by Solara

In May 2004 the 6th Gate Activation has turned the Doorway of the 11:11 inside out. The new 11:11 Vision is being revealed.

And a powerful one it is....

Up until the 6th Gate Activation, the 11:11 Doorway was under the resonance of the number 11. Eleven is the Master Number which represents ANCHORING THE NEW. And indeed, this is what so many of us have been doing for a very long time. We've been inserting the New, which is Oneness, into the calcified density of duality.

This process has impacted us on every possible level, affecting everything from the planetary logos (planetary being) to our most intimate, personal core selves. It has often been an arduous task, full of extreme challenges. Yet we have persevered, knowing that the time of duality's reign is almost over and that Oneness must be fully anchored. Knowing that our very survival may well depend on this.

The Greater Reality is where Oneness resides and increasingly, the Greater Reality has been inserted into our old duality-based reality system. Until finally, we have created a Zone of Overlap where Oneness and duality coexist as parallel realities. This Zone of Overlap has continued to thicken and expand until it now contains the past and future interwoven into the present.

Now we have arrived at a critical junction, a Major Intersection where we must choose which road we are going to take from here forward. If we wish to go deeper into the Greater Reality, into Oneness, then we must move our beings onto a totally new level.

This new level is the One Being. Simply put, our One Being is one living, organic being --- US AS ONE. Everything is part of the One; that we know. And yet, there is still much misunderstanding as to just what it means to be part of One Being.

Right now, it's all about consciously choosing to stand in our One Being. To see each of us as rays of the Star of One. We are all of the One. I am Solara of the One. You are _____ of the One.

Once we truly identify ourselves as being "of the One", a profound shift takes place deep within us. We can feel and see our intrinsic interwoveness with everything. Our compassion is unleashed and our perceptions expand. Veils dissolve....

We realize that we are not just isolated individuals struggling to get by. We no longer serve the planet by just "doing our own thing". Suddenly, we can feel the immensely powerful support system of our vast One Being which is always with us. Interwoven together, we support each other; we care for each other. Like the motto of the Three Musketeers, "All for One, and One for the All." We are no longer alone. We are no longer impotent. We are no longer separate.

As increasing numbers of us awaken to our inherent Oneness, our One Being quickens and comes alive. The sleeping giant awakens.... Our One Being is the key to our future evolution. It is the way in which we become free of the hooks of duality. And it is strong enough to dissolve the illusion of duality once and for all.

May's 6th Gate Activation was about consciously choosing to step into our One Being. Once that was done, our next step was for our One Being to CHOOSE AS ONE to step into the Earth, to take responsibility to help shift the planet, humanity, all living creatures, nature, the elements, etc. onto their next level which is Oneness.

Always when the 11:11 Activations bring in another level, a mighty resistance sets in to keep us in our old energy patterns. We undergo a powerful initiation, a time of testing as to the depth of our commitment. There is a sudden resurgence of fears, doubts, and attachments which try to keep us small and limited. This is especially true of where we are right now, enlivening the One Being.

Control issues are highlighted as some of us fear that stepping into One Being will make us lose the tenuous sense of control which we are desperately holding onto. And it's true that some of our old forms of control will dissolve as we make this shift. This is because we have suddenly expanded our perceptions and aren't just looking out for our own personal interests and material welfare anymore. As the veils dissolve and our compassion deepens, we don't need to maintain the rigid control that we had before. We are going to flow with the Surf and be supported, not just by our own efforts, but by the momentum, power and love created by our quickened One Being.

We also might fear that we will lose our individuality if we consciously become part of something so vastly larger. But to the contrary, we have discovered that the total opposite is true. As we step into our One Being, we become more our true selves than ever before. We are no longer encased in confining individual boxes of limiting definitions which keep us imprisoned in duality. Instead we are able to fully accept and embrace our humanness and fully accept and embody our vastness, then merge them together, becoming truly REAL and ALIVE.

Another element which crops up at this time to keep us from full embodiment of our One Being is Spiritual Ego. The sense that we already know it all and the extreme reluctance to face the possibility of having to let go of some areas of our hard won spiritual mastery in order to embrace something vaster. Although many of us have been serving the planet for lifetimes, we now need to come together openly and serve as One.

