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Welcome to the Brilliant Breakthrough Year of 2009!

2009 is ruled by the Master Number Eleven which will bring us some extremely rare happenings. These are of the "Once in a Thousand Lifetimes" or "Once at the Beginning and End of Major Cycles" type of occurrences. Several key events will occur in 2009. Among them are:

The dramatic Divergence of the Roads of Duality and Oneness.

The Falling Apart of all that is False.

The Convergence of the First and Second Wave.

The Emergence of the True Ones.

The Activation of the Second Part of the 8th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway.

The Birth of the New Matrix of One True Love.

The Beginning of a four year phase birthing a new MUA or Major Evolutionary Cycle.

The Birth of the White Dragon.

Our Coming Together as One Being in Action.


Last year was a powerful year of transition. Who we were when we entered the year was vastly different from who we were when we exited the year.

Many of us felt battered and weary walking our final miles through the old road of duality. At times, it took the last of our strength to continue on. By the end of the year, traversing our final miles became intolerable. This signified that we were finally reaching the end of the old road.

2008 was also the year in which we were called upon to face our Perfect Storm. This was our ultimate challenge, representing what we most wished to avoid or most feared or the biggest obstacle in our path. The Perfect Storm was the last hurdle that we had to leap in order to become free. And many of us courageously stepped right into the center of it.

2008 was a year of Sacred Quests that helped us gather together and merge with long lost fragments of our beings. It was a year of finding Hidden Treasures that served as touchstones of our True Core Selves. We traveled through the labyrinth until we reached its centerpoint. And then suddenly everything flipped over into a new, truer position. We understood what was real and what was unreal from an infinitely vaster perspective. And many of us experienced quantum breakthroughs that set us free. And the True Ones began to emerge....



The First Wave are those older souls who have been on this planet for a very long time. We came here under the Master Number 11 to Anchor the New. We have lots of Earth experience and have gathered an abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

For the past few years we have been wearily walking our final miles through a barren landscape that has become increasingly inhospitable. The old water holes and old sources of nourishment and creativity have dried up and we had to exert noticeable effort to find sustenance and inspiration. Always carrying the weight of heavy responsibilities, all we seemed to have time for was work and more work. It's not that we didn't want to have fun; we did. It was just that the old forms of fun were no longer enjoyable and we had too much work to do on our solitary path.

Walking our final miles, we often snagged ourselves on sharp thorn bushes and tripped on the slippery rocks that littered our path. Because of this, we have had to learn new ways to navigate around the many obstacles that blocked our way. This required continuous rerouting. In order to survive, we had to develop newly expanded vision so we could see beyond all outer appearances, so we could clearly understand what was REALLY GOING ON. We had to bring our New True Self into all our actions; otherwise the dealing with so many long expired elements would have crushed us.

At the same time, we continually combed throughout our beings, layer by layer by layer, weeding out the residue of anything that was untrue, stripping away any fears or doubts and replacing them with love and knowingness. While we were doing this, many of us forgot to notice that the landscape around us was softening. The thorn bushes became less frequent; the obstacles in our path became less solid and more transparent. We found new sources of nourishment in totally unexpected places. Support arrived when it was most needed.

The truer and more real we become and the more that we recalibrate our inner landscape so that we can live in the Ultra Greater Reality, the quicker our outer landscape changes. Suddenly, we notice that there are patches of vibrant green grass and a majestic tree. Birds appear out of nowhere and start singing. The air is fresher. A bubbling stream provides us with a new source of fresh water.

Our final miles on the old road of duality finally come to an end. And it doesn't even matter because we don't walk on the old road anymore. We no longer inhabit the dying world of duality. We don't feed duality and fear by believing in it. We live in the Ultra Greater Reality and our landscape is fresh and new, full of exquisite flowers and unparalleled beauty. And with each step that we take, our new world becomes ever more tangible, ever more true. We have entered the realms of our Wildest Dreams and they manifest to us one after another.


The Second Wave are newer souls who have had far less lifetimes on the Earth. They came here under the Master Number 22 to Build Upon the New. They have an abundance of fresh energy and new ideas.

