The Year 2001:

Across the Bridge
Into a New World


The year 2000 was a bridge spanning our old ways of being with the New. For many of us, the passage over this bridge was extremely challenging. It felt as if we were crossing a rickety suspension bridge which was hanging over the abyss of our deepest fears and doubts. With each step, the bridge swayed wildly and the challenges grew.

Now, we are almost across the bridge of transformation. Some have already reached the other side. It has been a powerful and worthwhile journey through the fires of initiation which has had a profound impact upon who we have now become.

Survival was a key issue for us last year. Many of us have been severely challenged in this area. Financial issues have taken a great deal of our attention. Our incomes have diminished and our expenses grown. Some experienced difficulties with such basics as finding a place to live or getting a job.

The Transformational Year of 2000 was a great year for stripping away the old and for discovering the many elements of our lives which we no longer need or want. Relationships severed, friendships dissolved, jobs faded away. Many of us moved our residence, although most of these changes were transitional. We didn't get to where we wanted to be, but we became unhooked from the past and moved closer to where we are going.

The great initiation stripped us to the core; much was peeled away layer by layer. Possessions fell away; old calcified behaviors finally melted off us. We may not have greeted this New Year in a state of total freedom, but we are infinitely lighter.

During our journey over the bridge of transformation, we haven't known where we are going. Many of us still don't know where we are going. All we can say, is that we are heading into the Unknown. Even though we don't know exactly where we are headed, we know that this is a journey which we must take. There is no turning around and going backwards, even if we wanted to, which we don't. The past is almost gone. Our old Self is almost gone. Our previous life situations are so altered that we wouldn't be able to fit ourselves back into them if we tried. Our old ways of doing things have been demolished.

We have let go of so much and for that we should be extremely grateful.

Many people had a rough time of it in 2000. This caused us to question everything and to delve deep beneath the surface of the outer appearance of what was occurring. How could we have such hard experiences if we are on the right track? Have we lost our way? Why don't our old spiritual practices work anymore? Is there any hope for the world? How can we liberate ourselves from our old patterns? Since we couldn't see our future, we wondered whether we even had a future? Was our time on the planet almost over? Most of all, we questioned ourselves and sometimes, judged ourselves harshly. Our natural sense of confidence was continually battered as we were increasingly humbled.


But as we enter the dynamic year of 2001, the veils are dropping. Suddenly, we can see how our passage across the shaky, swaying bridge of 2000 has strengthened us and made us more real. How it has lightened our beings from numerous illusions and cleared us to be more truly who we are. We may still feel vulnerable and raw, but our hearts are open and we can more honestly express our true feelings.

2000 was a powerfully effective year of transformation. It did what was necessary by pulling us through the fires.

Have you ever seen someone forge a sword? You put the sword in the fire until it is red hot, then you hammer out the sword until it is the perfect shape. Next, the sword is returned to the fire. When it emerges burning red, it is folded back onto itself. The tip of the sword goes back to the hilt. This doubled back sword is then hammered together, put back into the fire, hammered again into a sword shape, returned to the fire, folded back onto itself, etc. What this process does is make an invincible, very true sword and this is what has been happening to us.

For the past few years, we have been building the foundations of our New Lives / New Selves. Most of this work took place underground where it's dark and dirty and the light is not visible. Our focus wasn't on lofty spiritual matters, but on the practical, nitty-gritty details of sheer survival. Yes, it's easy to become depressed in such a situation and to think that we have lost our way, but we haven't. We've merely been undergoing a passage through the darkness; a most necessary part of our larger journey. It's all been a huge initiation which is totally connected to our spiritual path. It's just been a bit more real and a bit more challenging than most of us find comfortable. But it was vitally important that we put our foundation stones in just the right places. That we pondered the correct placement of each stone. That we dealt with every issue which came up in our lives to be cleared and transformed.

The Good News is that we have finally completed the process of building the foundations of our New Lives, and during the year 2001, our new lives will begin to take shape. We can now emerge from the pits of our despair and the heaviness which has surrounded us.

We can start to build walls and windows and see just how much we have accomplished. We can get a feeling of the reconfigured patterns of our lives. Suddenly, we will get a glimpse of the blueprint of our new matrix and see clearly what we have been building for the past several years. As this happens, many of the events of the recent past will start to make sense. We will see that everything which we experienced was perfect, just what we needed to cross the bridge from the old to the new, from THERE to HERE.

This increased understanding will enable us to be healed from the knocks and bruises which we experienced. Instead of feeling perplexed and battered, we will forgive everything and everyone, including ourselves. We will embrace it all in gratitude and move on.

The Year 2001 is going to be much more fun and creative. We will still be dealing with the completion of any unresolved matters in our lives, but closure is going to be much easier to achieve. And since we have worked so hard in the past, there will not be so much to resolve in 2001. This year will not be a total immersion into our New Lives, but it will continually bring us closer to them.

From the very beginning of the year, things are going to start moving forward. There's going to be lots of movement. More changes of residence and jobs, and letting go of old relationships which have run their course. The Winds of Change will be blowing through our lives, setting things right, clearing up old issues, and pushing us into our New Directions.

Whenever the Winds come, embrace the changes and don't try to hold onto the past. Follow the promptings of your heart and go towards the things which make you happy.

On many levels, 2001 is a year of Fulfillment. And coming after the storms of the past few years, this will be a welcome change. It will seem almost miraculous. We will learn to laugh and play and love again. We will be inspired and the creative juices will flow. We will meet new friends and just might find that long sought after long term relationship. Many of us will experience career changes as we move into jobs which are much more fulfilling. We will actually enjoy the work we do!


The Incas of Peru had an old expression, "The flowering of my tears". This represents the time of fulfillment which comes after a long period of difficulty and sorrow. Our tears continually water the Earth and finally, after we have cried and cried, after we have let go of so much, after we have passed through the searing fires of initiation and the dark night of the soul, the flowers start to grow. These aren't just normal flowers; they are precious, sacred flowers; flowers which can only grow after we have passed through a time of struggle and pain.

In 2001, these exquisite flowers which we have nurtured with our blood, sweat and tears will become visible above the ground. They will bring us tremendous happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Effort will be required throughout the year because there is much to do. We must remain constantly vigilant that we don't fall back into our old patterns. All year, we will be continually rising into heightened frequencies and as we reach each new level, we must be prepared to recalibrate our Selves and our surroundings to resonate with the new frequency.

The year 2001 is not a year of settling in. It is a year of dynamically moving forward while gently letting go of the final residue of the past. It is a year full of much work, yet this is work done with a smile in our hearts. It is a year full of joyous New Beginnings and deep, loving connections.

Embrace the many changes and enjoy the happy surprises of this year. Our efforts have made them possible.

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