There is also the fear of the unknown.... Many of us have asked ourselves why we need to go into the uncharted realms of the Invisible when we already have obvious familiarity and mastery of our old situations.

Yet another hindrance to stepping fully into One Being is our financial anxieties. We have become so engrossed in trying to survive that often we can't see the forest for the trees. But it is precisely in the act of leaping onto an expanded new level that we will get to the place of financial and creative breakthroughs.

The choice before us is far more than, "Do we want to stagnate or do we want to grow?" This is because of the critical time we are in when the very fate of the planet is being determined. These are Great Times indeed. And please remember that, "Great Times require Greatness of Action and Greatness of Being".

This is a time when destiny is calling.... Our most personal destinies are unfolding. We can either choose to ignore this or choose to step forward. But perhaps we should remember that this is why we chose to come to Earth in the first place. Some of the major Earth lessons are to LIVE LARGE WHEREVER WE ARE and to LIVE OUR GREATNESS. This is how we become alive and real.

During this time, we are being bombarded with a profusion of things to deal with. Much of our emphasis is on Repatterning the Past. We are altering the patterns from our pasts so they won't keep repeating themselves. We do this by meeting past issues, situations, people and habits with our expanded future selves who are already anchored in the Greater Reality and by dealing with things in totally new ways with the awareness that we are all part of One Being. As we do this, we will find that the ripples emanating from our past which continue to affect our present lives are dramatically altered. A new resonance is coming to us from the past which sets us free from the old patternings, once and for all.

The New Vision of the 11:11 continues to be revealed. 6th Gate was the Midway Point of the 11:11 Doorway, the place where it turned inside out. The first five 11:11 Gates were under the resonance of 11 which is ANCHORING THE NEW; the last five 11:11 Gates will be under the resonance of the Master Number 22 which is CREATING THE NEW and BUILDING UPON THE NEW.

The significance of this is great and all-encompassing. This has a direct effect upon those of the First and Second Wave. The First Wave people have been on Earth for a very long time and have acquired much earthly experience, knowledge and weariness.

The Second Wave people are newer and fresher. They came here to CREATE THE NEW. And they have had to wait for a long time for the New to be anchored. This has created much impatience, frustration and boredom for them while they endlessly waited and wondered why they were here when there was nothing real to do.

Well, 6th Gate has turned everything around and now it's time for the sceptres to be passed. First Wavers will be moving from Doing to Being while Second Wavers will be shifting from Experiencing to Doing.

This was one of the key elements of October's 7th Gate Activation in India. A mighty shift is taking place even within the structure of the 11:11 Doorway. Although I was the key motivator for the first six 11:11 Activations, it will now be our One Being who carries the responsibility for the future 11:11 Activations. They will be achieved by us as One. As I said, sceptres are being passed....

An important facet of the Zone of Overlap that we are currently experiencing during this special time, is that it is the only time in which the First and Second Waves will be working together from a place of perfect balance and equality. For the next few years, we will all be in a state of Doing at the same time. This is what makes the "Greatness in Action" of this year possible. This will also move our One Being onto its new level which is called THE ONE BEING IN ACTION. This is where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

The sleeping giant shakes off its slumber and begins to rise.....

How far the sleeping giant of our One Being goes depends on each of us. Will it just be a few of us or will it be many? Will the sleeping giant take just a few tentative steps or will it stride across the universe with confidence and compassion -- righting imbalances, healing all the broken hearts, dissolving separation and replacing it with Oneness? Where will you choose to be?

I know that there are millions of us all over the planet who are doing their utmost to help make this shift and have been doing so for years with dedication and courage. Your presence is deeply felt and appreciated. And even though most of us haven't met each other in the physical, we know that we are working together. But sometimes I wonder if this is enough?

Perhaps the greatness of this time calls for us to make yet another step, to come together on a scale previously unimaginable! To stand together proudly in our One Being. To consciously align ourselves as One. To show the world our magnificent One Being in Action.....

Let's bring the sleeping giant of our One Being fully awake! Let's make it presence felt throughout all the worlds within worlds! Let's truly manifest our greatness.......

In the One True Love,