For the past several years Second Waves have been feeling bored and unfulfilled. Although they have an abundance of energy, they can't find the right places to use it and their energy is beginning to stagnate. They have often felt they were bursting with amazing wonders that they want to create, yet nothing has felt real enough or large enough to fully engage their energies. They look at their possible career options, only to discover that they don't have any. Instead, they fill their endless expanse of free time with myriad distractions, endless training and small scale projects that don't fulfill them.

Second Waves well know that there is something more to life, yet they don't know how to find it. They look around and all they see are other numbed out Second Waves and tired, old First Waves who always seem to be working without ever having any fun. They have an abundance of skills, but lack the confidence to bring them forth into the world. They are looking for a method to fully express themselves, to burst free from their self-imposed lethargy, to run like the wind wild and unhindered, to sweep across the planet bringing lasting change, but some key element is missing. So they slide back into hanging out, numbing themselves with drugs, endless computer games or virtual worlds, avoiding any semblance of responsibility which they feel will only bring them down, feeling only partially alive.

Even when they start to get it --- that it's all about fully stepping in and joyfully assuming the many sceptres of responsibility that are being handed to them, their fears and resistances start to rise. For they realize that they've never been fully tested, and what if they should fail? So some of them hold back, building walls of excuses to hide their deep seated fears.

Second Waves are now in the process of catching up with what they know deep inside to be real and true. The next step is to find a way to bring it out into the world. They are ready to take responsibility for the monumental changeover from duality to Oneness. And they are going to make it fun!


There are also some who are neither First nor Second Wave. They contain a combination of both of them and are here to serve as bridges so that the paths of First and Second Wave can converge. If you are a Bridge Person, you will have a combination of the experiences of both First and Second Wave.


In 2009 many of the Second Wave will experience a mammoth activation on an unprecedented scale. They will awaken from their lethargy and rise up as True Core Beings to make their presence fully felt. They will joyously step into their vast mastery and willingly start carrying responsibility. The two previously separate paths of First and Second Wave will finally converge, enabling us to step into the totally new level of ONE BEING IN ACTION. Together as ONE, First and Second Waves will birth a New World.


For the past several years, we have been living in a world of superimposed, simultaneous realities. 2009 is the year when these realities will noticeably separate. The roads of duality and the roads of Oneness will start to diverge and have very different experiences.

Because of this, where we position ourselves in 2009 is of vital importance. Throughout 2008, we were faced with numerous challenges. Our biggest challenge has been to get ourselves onto a totally new level and become True Core Beings. If we have managed to do this, the road ahead will feel like emerging from a barren desert into a fruitful landscape of great beauty. If we haven't yet done this, it should be our top priority, for where we stand in 2009 will determine what reality we will experience.

It's obvious that the old road of duality is coming to its appointed end. Although this will take a few more years to finalize, this process will continue to accelerate throughout 2009. This is one of many reasons why we don't want to live in duality any more. During Times of Completion anything that is untrue or expired will fall apart and collapse. This is happening right now. It is happening all over the world and will only continue to get stronger. There is no way we can escape this process except by emerging as True Beings.

As we move to our new level, as we start inhabiting the Ultra Greater Reality, we shall discover that we have the option of traveling on a totally new road, the road of Oneness. This road is absolutely different than duality's road and it presents to us numerous new opportunities and new experiences --- ones that weren't available to us before. This is how we enter the realms of Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

Here are two different ways that we can walk through 2009. Which pathway we choose will determine our experiences.


If we continue walking on the crumbling road of duality, we will experience a continual state of emergency. If we are still working at a job we hate, it may well disappear. If we're still holding onto a partner who is not our One True Love, the partnership has a good chance of splitting apart. If we are still filling our lives with activities that have expired or are superficial, they will be cut away from us. If we still believe in lack and scarcity, we will experience more of it. If we hold onto the belief that hardship is a natural part of life, life will be hard. If we are still hiding from our True Selves by building walls of resistance, all our hiding places will be stripped away. If we cling onto our old security nets, they will disappear from under our feet. If we are still basing our actions upon fear, then our fears will be so greatly magnified that we will either break down or breakthrough. This is the Path of Emergency.


