We can't fully inhabit the Ultra Greater Reality
until we activate, quicken and embody our One Being.

We are all part of One Being....
One vast, organic, living organism.

This One Being is far vaster than our old concepts of unity and Oneness.
It is a living, breathing, organic entity which encompasses everything.

Our One Being is composed of all life forms upon this planet and beyond:
all of nature including the mountains, the wind, the stars, the water,
the rocks, plus everything that has been created by man:
our cars, books, televisions, computers, clothes, buildings, etc.
Together we form a vast One Being.

Everything and everyone is part of our One Being.
Our One Being exists whether we are aware of it or not.

Quickening Our One Being

The Activation and Quickening of our One Being
is the key to our future evolution.

The evolutionary roads we have been taking will soon come to an end.
Our next step is the conscious awareness and embodiment of our One Being,
The Quickening of our One Being is vital to our personal evolution
and to the survival of the planet as a whole.

To activate our One Being we must step BEYOND our separate Selves
and align with something far greater.
As long as we identify solely with our personal, individual Selves,
we will not be an active part of our One Being.
It is vital that enough of us consciously step BEYOND our separate Selves
and activate our One Being.
This is how we move into the Greater Reality.

Once we truly know that we are all part of a greater, infinitely vaster Being,
that we all bring needed qualities to our One Being,
that we all share this Earthly journey together and together, function as One, then our One Being has been activated.

Each of us is a microcosm of our One Being.

The challenges that we experience, the lessons we learn, are learned for all.
The sadness we feel, the frustration and anger,
the exhilaration of our joy and love--
are part of the vast emotions of our One Being.
When we master something,
it adds to the mastery of our One Being.
As we move forward on the evolutionary spiral,
the spiral turns for everyone.

The Power of One

Once our One Being is quickened,
we can experience the true Power of One.
This is when the door to amazing miracles is flung open
and all things are made possible.

When we activate our One Being,
we will unleash our huge collective power
and manifest our magnificent creative potential.

Unfettered of the confining, choking yoke of our perceived separateness,
we will be able to create great and momentous changes upon this planet.
We will be able to experience unlimited abundance
so we can birth the New without hindrance.

The Greater Love of our One Being will impermeate everything,
effortlessly dissolving away any last entrenched pockets of duality.
A New World will be born!

Bringing the whole of our One Being
back into full conscious Oneness is our Homeward Journey.