The Second Gate of the 11:11

With profound gratitude to all those who helped activate
the Second Gate of the 11:11 in 1993.

The Second Gate
And the two shall become One

The Activation of Second Gate took place on June 5, 1993. Ceremonies were held all over the planet with the Master Cylinder located directly on the equator inside the volcanic crater of Pululahua in Ecuador. While this was the date that Second Gate was activated, it's important to remember that we are all on our own individual timetables for transformation.

Although a Gate cannot be entered until its activation, everyone doesn't necessarily enter it at the same time. Many are still passing through First Gate, while others have yet to enter the 11:11. Often, we experience the energies and lessons of several Gates simultaneously.

Our stretching out through the available open Gates is a natural occurrence, allowing us the needed time to transform and recalibrate our beings. This passage through the 11:11 cannot be rushed, forced or faked.

The Second Gate represents the fusion of our deepest heart's desires with our highest spiritual aspirations. The fulfillment of our heart's desires becomes the next step on our spiritual path.

The previous separation between the "personal " and the "spiritual" is hereby transcended.

The keynote of the Second Gate is the two becoming One. This entails an intensive process of reunifying all our inherent polarities: Inner Male & Female, Sun and Moon, Spirit and Matter, Earth and Star.
Our new emotional bodies are strengthened, further anchoring the One Heart. We now embody the Lovers from Beyond the Stars; a deeper, vaster Love than we ever experienced as True Loves. The reunion of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars back into One Being creates the doorway into a new heightened level of Love called the Greater Love.

Our journey through the Second Gate will take over three years until the activation of Third Gate. By then, we will discover that we have greatly transformed, far beyond what we can presently imagine. We will become integrated Earth-Star Beings. We will embody totally new levels of Love.

The changes inherent in Second Gate are vaster than anything we have yet experienced. But it is important to remember that this is merely the beginning point. The rest of the journey is still being mapped out.


Video of the Second Gate Master Cylinder in Ecuador

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