If this road doesn't sound very appealing, we all have the choice of walking a totally new road, the Path of Emergence. Here, we put all our efforts into emerging as True Core Beings. We continually remove each old pattern, each glitch that arises, all past residue, from our Personal Matrix. We constantly hone our beings so that we only speak our truth, so that we only express our true feelings. We let go of any activities, friendships and partnerships that are no longer real and true. We stop working at jobs that drain away our lifeforce and create new jobs where we can fully express our creativity and serve our true purpose. We find our hidden bank accounts and know that we will always be taken care of. We expand our stance and stand as the true King of Kings or Queen of Queens that we really are. We become Warriors of Love and spread LOVE everywhere we walk!

2009 is the Year of the Emergence of the True Ones. It is time for us to step in, step forward, join together as One, awaken the vast potential of the sleeping giant of our One Being and finally do what we came here to do. The more we do this, the easier everything will become. The miracles will manifest, the Green Lights will not only remain on, they will become increasingly brighter, illuminating our clear pathway into the New and True.


The Sacred Pagoda sits high atop the mountain. Although it never moves, it influences the entire landscape. Everyone in the surrounding area is comforted by its reassuring presence. It envelops the people with protection and embraces them with love. It embodies the resonance of a Greater Reality and is a continual reminder that ALL IS WELL.

Some of the people are inspired to make the pilgrimage to climb the mountain and leave offerings at the Sacred Pagoda. They always leave refreshed and renewed. Others simply gaze up at it while hanging out the laundry or taking a walk, and feel deeply reassured that it is still there. ALL IS WELL.

Even when the Sacred Pagoda is obscured by clouds or hidden by a hill, its presence is ever felt. ALL IS WELL.

And if it should ever disappear, a great Null-Zoning of the entire landscape, of people's hopes and dreams, would take place. This is why it is so important that the Sacred Pagoda be honored and respected.

During this momentous year of 2009 when much of duality is crumbling before our eyes, new stabilization pinions must be created to anchor the foundations of the New and True. And this is why each of us need to become Sacred Pagodas. We must openly and courageously stand true in our new landscape for all to see. Constantly sending forth waves of reassurance that ALL IS WELL. Emanating Truest Love to our entire surroundings.


MUA (pronounced Moo-ah) is an ancient Tahitian word meaning In the Very Beginning and Before Anything Else. Encoded within this word are the memories of ancient Lemuria or Lamu.

There is also a deeper meaning to MUA which is very appropriate to these current times. MUA signifies the beginning of a major new cycle. The first phase of our new MUA will be occurring in 2009 with the birth of the New Matrix of One True Love.

Previous MUAS include the Birth of the Sun and Moon, the Beginning of Time and the creation of each new world, such as the one that was born after the Great Flood or those talked about in the Hopi Indian creation story. The MUA that begins in 2009 will complete at the end of 2011 - 2012 when the Mayan and Incan Calendars flip over to their beginning position.


During 2009, everything that is false, that is based on selfish greed or the illusion of separation or that lacks integrity will be ultra magnified until it fails. All that is true and integrous will succeed. This puts everything ON THE LINE for us. Do we follow the road that takes us to our Wildest Dreams or do we continue traveling on the road that is quickly turning into a nightmare?

Throughout the year, many of us will relocate to the places of our New Lives if we're real and true and if our personal matrix is clear. Even if we don't physically move to a new location, our immediate environment will be noticeably different. Once this happens, there will be a dramatic shift of the people and props in our life; our new careers will be revealed; our One True Loves will be met. Even our daily routines and accustomed habits will change.

Regarding jobs and careers: In 2009 we will have much greater success creating our own jobs and working with like minded others than working at old duality-based jobs. This is because the whole duality-based economy is in the process of Null-Zoning.

This is the year for the Emergence of the True Ones. People all over the world will openly step into their full mastery so they can fulfill their true purpose. There will be a dramatic changing of the guard and passing of the sceptres of responsibility.

And all the while, everything built upon the illusion of duality will continue to fall apart....

This can make walking through 2009 challenging at times. We need to be ultra aware of what is going on in the world, yet we have to be careful not to get pulled into it. No matter what is happening around us, we must follow a clear trajectory into the New and True.

2009 has two very distinct parts, each with an unique focus.


The first half of the year from January through May resembles a construction site with all the workers arriving at the same time to begin work on a large project. Each person has their own special skills which are greatly needed to complete the mammoth project in front of us. There is much to achieve in a short time which requires tremendous focus and effort from us. And although there is a blur of heightened activity, if we remain focused on our goal, much can be achieved with a minimum of stress.

