spiral Dance & the Lotus Dance. If your group is going to do any of these dances at your Fifth Gate Activation ceremony, then you might want to order the music tapes for the dances. They are available from us for $10.00 each tape plus shipping. (The Lotus Dance is done in silence.)
Be conscious about the core issues that you are coming up in your life and are ready to release, because soon they will be transformed!
Be prepared for your whole life to change!


If you would like to organize a Fifth Gate Anchor Group in your location, please email us with your name, city, country, email address and phone number. Then we will add you to the 5th Gate Anchor Group List on this website so people in your area can find you.

If you don't want to organize an Anchor Group, but want to participate in one, please keep checking these pages to see if one has formed in your area.

We will continue to update these pages as we receive new information.

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