During this time, there will be lots of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right taking place. We will continually scour our beings to find anything that holds us back or keeps us untrue. One of the things that we must get free of is being held back by the control of the petty tyrant of our ego. We simply can't be ego driven any more if we want to become True Beings. When we put on the false garments of the ego, we are trying to cover up our feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, that we are not good enough. This false veneer may fool some people; it may make us temporarily feel better, but it only holds us back from being real and true. Our egos absolutely need to be brought into alignment with our True Core Selves in order for us to travel on the road of Emergence. There is nothing better than being our True Core Self. It's no longer about acquiring power or knowledge; it's about being real.

Others things that can hold us back are doubting what we really know to be true, the fear of failure that we won't be good enough, lack of confidence in our own abilities, and the fear of leaping without a visible safety net. All of these elements must be removed from our personal matrix as soon as possible.

We must now clear up any remaining residue of the past and heal any wounds that we accumulated during our journey. There will be much focus on completing the old. We will be sifting through everything, getting rid of old stuff both inside ourselves and in our outer environment. We will be tying up loose threads and closing many old chapters of our lives. At the same time, we will acquire essential tools and skills for our New Lives. Many things will be shifted out of their old positions into new temporary ones. On many levels we will feel that we are in transit.

Part of our vast letting go of the past will be stepping out of unfulfilling relationships, jobs and activities. Much is on the move during these months. Many of us will relocate during this time. If so, we may not move directly to our final destination, but rather to a temporary position within the right area.

We will also experience a series of things clicking into position. This includes meeting key people from our New Lives and a clicking in with our outer environment. We will be integrating some of the people we already know with ones whom we've just met. This will create a new energy dynamic. We will discover that we are not meant to do things by ourselves anymore, that our greatest success comes with working with others in mutual support. Many of us will come together with kindred people to form new communities of mutual support. Living and working with kindred people will immeasurably strengthen our position for it is the way of the New.

Around March, we will be looking for our right new situation, especially regarding where we live and the new work we will do. We will be testing the waters, making new connections and finding a place to land as we organize our New Life. We will be dealing with lots of practicalities. This will continue in April as we get more settled and start spreading out our roots to see what's there. We will also experience a creative surge that is inspired by our new landscape. And the waters of the River of new True Love will start flowing....

May brings us a change of gears that signifies a powerful shift. The Surf rises to tsunami proportions to bring us major quantum breakthroughs that will move us to an entirely new level that we barely knew existed. This is when we will see the first new shoots of the plants we have put into our new landscape rise to the surface. We are swept along in the rising currents of the River of new True Love as it flows into the Ocean of Love.


The month of June stands by itself. It is a mega Turning Point which vastly transforms us. The pivot that has held things into their old positions make its final turn and everything shifts into its new position. Any remaining veils suddenly drop away and the wonder of our new landscape is fully revealed. During this time, we will suddenly see things that we didn't know existed. This will occur on the physical all around us. It will feel like our color spectrum suddenly expands, enabling us to see new colors. In June we will also experience our first MUA as the New Matrix of One True Love is finally born. This will fling open the floodgates of Pure Heart True Love.


For the rest of the year, we will move comfortably into our New Lives. It won't be difficult to adjust; it will feel natural. We will be joining together with our true people to live and work together. There will be a strong sense of connectedness with kindred people, even with those who live on the other side of the planet. The sleeping giant of our One Being will finally shake off its slumber and arise into its magnificence. Sharing responsibility and serving as One, we will finally be doing what we really came here to do on a vast scale. At the same time, we will finally be able to turn our attention to our personal needs and desires, taking care of any health issues that we've neglected from lack of time or lack of funds.

Those who are true and real will be traveling on a massive Fast Track. Yet, although much will be happening, it will not be overwhelming because we will be doing it together as ONE.

Our long suppressed creativity will spill out to the surface. Our One True Loves will be at our side. We will joyously live our Wildest Dreams filled with LOVE beyond anything presently imaginable.

And all the while, everything built upon the illusion of duality will continue to fall apart....



Make the Great Year
of 2009 bring you
the Breakthrough of All Breakthroughs
the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams
and the Love of All Loves.

With Deepest LOVE from my Heart of Hearts,



Copyright Solara 2009
All Rights Reserved


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